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Internal Practice Marketing

Five to 25 times more – that’s how much you’ll spend acquiring a new patient than retaining an existing one. So, how do you decrease attrition and keep patients loyal? Internal practice marketing.  

What is Internal Practice Marketing?

Internal practice marketing, or IPM, is the optimization and management of your patient communication software. We turn on 100% of your software and leverage automated texts and emails to deliver valuable messaging to your existing patient base, increasing retention and treatment acceptance!

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What We Offer

Nurturing existing patients is a steadfast way to increase practice revenue. When you sign on for IPM, our team will:

Complete a patient software usage analysis to identify opportunities

Turn on 100% of your patient communication software

Develop a targeted campaign to address patient education

Reactivate patients and increase treatment acceptance within your practice

Why Do Practices Need Internal Practice Marketing?

Most practices use less than 10% of their patient communication software. IPM assists practices with getting patients back on the schedule, increasing case acceptance, and communicating practice updates.  

In fact, you are 14X more likely to get an existing patient to come back than attract a new one! Regular communication with patients allows you to stay top of mind while building and maintaining rapport.

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How Does Internal Practice Marketing Work?

Internal Practice Marketing is a patient-focused marketing strategy and involves a multi-step approach to get up and running!


When you first come on as an IPM client, our team of specialists will evaluate your current communication software (like NexHealth or RevenueWell) usage. This’ll give us insight into how, if at all, your practice has utilized digital communication.

From there, we turn on 100% of your automations.

Campaign Implementation

The next step is getting your campaigns implemented. Using targeted lists built from your existing patient base, our team identifies what messaging would be most valuable and when to send it.

Examples of Campaigns

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Happy Birthday Messages
  • Treatment Plan Follow-Up
  • End of Year Insurance Reminder
  • Reactivation Efforts
  • & So Much More


This is arguably our favorite part of the IPM process! Once campaigns are set up, we get to see the automations do their thing. Our team monitors the success of each campaign and makes adjustments as needed.

Your dedicated Account Manager will discuss ongoing practice numbers to ensure you’re seeing your greatest return on investment!

Benefits of Internal Practice Marketing

Retaining More Patients

Retaining your existing patients is critical for the success of your practice. Internal Practice Marketing can help you keep your patients engaged and satisfied. Regular communication with patients, personalized follow-ups, and loyalty programs are some of the tactics that can improve patient retention.

Driving More Practice Revenue

Internal Practice Marketing can help you generate more revenue by promoting your services to your existing patients. By educating your patients on the range of services you offer, you can encourage them to book their regular appointments, try new technology, or simply agree to the treatment they need. This can lead to increased revenue per patient and overall practice revenue.

An Improved Patient Experience

Patient experience is a crucial factor in patient satisfaction and retention. Internal Practice Marketing can help you improve the patient experience by providing personalized care, engaging with patients regularly, and addressing their concerns promptly. By focusing on patient experience, you can build long-term relationships with your patients.

Enhanced Brand Sentiment

Your practice's reputation is essential in today's market. Internal Practice Marketing can help you build a strong brand by promoting your practice's unique features and values. By communicating your practice's mission, vision, and values to your patients, you can build trust and loyalty.

How Do You Know IPM Is Working?

One of the best things about Internal Practice Marketing is that the results are noticeable within a matter of a few campaigns! In fact, we’ve seen clients generate upwards of $25k worth of accepted treatment in a single campaign.  

Other signs your IPM is working include:

Increase in Visits

The end goal of Internal Practice Marketing is to generate more appointments from existing patients! If your hygiene and treatment schedules are filling up, then that’s a sure sign that your IPM efforts are paying off.

Increase in Production

With proper education about a procedure, patients are more likely to accept treatment. That’s how IPM helps with increasing production! If you’re proposing treatment and patients are accepting it at a higher rate, then you can thank IPM!

Decrease in Unscheduled Active Patients

Reactivating patients is a huge benefit of IPM! On average, you’d like to see your patients come in twice a year. It’s all too often that doesn’t happen without a good nudge or two. If you have patients coming in for their hygiene appointments, then you’re in a great spot.

Increase in Patient Value

Staying top of mind and building loyalty is key to retaining patients! If patients are coming in more regularly and have a higher inclination to accept treatment due to increased trust and visibility, your efforts are paying off.  

Increase in Patient Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective form of advertising for dental practices. Your satisfied patients can become your best brand ambassadors. Internal Practice Marketing can help you encourage your patients to refer their friends and family to your practice. By providing excellent patient experiences and incentivizing referrals, you can generate more new patients.

Increase in Reviews

Creating a great patient experience and establishing an open dialogue with your patients can lead to an increase in reviews. Whether they’re left of Google, Facebook, or anywhere else, positive reviews are a sign IPM is doing what it’s meant to do.

Uptick in Phone Calls

The phone ringing is exactly what you want to hear when running IPM! This is a sign that your campaigns are generating buzz and people are taking action to get back in the dental chair.

Google My Business Listing Creation

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing, we create on for you. If you do have one, we make sure that everything and anything is filled out accurately and completely.

Google My Business Listing Verification

We get your Google My Business listing verified so that it shows up on Google Maps as a legitimate business and is able to get found by potential customers.

Google My Business Listing Optimization

We optimize your Google My Business listing by including relevant keywords throughout your profile and introduction. We then go a step further by placing optimized photos of your business, products, and services with completed metadata.

Are You Looking to

Increase Patient Retention?

If you’re ready to unlock the powers of Internal Practice Marketing, we’re here to assist you! Our team of experts has campaigns ready to go in order to drive treatment acceptance, reactivate patients, and increase practice revenue!

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How is Internal Practice Marketing different from Email Marketing?

Internal Practice Marketing leverages a form of email marketing to generate results! Rather than using an email marketing platform, like HubSpot or Mailchimp, we work right inside of the patient communication software you’re already paying for!

How do you determine what messages to send?

We follow three criteria to create messages – automated, educational, and targeted. Automated emails are setup based on patient information for appointment reminders, birthdays, and post-op instructions.

Educational emails address patient barriers, like payment, time, and fear.

And, lastly, targeted messages, are sent directly to a specific audience to drive results, such as collections.

How can I track my return on investment?

On average, our clients see 15X their investment in Internal Practice Marketing. Plus, it only takes three appointments per month to cover the cost of IPM and your communication software! We’re able to track this through production per visit (PPV) multiplied by the total appointments booked to get a ballpark ROI.

How many messages go out?

On average, we send 16 emails annually. Depending on the time of year and practice goals, these will be divided across educational and targeted campaigns.

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On average, practices use less than 10% of their communication software. We find that only appointment reminders, recall, and birthday messages are turn on. There is so much more that a patient communication system can do! So, we take the rest off of your hands and start generating you more visits with a guided strategy!