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As the world’s most widely used social media platform, Facebook boasts over two billion active users. This makes it the ideal place to show users why your brand is better than the “other guys” and encourage them to take the next step. Digital Resource is here to get your business the leads you need with Facebook advertising!

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are advertisements that appear on Facebook users’ feeds. The ads appear based on an array of factors, including behavior, age, location, income, and hundreds of other parameters.

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What We Offer

Our award-winning Digital Advertising team has the experience and resources to develop successful Facebook ads for your business! When you work with us, you can expect:

Extensive market research to determine the best plan of action

Creative ad content that resonates with the targeted audience

Results-driven campaigns that offer optimal return in investment

A dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the Facebook Ads process

Why Are Facebook Ads Important for Businesses?

Facebook’s ad platform is a highly developed piece of technology that can increase brand awareness and generate high quality leads. Using thousands of data points, we’re able to directly target your ideal client. And, with the ability to set daily and lifetime budgets, we can keep costs low and the return on investment high.

Like we said before, there are billions of Facebook users. The potential is truly endless when you opt to run Facebook ads!

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Elements of an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign

Outline Your Objective

First and foremost, you need to outline what your goals, also known as objectives on Facebook, are and how you are going to accomplish them. Think about what is most important to you. Do you want to generate more leads? Do you want to increase your reach? Do you want more page likes?

Making sure your goals are clear helps us effectively create, optimize, and execute your campaigns.

Determine Your Audience

Who you’re trying to target makes all the difference in a digital advertising campaign. Facebook has a management tool that can narrow down your audience by demographic. Demographics can include age, location, previous buying habits, online behavior, and more. The ad must be created with the specific audience in mind, so we can tailor content that interests those users!

Set a Budget

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Luckily, with the flexibility of Facebook, you can choose to adjust your budget to fit a daily or lifetime spend, allowing us to allocate funds appropriately.

From there, the system utilizes a portion of the budget for every interaction, making it super easy to track. This includes cost-per-click and cost-per-like for each ad. Depending on the budget, you’ll be able to have a different level of impact. For example, more money for a page likes campaign will show your targeted ads to more people.

Select Your Style

There are multiple types of ads that can generate leads on Facebook. These include:

  • Photo ads

  • Video ads

  • Slideshow ads

  • Carousel ads

Photo and video content is at the heart of creating a successful Facebook ad. The visual is always high-quality and should represent the message of your brand and what you want to deliver. From there, we top it with an awesome caption to seal the deal and urge your potential business to take action.

Optimize Your Content

When creating content for a campaign, our experts follow a series of specifications set by the platform. These specs are the guidelines of a flawless ad. Images and videos are scaled to a size that maintains quality and takes up as much space as possible on the user’s timeline.

There is also a specified character count, meaning a caption cannot exceed a certain limit. So, we keep the messaging short and sweet. In fact, being direct allows for clear communication, which can lead to better reception of your advertising.

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Know Your Pixel

A Facebook pixel is a code that is directly enabled into the ad for tracking purposes. This code makes it simpler for our team to keep track of conversions and users who took any sort of action as a result of seeing the ad. This is essentially a tracking tool that gives us insight into the people on the other side of the screen, meaning it’s extremely important!

Test Your Ad

At the heart of advertising is capturing attention and holding onto it for as long as possible! Our Digital Advertising, Creative, and Multimedia Content teams all know what it takes to interrupt a mindless scroll and turn it into a valuable interaction.

Oftentimes, we try our content out alongside each other. A/B testing lets us put out several variations of your ad and only keep the ones that perform the best! This results in you getting the best results for every ad dollar you spend.

Understanding Metrics and Management

After publishing, our team monitors ads in order to determine the efficiency of the campaign. The click-through-rate is one of the most important factors we will be looking for. This depicts the number of users who are interacting with your ad, such as clicking links.

Another important factor is the number of impressions, or how many times your ad was shown to users. The frequency also determines how many times your ads appear on a user’s feed in a given time period.

In short, our team is looking into the analytics on a regular basis to ensure everything is running smooth!

Are You Looking for

Effective Facebook Ads?

With our team of experienced Facebook advertising specialists, we know what it takes to get your business out there and generating more leads! We’d love to take your digital marketing to the next level with highly optimized Facebook Ads. Contact us today to get started!

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How Much Should I Spend on Facebook Ads?

Without knowing all the details of your goals, we can’t give an exact number on what to spend. We can tell you that our team has extensive knowledge in building out successful campaigns for businesses across all verticals.

We’re not here to encourage you to spend an unnecessary amount of money on ads. Rather, throughout our consultative process, we’ll align our goals and educate you on the process to ensure we build ads that result in your greatest return on investment.

And, at any time, should the budget need to change, our team can accommodate it in the most appropriate and effective way. This is all part of our custom, month-to-month agreements.

Who Creates the Content for my Facebook Ads?

You have options here. Should you like us to create completely custom collateral, our Multimedia Content team can create a variety of videos and photos to complement all other elements. Our Creative Team is also here to dish out graphics. Or, we can work with materials you send over. Oftentimes, photos sent from our clients offer authenticity, which Facebook users appreciate. And lastly, we can always implement high-quality stock photos that offer a super professional look!

How Do I Know My Facebook Ads Are Performing?

We track a list of important metrics. This includes not only the level of engagement, but how many people are taking action after seeing your ads. Are they clicking through to your website? Are they following your page? Depending on the type of ad, the conversion will look a certain way. This is beyond what we call vanity metrics. Vanity metrics are actions taken on a post that don’t impact your bottom line, such as likes and comments. We pay attention to the data that proves clicks are turning into clients!

How Long Will It Take to See Results with Facebook Ads?

Another great thing about Facebook ads is that you can tell what’s going on almost instantaneously. Within a matter of days, our team can see if an ad is performing well or if adjustments need to be made. Doing this quickly allows us to cut down on Facebook’s learning time. See, every time you make a change to a campaign, Facebook has to relearn. Making unnecessary changes can hold up your results!

Why Aren’t My Facebook Ads Performing?

Where do we get started? Facebook Ads may not perform for a multitude of reasons. Facebook ads may not perform for a multitude of reasons. Our team manages dozens of campaigns, meaning we know how to get your ads approved and running properly.

Your ads may not be performing because they weren’t approved, are stuck in the review process, your budget is too low, your audience is too small, your content isn’t viewer-friendly, and so many other reasons. On the surface, Facebook ads seems simple, but there are a ton of nuances and detailed guidelines to follow.