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Employer Branding

If someone mentions the word “marketing,” the first thing you probably think of is getting the consumer aware of and interested in your product or service. But what about marketing for your current and future employees? Digital Resource is your leading expert in employer branding!

What is Employer Branding?

Think of employer branding as marketing to your employees and future talent by letting them into your company culture. Being successful with this means you’ll have a higher chance of attracting the very best workers for your staff.

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What We Offer

Our award-winning digital marketing team has the experience and resources to create a successful employer image for your business! When you work with us, you can expect:

Consistent, custom branding across all collateral

Clear and actionable strategies

Guidance from your dedicated Account Manager

Results-driven efforts with proven ROI

Why is Employer Branding Important for Businesses?

69% of job candidates would reject your company’s offer if your employer brand is bad – even if they’re unemployed! People want more than a 9-to-5. They want to cultivate professional connections and be a part of something bigger than themselves.  

Your company’s reputation also has an impact on your current employees. They’re in the shoes that your future employees will be in and are meant to represent your business. Their happiness is important!

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Elements of an Effective Employer Brand

Conducting An Audit

Having a strong community among your employees makes for a better workplace and a more attractive one for newcomers. To gain a better understanding of where your business currently stands, a digital audit is a great method.

We’ll do research across the internet to find out what your employees really think about their work environment. This includes looking at social media posts – known as social listening – and online reviews from websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor.

We’ll be able to use this information to figure out how you should move forward in your branding journey.

Here are some tips that we could discuss more in detail during our workshop:

  • Defining your mission

  • Identifying how your business is perceived

  • Figuring out the persona of your ideal employee

  • Creating an employer promise

  • Developing a content strategy

  • Measuring and monitoring your business’ reputation

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Your business might be a great place to work and your employees love their job, but how will job seekers know about this amazing environment if you don’t have the content that exemplifies it?

We’re here to make that content for you so you can get more high-quality prospects applying for your open positions. Content creation can come in the form of:

  • Well-designed graphics
  • Industry-relevant blogs
  • Culture-centric videos
  • Team highlight photos

Hearing from Employees

The people job seekers and potential hires will listen to the most are the employees – the ones who could become their fellow co-workers.

We can produce custom videos starring satisfied employees that allow them to talk about the environment and daily life in the workplace.

Review management is also a key element of a successful brand! Encouraging your employees to speak to your culture online – on sites like Glassdoor, for example – can give prospective hires great insight.

Hearing from those who have a positive outlook on their current job will give people the idea that your business has more to offer than the competition.

The Onboarding Process

Everything is going great. The workplace environment is desirable. The new hire is excited. But then the onboarding process is lackluster, making them question if they made the right choice accepting the job.

This stage of hiring a new employee might be more important than you think. In fact, 70% of employees will stay with a company for at least three years after a great onboarding process.

They need to feel welcome and accepted while being gently eased into their new position. This is a big day, so it should be treated like one.

If you just give them a quick rundown of what their job entails and send them away to work, they’ll probably feel a little slighted. That’s not the feeling you want to give them!

We’ll be able to give you an outline of important details that should be taken care of in preparation of your new employee’s first day, so this won’t happen.

Are You Looking to

Reimagine Your Employer Brand?

With our team of experienced digital marketing specialists, we know what it takes to improve your employer branding, leading to higher quality culture and talent! At Digital Resource, we strive to create the best strategies and the best content to improve your business. Contact us today to get started!

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Does My Business Need an Employer Brand?

Do you have employees? Do you plan on ever having more employees? Do you think you will ever need to hire and employ an employee? Then, yup. You need an employee brand.

Is Employer Branding More on HR or Marketing?

Both! It’s a joint effort. Your HR department is in a position to gather necessary data to kick off your employer branding efforts as well as maintain them! Our marketing specialists know how to take what is being created within your office walls and supercharge it. Communication between both sides is essential!

Can I See an Example of Employer Branding?

You’re looking at it! Digital Resource is dedicated to building its own strong, consistent, and sustainable employer brand. Take a peek at our Careers page under our branded #WeAreDR tab. Additionally, look over our social media!

We blog, post infographics, create videos with our team members, encourage social sharing amongst employees, and so much more. By using our own service, we’re able to identify needs and successful solutions that other business owners can benefits from!

How Do I Know My Employer Branding is Working?

Employer branding starts online, but the results happen in real life. What do we mean by that?

First off, successful employer branding is reflected in-house. You can just project a false narrative online. You need to take steps in your office to make positive change. Additionally, hiring high quality talent that buys into the positive company culture you’ve created is another sign your employer branding efforts are paying off.

Lastly, employee sentiment and social listening are extremely important. Surveys provide insight into if your employees are satisfied at work! Social listening allows you to stay on top of your brand’s online reputation.

How Do I Get Employee Buy-In?

Let’s set the expectation right here. If you’re taking on a toxic work culture, garnering employee buy-in is not going to be easy. Even if you already have a healthy work culture, recognize that buy-in is a marathon, not a sprint!

Start at square one. Listen. Hear what your employees have to say. This will act as a foundation to building something meaningful. Then, be transparent! Let employees in on the big picture and goals. Create an open forum for ongoing communication. Getting them involved gives them an active role in making positive change.

And then continue to listen. Never stop listening, suggesting, asking, and working to establishing the company culture you dream of!