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Yelp Ads

79.6 million people come to Yelp every month. 97% of them make a purchase right after visiting. You know what this means? It’s the perfect opportunity to advertise your business, turning web traffic into foot traffic!

What Are Yelp Ads?

Yelp Ads are advertisements that put your business not just above the organic results on Yelp but also on your competitors’ pages. Whether searchers are looking to buy, hire, or simply browse, Yelp Ads and an enhanced profile will help convert them into customers.

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What We Offer

As a Yelp Advertising Partner, our team will gladly go the extra mile to develop the perfect Yelp ads for your business! By teaming up with us, you can expect:

Unique ad content that captivates your target audience

Results-driven campaigns using market research and created for optimal ROI

Enhanced Yelp profile to iterate why your business is the best choice

A dedicated Account Manager to guide you throughout the Yelp Ads process

Why Are Yelp Ads Important for Businesses?

Yelp Ads all come down to intent. If you’re looking to meet local searchers in their moment of decision making, then Yelp Ads can do that. With a pay-per-click model, you’re able to target consumers and keep costs down.

Additionally, with an enhanced Yelp profile, you can showcase what sets your business apart. This increases your odds of converting consumers who found you through an advertisement and organically! It’s a win-win situation.

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What is an Enhanced Yelp Profile?

People on Yelp trust is over other sites, like Google, Facebook, and Thumbtack. This is because they are looking to make a decision and need a reputable business. An enhanced Yelp profile unlocks access to additional promotional elements.

Remove Competitor Ads

Just as your Yelp Ads will show on competitor profiles, other businesses can show on your profile – unless you upgrade your profile. When you pay for an enhanced profile, you can ensure that competitor ads will not show up on your page.

Logo Placement

You will not have your logo on your profile on a standard, free Yelp profile. Bolster your legitimacy by having your logo present at the top of your profile.

Custom Call-to-Action

The CTA button makes it easy for people visiting your profile – whether through an ad or organically – to take the next step. Direct consumers to a form on your site, a specific webpage, or even to make a call with this custom button.

Business Highlights

Select up to six badges that highlight unique features about your business. This can include the number of years you’ve been in business, if you’re veteran owned, or even if you’re vegan-friendly! Depending on your offerings, you can adjust your business highlights.

Photos Slideshow

People are visual nowadays! With an enhanced profile, you can upload photos that depict what you do best. Whether it be a headshot of your doctor, pictures of your menu, or images of your location, photos can make all the difference between a consumer choosing you or your competitor.


Yelp makes it easy to show off what you do! The portfolio section consists of a “gallery” of your work with supporting captions. For service-based businesses, this is a great way to showcase your work.

Elements of an Effective Yelp Ad Campaign

Outline Your Goals

Outlining your goals, as well as how you can possibly achieve them, should always be the first step before creating an advertising campaign.

Think of the things that matter most to your business. Do you want people to call you? Increase web traffic? Whatever your goals are, our Digital Advertising experts will create a personalized strategy to ensure you meet them.

Understand Your Audience

By having a specific audience in mind, you make it easier for us to narrow the scope of the campaign to target the type of consumers who are most likely to buy your products or services.

Not familiar with your target audience? We’ll conduct thorough market research to assess who your ideal clientele is, what their pain points are, and what they’re being served by competitors. From there, we can make educated strategy decisions.

Set Your Budget

Yelp ads follow a pay-per-click model. That means you only pay when someone literally clicks on your ad. Depending on your niche and the audience you’re going after, this cost can vary. Our team will recommend a budget based on how much a new client is worth to you.

Control Your Own Narrative

Effective advertising is more than merely communicating information to a target demographic. It’s also about creating compelling content that will get users eager to learn more about your business, products, and/or services.

With Yelp Ads, you have 100% control of what you want on your enhanced profile. It’s up to you to decide on the content, such as which photos to showcase, business highlights, and a call to action that will encourage prospects to take your desired action.

Track and Measure Your Success

Once your campaign is out there, our team will monitor it to determine its effectiveness. Since it’s our job to help you succeed, we make it a point to keep track of the specifics to see how our strategy is working.

Analyzing metrics such as cost-per-click, the number of impressions, and the number of times your ad was shown to users helps us (and you) get a better understanding of how we can develop ads for maximum effect.

Google My Business Listing Creation

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing, we create on for you. If you do have one, we make sure that everything and anything is filled out accurately and completely.

Google My Business Listing Verification

We get your Google My Business listing verified so that it shows up on Google Maps as a legitimate business and is able to get found by potential customers.

Google My Business Listing Optimization

We optimize your Google My Business listing by including relevant keywords throughout your profile and introduction. We then go a step further by placing optimized photos of your business, products, and services with completed metadata.

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Effective Yelp Ads?

There’s no better way to attract people who are more than ready to spend than by running Yelp ads. Our talented team is equipped with the know-how of crafting results-driven campaigns. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can take your digital marketing to new heights.

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Which Businesses Benefit from Yelp Ads?

Yelp ads are best for local businesses! For example, restaurants, stores, home services, etc. The goal is to target people near your business who can either visit your brick-and-mortar store or call on your services.

What am I Paying for When I Get Yelp Ads?

Ensuring your company is set up for success with Yelp Ads starts has three components – your enhanced profile, ad budget (what is paid to Yelp), and your management fee (a % of your ad budget).

Where Will My Yelp Ads Be Shown?

Yelp distributes ads based on categories. This means that ads will be shown for searches regarding relevant categories while using Negative Keyword Target to make sure your content isn’t shown in irrelevant searches.

Your ads may be shown in a Yelp search or even on a Yelp profile. The platform’s algorithm uses multiple data points to determine which placement will be most effective.

How is Cost-Per-Click Determined?

Yelp determines cost-per-click based on the supply and demand of the moment. Factors include how fierce the competition is, consumer inventory, and available ad space. Since all of these factors are constantly changing, this also means your CPC can change.

How Do I Know My Yelp Ads are Performing?

Our team is obsessed with running data-driven campaigns. We are continuously monitoring campaigns across a variety of KPIs, including the total number of clicks, average cost per click, number of phone calls, number of users booking an appointment, and so forth.

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