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Success is in the details. When you work with Digital Resource’s photographers, you can be assured that you’re making a worthwhile investment. Our top priority is to put what makes your business the best in focus.

What is Professional Photography?

Just about everyone carries a camera with them on their phone these days – or access to a stock image site – but not everyone knows how to get the most out of each photo. Our Multimedia Team captures engaging images using professional lighting, cameras, and editing techniques for the highest quality results.

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What We Offer

Our photographers have the experience and resources to showcase your business in the best light. When you work with us, you can expect:

Extensive shot lists and photo concepts

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Professional photo editing to craft the best possible image

Authentic photos that will capture the attention of your target audience

Optimization for online and/or print use

Why Is Original Photography Important For Businesses?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That couldn’t be truer than when it comes to implementing original photography for business into your digital marketing strategy. 80 percent of consumers feel that photos actually increase their willingness to read posts. Photos grab people’s attention, encouraging them to engage with your brand.

If your business is ready to reach its full potential, professional photography is a must!

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How to Take Professional Photos for Business


When you work with Digital Resource, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager to facilitate your photo project. Together, you’ll be able to make decisions for what type of photography you need and how our team can assist you with building your digital library.

During the planning stage, your Account Manager will discuss your goals, your brand, and any visions you already have for your photoshoot! From there, we’ll put a date on the calendar and get our Multimedia Team to work. They start with building out photo concepts and a shot list that may include in-studio product shots, location pictures, and headshots of your team.


On the day of the photoshoot, our team is more than prepared! If you’re coming in-studio, we’ll have the background of your choosing ready to go. All you have to do is show up to our office with the subject of the shoot. If you’re getting product photography, you can even drop it off and we’ll return it once the edits are approved by you.

Otherwise, we can travel to your location! With camera and lighting in tow, our photographer will use their professional judgement to take inviting pictures of your place. On-location headshots are also a great option. They show you in your environment and can establish familiarity with your online audience.

Have pre-shoot jitters? Don’t worry! Our photographers will assist with angling you and your team so that you look polished and warm in any photos you’re featured in.


Once the photoshoot is over, our work isn’t over. We’ll take those photos and choose the best ones that match the style and feel of your brand. The winners will be edited using Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve the best possible look.

You won’t believe what can be achieved with a photo when a professional takes it to the editing stage. At this point, we take a variety of parameters into consideration, including where the image with be posted. Pictures being used only for social media will undergo different editing than those used for print materials or a website. Differences in editing include:

  • Cropping ratio
  • White balance and colors
  • Subject placement


Once the photos are fully edited, there’s still one important step before they can be exported. It’s not as simple as clicking “Save As.” Rather, our team exports images to meet different parameters, depending on where they’ll be used.

For example, a photo being used on a website needs to be exported to be under 900kb at the maximum. Large files will slow down a website, ultimately impacting user experience and SEO. We make sure to compress images from the get-go. With print files, however, our team prepares them, so their quality remains and colors look great.


Before we post your photos online, we’ll go to you for final approval. We want to make sure everything aligns with your brand and vision. If any adjustments need to be made, we’ll get your photos to where they need to be. When you’re fully satisfied with the results, we’ll post them to your website, social media pages, or implement them in an ad campaign.

How to Prepare for Professional Headshots

Ready to say, “Cheese?” Our team totally understands how nerve-wracking getting in front of the camera is for some. We’re here to guide you and your team through the process and ensure your headshots look great! You can prepare yourself for the shoot by:

  • Looking up popular poses and practicing them in the mirror
  • Making sure all outfit choices are ironed prior to the shoot
  • Avoiding loud patterns on shirts, blouses, and dresses
  • Avoiding makeup with sparkles
  • Coming with makeup and a hairbrush

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Professional Photography?

Stand out from your competition. Show off what your business is all about with professional photography. Contact us today to get started!

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What Do Your Photo Edits Consist Of?

When it comes to editing, our goal is to best emulate your brand. We’ll color correct, crop, edit out surface level imperfections, and so forth. From there, we ensure that your images are edited to suit the platform they are intended for.

Where Will My Photos Be Used?

That’s totally up to you! Print materials, websites, social media, advertising creative, and more can all benefit from professional, original photography. So, whether you’re in need of new headshots or want some cool, cultural pics for Instagram, we can help!

What is the Turnaround Time on a Photoshoot?

The photo editing process will vary based on multiple scenarios, such as the number of photos needed and the extent of edits. We’ll make sure to give you a time range of when you should expect your photos to be finished, plus give you updates along the way.

Do You Deliver Every Image You Shoot?

We deliver all edited images. This is because we believe in delivering a finished product! We even shoot with the edited result in mind.

How Much Does a Photoshoot Cost?

Each photoshoot is different and comes with an array of variables taken into consideration when providing a quote. That includes determining what is being photographed and how long the shoot will last. What we can promise though is that our photography will be well worth the investment!