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Public Relations

As the world becomes more and more connected online, public relations has become extremely important for businesses wanting to look their best in the eyes of the public. In order to keep up a favorable image, it’s best to turn to the professionals. Digital Resource has the experts you need to manage your business’ reputation!

What is Public Relations?

Public relations is essentially the process of maintaining a positive image through managing the spread of information. This often means getting in front of problems before they happen or controlling the narrative to shine a positive light – even during times of adversity.

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What We Offer

Our award-winning team of experts will be able to manage your business’ public relations so you can rise above the competition. When you work with us, you can expect:

Creative and informative press material for releasing information

A dedicated Account Manager to make sure everything stays consistent with your brand

Assistance with creating a reputable online presence

Attraction of your target audience through creative and relevant content

Why is Public Relations Important for Your Business?

Public relations isn’t just for large corporations anymore. Even the smallest of businesses need to have some type of PR management in place. These days, people are very vocal about products and services, making sure to give their opinions on just about everything – good or bad.

Having a professional team that can focus on that aspect of your businesses can keep the good times rolling and the rough times from getting out of hand.

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Elements of Effective Public Relations

Press Kits

Press kits, which are also called media kits, contain the information that you want to be told if your business gets any type of media coverage. It’s like a special package that you can gift a reporter which will be noticeably placed on your website for easy access.  Here’s a look at some of the most common promotional materials included in a press kit.

  • Company background or history
  • Images
  • Awards
  • Contact Information
  • Press releases
  • Press coverage
  • What you offer
  • Bios for management and staff

There’s always more that can be added, and when we go over your public relations strategies, we’ll outline what will work best for your business.

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Press Releases

Press releases can be sent out for a number of reasons, such as making an announcement for an upcoming event, or for a new product or service you’re offering. They can also be used for some more inspirational moments such as highlighting an award, a new hire, or an outstanding employee.

Press releases can be sent out for a number of reasons, such as making an announcement for an upcoming event, or for a new product or service you’re offering. They can also be used for some more inspirational moments such as highlighting an award, a new hire, or an outstanding employee.

Writing a proper press release can be tricky, especially when dealing with something negative. It needs to address the issue in a sensitive manner while setting forth a feeling of urgency for correcting the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the things a great press release needs to incorporate:

  • Specific and purposeful angle
  • Meaningful quotes
  • Compelling headline
  • Great start that follows through to a great end
  • Clear message

General Reputation Management

We can get into endless details regarding everything that makes up your business’ reputation and how to manage it, but let’s try to break it down into a few simple categories: building, maintaining, and responding.


If you’re a new business, or one that’s struggled holding on to a positive image, it’s important to begin building a stellar reputation immediately. Negative reviews can be a little discouraging, but did you know that customers are 45 percent more likely to give your business a shot if you respond to them?

Showing the consumer that you’re listening and applying feedback to a negative experience will go a long way.


Okay, so we’ve built up a good reputation for your business. What’s next? Keeping it that way! That means being on the lookout for anything that needs to be addressed, while continuing the strategies we put forth to build your brand in the first place.


If things get rough, we won’t let it ruin everything we’ve helped you build. We’ll come up with a response if necessary and push out some positive content to help keep that favorable recognition intact.

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Help With Public Relations?

With our experienced team, you won’t have to worry about how to release information or coming up with ways to answer the public. We know exactly how to respond and when to do it. We’d love to be who you turn to for your public relations needs. Contact us today to get started!

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Does My Business Need Public Relations Assistance?

Public relations is a necessary part of owning a business. You need to build a reputation and you can’t ignore the negatives. You could always do this on your own, but when you come to professionals for help, it will greatly benefit you. We have plenty of experience with handling numerous situations and know exactly how to respond.

What’s the Difference Between Marketing and Public Relations?

This is a great question! Before we all lived virtual lives, public relations and marketing functioned relatively separately. Nowadays, they go hand-in-hand. Public relations is facilitated through digital marketing efforts.  

The main difference is that public relations deal with speaking to the press more than marketing. This can include email pitches and news coverage. With PR, you are earning media rather than owning or paying for it.

How Many Press Releases Should Be Published Per Month?

There’s a fine balance here, but we won’t know what that balance is until you let us know a little about your business and the industry as a whole. We’ll take that and conduct our own research as well, then suggest how many might be appropriate.  

You don’t want to oversaturate, but if you have a worthy announcement or response, it’s important to make it known.

How Should Negative Reviews Be Handled?

Negative reviews always deserve a response and should never be deleted. If people on the internet notice negative comments and reviews are being removed, your company could face a lot of backlash. We’ll take the time to respond to these reviews, which will increase the chance of that person giving your business a second chance.

What are the Different Types of Media?

There are three different types of media that your business should be working on.

  • Owned Media: You create this! Social media posts are a great example of owned media. Your business created it and put it out there. Press releases, too.
  • Earned Media: This is essentially free press. A customer posts an Instagram Story with your product or a local news station comes to interview you. You didn’t pay for it or create it on your own!
  • Paid Media: Also known as “Bought Media”, Paid Media is exactly what it sounds like. Promos or advertisements that required you to pay for them.