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Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Over the years, social media has transformed from a means of connecting with friends to one of the most effective platforms for online marketing. When used properly, social media marketing is unmatched in raising brand awareness and engaging with current and potential customers. Our Social Media Specialists are experts in creating scroll-stopping content that turns clicks into clients!

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is involves creating, curating, posting, and managing content. With daily posts across appropriate platforms, social media marketing allows you to convey brand messaging in an organic, authentic, and personable way.

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What We Offer

Our team focuses on social media powerhouses – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. With consistent posts, we target your ideal audience and drive them to your business by:

Creating high-quality posts, including images, gifs, & infographics

Posting Monday through Friday to all chosen platforms

Using search engine optimized & brand-friendly language & hashtags

Monitoring comments, direct messages, & all other forms of engagement

Why is Social Media Important for Business?

If you want to make an impression with the largest number of engaged users, you need to be on social media. Using these platforms is an irreplaceable method for establishing your brand’s personality and for your future and current clients to learn why you’re unique and deserve their business.

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How to Run a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Set Goals

Knowing what you want to accomplish with your social media presence is the first step in producing successful content! Do you want to get more customers to your brick-and-mortar location? Do you want to lead followers to buy from your e-commerce store? Or, do you simply want to start conversations with your ideal demographic? Defining your goals ensures that our team uses the proper language and visuals for your daily posts!  

Choose the Right Platform

Each social media platform is suited to target different demographics using various mediums. For example, LinkedIn is to be kept strictly professional yet personable. Most users favor inspiring, motivational, self-help, and relatable content. But, on Facebook and Instagram, you want to garner engagement across several generations on a personal level. Pictures, videos, and infographics are most effective here.

Our Social Media Specialists know exactly which content to create to make the most impact on each platform!

Manage Your Pages

Brands need to engage with their followers. Our team checks your pages twice a day, looking out for comments, reviews, mentions, and direct messages. We respond for you and let you know if anything needs your specific attention.

Establishing lasting relationships online requires a little extra effort in the communication area. Regular interaction shows followers how much you care about them without the added benefit of traditional, face-to-face contact.

Post Consistently

Always be present! With daily posts, Monday through Friday, your company will stay top of mind. Having a consistent social media presence allows you to establish rapport with your audience, which is a fast-track to trust. And, when people trust a business, they’re more likely to convert!

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

Your social media is an extension of your brand. Our goal at Digital Resource is not only to assist you in executing your marketing strategies, but also to educate you about them.

By understanding how we determine the best plan of action for your online presence, we can have open communication and create awesome content!

It's All About Your Brand

You know your brand best. What is your style? Is it bright and minimalistic with lots of smiling faces or is it a little rugged with detailed photos of industry tools?

Determining elements, like color schemes, accurate and appropriate language, and fonts means that we can create consistent content. This type of visual consistency makes your content easily recognizable and establishes brand familiarity.

Post Optimization

Our team is trained to create content designed to target the audience you have in mind based on their interests, behavior patterns, and platform on which the content is posted. In addition to using relevant hashtags, we even find the optimal time to post so that your content gets the maximum amount of viewership.

Providing Value

Beyond building lasting relationships with currents customers and clients, we also take into consideration exactly which points in the buyers journey your social media visitors are at. They may not be followers or customers just yet! So, we ensure that your profiles are stacked with relevant information. That includes accurate hours of operation, address, phone number, email, and more!

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Social Media Marketing for Your Business?

If you’re ready to build a future-proof online presence, it’s time we chat! Our Social Media Marketing Team has a tool belt full of experience, creativity, and know-how to curate the perfect custom strategy for your company. Contact Digital Resource today.

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Can I Send You Images I Want Posted to Social Media?

Yes! This is a partnership. We want your social media to represent your business as best as possible. So, if you have any images, boomerangs, or short videos that you’d like us to post, you can let your Account Manager know.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags – the pound or number sign before a word or phrase – are metatags that make it easier for posts to be found on social media. When content is labelled with hashtags, social media users are more likely to see that post on “explore” feeds. Hashtags help increase impressions and engagement.

How Many Times Do You Post?

When you work with us, you’ll have a designated Social Media Specialist who will post once a day, Monday through Friday. They’ll curate content, write custom captions, and optimize with search-friendly hashtags.

However, if you're looking for weekend posts, stories, or anything we haven't mentioned, we're here to help! Let's talk about your specific wants.

What Type of Posts Does Your Team Create?

We post an array of brand-friendly content pieces! From industry-related tips and tricks to reviews, our team keeps your followers interested and engaged by providing aesthetically pleasing and valuable content.