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Video has become such an important staple for marketing, which means that everyone’s using it. Your focus shouldn’t just be on making videos. You need to be making them better than everyone else. Digital Resource is your videography expert for crafting the very best videos!

What is Videography?

Videography isn’t just pressing the record button. It’s an entire process of planning, filming, editing, and optimizing for the best content possible.

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What We Offer

Our talented team of content creators has the experiences and top-tier resources to create the best videos for your business. When you work with us, you can expect:

Completely customized content from the ground up

Videos that resonate with your target audience

Professional editing and audio mixing

Optimization for search engines

Why is Videography Important for Businesses?

Videos are one of the best ways to reach an audience in a world with high levels of internet traffic. Videos are viewed and shared a lot, but the content needs to reach the correct audience for that to happen. When you come to us for your videography needs, we will take the time to tailor everything to your business and audience, giving you the best possible investment.

The greater the quality of the video, the more people you’ll reach, meaning more leads for your business!

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The Process of Utilizing Video for Your Business


The planning stage is arguably the most important part of video creation. This is when we’ll gather all of our creative ideas and blend them together with the vision of your business. During this stage, we will develop a main theme or message, write a detailed script, and plan out everything surrounding the shoot day.

We want to make sure that our vision is a perfect match with your vision, allowing us to create the best video possible for you.

Video Shoot

While planning may be the most important, the actual video shoot is when everything begins to fall into place. During the shoot, our expert videographer will travel to the location and scope out the area, getting an eye for what would look best on camera.

They will then capture everything needed to create the video. This includes interviews, audio, and b-roll, which is footage of the location that can be spliced in with the other content. The more footage taken, the better, because this gives us a lot of options while editing to pick out the absolute best shots for the final video.


Editing is the exciting part. During the editing stage, we will take all of the footage from the video shoot and analyze for its effectiveness. The editing process is completed in an extremely organized and professional matter. We creatively edit all of the captured video content, from the interviews to the b-roll, and master the audio.

Great video can’t be fully realized without great editing, and we’ll make sure that each of these stages are masterfully completed with your vision in mind. The final edit of the video will range between 30 and 90 seconds long, depending on how it will be used.


Even great videos need help gaining traction on the internet. We will use our expert marketing techniques to optimize your video to maximize shares. This includes using special SEO methods like keywords and descriptions, while also creating important information such as tags and links, plus a call to action so your leads can turn into conversions.


Once the video is fully completed and set to go, we will strategically post it on your social media accounts, YouTube channel, and website with a relevant caption. When that video is posted after being carefully crafted by our expert team, your business can expect to see increased exposure.

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Professional Videography?

With our expertise in videography, editing, and marketing, we know what it takes to get more eyes on your business – meaning more leads and conversions for you! We’d love to be able to create amazing video content for you. Contact us today to get started!

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Does My Business Need Video Marketing?

Any business can benefit from using videos in their marketing! From complementing advertising campaigns to creating educational materials, video marketing allows businesses of all sizes and industries break down digital barriers and establish quality online connections.

Where Should I Post My Video?

While it doesn’t hurt to post your video(s) across all of your social, you want to at least start with where your audience will see it! Depending on the goals of the video, we may suggest posting your video to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Once your video is on YouTube, or another hosting platform like Vimeo, we can get it on your website.

How Much Does a Video Shoot Cost?

This totally depends on the scope of your vision. During your consultation with one of our Internet Marketing Consultants, you can hash out any details, so we have a better understanding of what you need. From there, we can provide a quote.

How Long Will It Take to Edit My Video?

Without knowing the details of your project, we can’t give an exact timeline! Our team aims to have every video done within two weeks after the shoot date; however, that timeline may be shorter or longer, depending on the scale of the edit.

At DR, you'd have a dedicated Account Manager to walk you through every step of the creation process.

Are Your Videos HIPAA Compliant?

Yes! For those in the medical industry, we take every measure to ensure that patient privacy is maintained at all steps of the process. Prior to your shoot date, our team will supply you with forms for any patients who may be featured to sign. This form grants us permission to film and distribute the video(s) they’re in. From there, we never film any patient information, including screens or forms containing sensitive information.