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Continuous lead generation is essential for every business. However, the number of generated leads isn’t necessarily a measure of success. It’s about converting those leads into qualified opportunities! And it starts with DR Lead Manager.

What Is DR Lead Manager?

DR Lead Manager is our very own Customer Relation Management (CRM) system. It’s essentially a technology that funnels all of your leads into a single platform, making nurturing a breeze from qualification to conversion and beyond!

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What We Offer

Our flexible CRM system is like no other. Once you have it set up by our specialists, expect these features to make lead management much easier for you and your team.

Manages interactions with leads so your sales team can respond in a timely manner

Streamlines processes to increase sales, profitability, and efficiency

Builds customer relationships

Strengthens communication with existing clients to drive sales and increase customer retention

Why Is Lead Management Important for Businesses?

For a business to grow and succeed, converting leads into loyal customers should be a top priority. To do that right, you need complete visibility of sales and marketing leads in an organized manner.

With DR Lead Manager providing you with a better understanding of your pipeline, you won’t find yourself struggling with forecasting anymore. You’ll have clear picture of every opportunity or lead, showing you a clear path from awareness to decision.

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Elements of Effective Lead Management

We have designed our CRM solution with the demands of modern marketing in mind. You can count on our dedicated team of specialists to guide you every step of the way as we set up your Lead Manager account to the specifications of your sales process.

Lead Management Evaluation

Our experts will assess your current lead management workflow to identify your pain points. Leveraging what they learn, they will implement the processes and tools needed to solidify your lead management strategy.

Identify & Categorize Leads

Not only will DR Lead Manager help you recognize and funnel new leads quickly, but it will also categorize them accurately.

Focusing on the most qualified leads means your sales team can focus on opportunities that will close while your marketing team – hi, that’s us – can easily identify leads that need more nurturing and prime them to become quality leads.

Automated Lead Generation & Assignment

Automated Lead Generation & Assignment

Once you’ve tracked and captured leads, the software will automatically assign leads to sales based on lead-routing rules. Talk about a time saver!

Multiple Points of Communication

Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your contacts can be done in various ways.

You can send emails to individual contacts, email blasts to your segmented lists, or you can reach all of them at once.

You can also take advantage of Twilio, a call forwarding service included in your DR Lead Manager subscription. It logs and records all incoming phone calls to the contacts of your choice.

To sweeten the deal further, it lets you track text messages, phone calls, and emails automatically.

Measure Results

Get all the insights you need into the lead funnel activities, including the areas that generate the most leads and the response time of your sales reps.

DR Lead Manager will help you identify which lead source is bringing quality leads so you can make educated decisions, maximizing your efforts and ultimately boosting your ROI.

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Take Your Business Further with DR Lead Manager

If you have a business looking to grow, DR Lead Manager is a must! Whether you need help capturing qualified leads, converting them into loyal customers, or enhancing sales and marketing efficiency, we’re here for you.

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Who Can Benefit from Using a CRM?

From sales and marketing to customer service, business development, and recruitment, almost all industries can benefit from having a solid CRM.  

Thanks to CRMs, businesses can store all customer details in one place, identify sales opportunities, manage marketing campaigns, and record service issues with confidence and ease.  

And the fact that it offers easy access to customer information makes it more convenient for users to collaborate on different processes.

Why Do I Need CRM for My Business?

Well, aside from the reasons already stated above, here are some of the most common benefits of setting up a CRM system like DR Lead Manager:

  • Higher customer retention
  • Better profitability and ROI
  • Improved sales productivity
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Increased customer service response times
  • Improved efficiency between departments
  • Reduction in lost sales leads
How Much Will DR Lead Manager Cost Me?

Every CRM solution offers different pricing, which means we can’t give you an answer before talking shop! But trust us – the return on investment is there! Let’s start the conversation.

How Long Will It Take to Set Up DR Lead Manager?

Setup time depends on several factors, including the number of existing records you have, the integrations necessary to be compatible with your marketing efforts, and more.  

Your dedicated Account Manager will walk you through the process upon sign-up and give you an expected turnaround time.

What Integrations is DR Lead Manager Compatible With?

It’s quicker if we answer what it’s not compatible with! If you’re running digital ads, utilizing email marketing, have forms on your website, or more, our integrations team will assist with setting up seamless and scalable systems!