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How to Prepare Your Flooring Company for Holiday Sales

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Even though shopping activity increases during the holidays, you need to remember that other flooring businesses are vying for the attention of your customers. This means competition is fiercer than ever during this season.  

To stay ahead of the competition, it’s crucial to create a holiday marketing plan that’s optimized for SEO for flooring companies.  

By preparing your flooring company for the holidays early, you can take advantage of people's increased spending habits and maximize your sales!

Maximize Your Sales During the Holiday Season with These 5 Tips

1. Plan Marketing Campaigns for The Entire Winter Season

Christmas isn’t the only holiday you need to prepare for. There's also Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the New Year.  Plus, the fact that shoppers start their holiday shopping as early as October!  

According to Statista, 43% of consumers start buying Christmas gifts as early as October - right before Halloween.  

This year, due to inflation, expect that shoppers will start stocking up on gifts even earlier to avoid price hikes! Consumers hope to get their holiday gifts at great deals before prices rise.  

What you want to do is create different marketing campaigns for the entire winter season and have them lined up as early as September.  

If you’re not sure what special sales and deals your flooring company should be having, take inspiration from these early bird holiday shopping deals from some of your favorite brands:

  • Deals all season long – Walmart hosts three different sale events in the weeks leading up to the Black Friday sale. However, its website is packed with deals for the entire season. Consider putting up different items on sale on your website for the entire season. You should also take the time to spice up your web design for the holidays and get customers in the mood to shop. This way, you can cater to both early birds and last-minute shoppers. It's also important that you notify them of these deals through email and social media.
Black Friday deals from Walmart optimized for SEO for flooring companies.

Photo from Pennlive.com

  • “Epic Daily Deals” – Amazon starts its sale season on Oct. 16. The company's holiday deals event includes "epic daily deals", in which they offer different products at a highly discounted price. Do you have flooring materials from last season that you need to get rid of? Try out this marketing tactic to help you get the most out of these items!
  • Loyalty Program for The Best Buys – Best Buy runs deals before and after Black Friday that are exclusive to members of its free loyalty program. Incentivize your customers and prospects to sign up for your free loyalty program too so they can get exclusive deals and discounts for the holidays!

2. Automate Your Communications

According to Sprout Social, businesses can expect an increase of 18% more social messages per month this holiday season compared to other months.

Expect to receive more inquiries across your social accounts when the holiday season arrives. To make sure you and your flooring team can handle this extra workload of responding to messages promptly, consider using the instant replies feature and adding a chatbot to your website.

Instant replies are instant responses you can provide prospects and customers for frequently asked questions about your business.  

So, what exactly are the benefits of instant messaging for your flooring company? Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Reply promptly to inquiries. 73% of customers are more satisfied with live chat or instant replies than they are with emails because they want speedy responses and instant solutions to their queries.  
  • Engage and satisfy customers and prospects.  
  • Deliver complete knowledge and information about your products and services.  
  • Cut down response time. Instead of composing each reply manually, you can send automated replies that satisfy a user's queries without any errors.  
  • Eliminate typos and grammatical errors.  
  • Automating replies means you can cater to multiple customers at a time.  
  • Filter and nurture qualified leads to a conversion.

This holiday season, you can't make any mistakes when it comes to answering your customers' queries. It's also crucial to reply quickly and nurture qualified leads right away to close a sale and prevent them from switching to a competitor.

3. Optimize for Holiday SEO for Flooring Companies

Marketer optimizes website for SEO for landscaping companies.

Having a winning SEO strategy for flooring companies during the holidays is one way your business can stand out despite fierce competition.  

By appearing first on the search engine results pages, you can drive more traffic to your site and convert more sales.  

Here’s how your flooring company can optimize your holiday websites and landing pages:

  • Assess your site’s loading time and performance. Ideally, it should load within three seconds or less. If it takes longer than that, there’s a big chance you’re losing a potential customer to your competitor. According to Retail TouchPoints, A single second of delay can hurt your conversion rate by 7%. It also decreases customer satisfaction by 16%.  
  • Look back at last year’s holiday campaigns. Improve your holiday campaigns this year and achieve better results by analyzing last year's holiday campaigns. You need to know which pages generated the most traffic, which keywords or queries people used to discover your products, and which channels drove you the most conversions. This data will guide you on what to prioritize for your holiday campaigns this year.  
  • Use relevant keywords for the holidays. Conduct keyword research to determine what keywords shoppers used to find your flooring company or products.  You can do this by going to the Queries report on Google Search Console.  
  • Don’t use generic keywords. Instead, opt for keywords that your competitors are targeting with a purchase or product search intent. Although flooring materials aren't people's first option when looking for Christmas presents, some people do get them for their loved ones. Others also buy flooring during the holidays to score deals and steals. Keep this in mind when choosing the right keywords for your flooring holiday content.  
  • Optimize for local SEO. Don’t forget to include your neighborhood or city in your keywords to target local searches. For example, instead of just using “the best flooring for winter”, localize it by adding your specific location “the best flooring for winter in West Palm Beach”.  

4. Create Landing Pages for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year Offers

Boost your chances of showing up in the search results for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and other holiday-related search queries by creating landing pages that target holiday-specific keywords.  

Take the time to research which options in your product vertical are popular among your target customers and integrate these holiday-related keywords into your landing pages.  

It’s also crucial that you create these pages ahead of time, then use a 302 redirect to hide these pages until you need them. This way, you have more than enough time to optimize these pages for holiday SEO for flooring companies. Doing this also allows search engine bots to crawl these pages.  

Once you’ve created these pages, don’t forget to add them to your XML sitemap and your site’s navigation. Doing this will help search engine bots quickly find these new pages and index them for relevant queries.

5. Invest in Holiday Paid Search

Marketer using paid search ads to boost holiday sales.

Leverage paid search in combination with SEO for flooring companies to convert customers across different stages of the buyer’s journey.  

Use your previous ad performance data and new keyword findings to develop paid search holiday campaigns that deliver the best results. It’s also important to take note of the following when preparing your holiday PPC flooring campaign:

  • Running ads during the holiday season is much more expensive compared to regular months. So, when selecting target keywords for search ads, make sure to exclude negative keywords to stop irrelevant searches from triggering your ads. Put yourself in your customers' shows and use the Google Ads keyword planner to help you choose specific and targeted keywords.  
  • Start running ads before the holiday madness begins. This way, there’s less competition and lower costs!
  • For Facebook paid social media campaigns, match your campaign objectives to the objectives designed for each stage of the funnel.  
  • Experiment with LinkedIn sponsored posts and TikTok advertising tools.  

Is Your Flooring Company Prepared to Maximize Holiday Sales?

SEO for flooring companies could be just what you need this holiday season.

At Digital Resource, our SEO experts and content specialists will craft a holiday marketing plan that will provide your customers with a consistent and unified omnichannel experience.  

Contact us today to start preparing for the holidays!

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