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Reputation Management


What does your brand mean to your customers? What do people think when they see your logo or hear your name? Your reputation as a business is one of your most valuable assets. How people feel about you, what feelings you evoke through your online presence, and how your customers talk about your products and services are directly and inextricably tied to your success. Digital Resource is equipped with an award-winning team that knows what it takes to build and maintain an excellent reputation online and beyond.

What is Reputation Management?

Online reputation management combines several strategies to raise brand awareness and online standing with. Every company with an online presence should worry about their reputation and we can help you take control of the conversation.

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What We Offer

Digital Resource has a team of dedicated experts here to raise your image in the eyes of your intended audience. To assist, we:

Study the market and narrow down a strategy to meet your goals

Increase your legitimacy in your field with value-driven content

Encourage positive reviews with ongoing review management

Raise your return on marketing investments

Why Is Reputation Management Important for Business?

What did you see the last time you Googled your business? Those listings, reviews, and rankings are what your future customers will see when browsing for services. In fact, as many as 97% of people learn more about a local business online than through any other method. If you want to remain competitive and successful, your online reputation is step one to success in the modern business world.

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Elements of Effective Reputation Management

Visibility Through SEO

An online reputation is irrelevant if no one can see your business. Our team of digital marketing experts have the tools to get your business climbing up the search engine rankings. Next time a potential customer is searching for a product or service you offer, we will make sure they see your website.

Enhance Your Legitimacy

Our team boasts highly qualified and certified writers that can help create interesting and engaging content that will position your company as a leader in your field. We do our research and answer the questions your market is asking to elevate your image in the mind of the users and your competitors.

Map Optimization

Here are the three numbers you need to know:

  • 97% of users find local businesses through search engines
  • 50% of users visit a store within 24 hours of a local search
  • Here’s the big one – 80% of local searches convert

We can help put your business on the map, literally! Being easy to find is one of the most important aspects of your online reputation. If users have a difficult time seeing where your business is located they won’t develop a perception of you and won’t be willing to spend.

Positive Customer Reviews

Even in the age of the internet, our purchasing choices are still highly dependent on word-of-mouth. Users put a lot of stock on what people are saying about your business, especially people who have utilized your services. We can help you increase the number of positive reviews for your business, so you are more likely to be the preferred choice over your competitors.

Proper Platform Use

Our job is to use your money efficiently. So long as you are generating profits, we are succeeding at what we do. That’s why we identify in which platforms your efforts will provide the most effective returns and maximize your impact.

Effective Budget

Once we have discussed your online marketing strategy, we can work in allocating your money where it will go the furthest. If you want to make a stronger impact in social media, we can increase our post frequency, if you want your ads to be more visible, we can adjust those budgets to match your needs and raise brand awareness.

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Want to Get Your

Online Reputation Back on Track?

Our team of specialists can help your business put the best foot forward. We can raise your search engine rankings, improve your online reviews, and boost your image as a leader in your industry. Transforming images is what we do best, contact us today and let us work our magic for your business!  

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Should I Respond to Negative Reviews?

Yes! It may seem counterintuitive to give negativity the attention, but responding to negative reviews can have a positive effect. When you respond to a negative review, you get to shed light on your side of the situation. You can provide clarity for other consumers and enlighten in a rational and educational manner.

How do I Assess My Online Reputation?

It all comes down to listening! See how people review you online. What exactly did they love or hate their experience with you? From there, search yourself! Using keywords related to what you do and your company name, you can see what people are associating you with, as well as if their perception is positive or negative.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the act of monitoring online channels for mentions of your brand, industry, competitors, products/services, and more. It provides the opportunity for companies to track, analyze, and respond to conversations that may pertain to them.

Can I Delete Negative Reviews?

We wish it were that simple! Unfortunately, you can’t delete negative reviews on most platforms, including Facebook and Google. However, if a negative review is outlandish or false, most platforms have the option to report a review. This is a way to let the platform know your side and see if they will remove the negative review.

How Can SEO Help My Online Reputation?

Search engine optimization can help your online reputation by giving you the power to control what content is seen when someone finds your company on Google. You have the option to optimize certain pages for relevant keywords. That paired with the fact that most searches don’t look past the first page, gives you the opportunity to bury the bad!