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Programmatic Ads

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What if we told you there’s a more efficient way to purchase online ad spots? Programmatic has revolutionized digital advertising by creating a straightforward and automated marketplace. Expand your reach, target your desired audience, and stay relevant by taking advantage of advanced algorithms with the assistance of Digital Resource!

What are Programmatic Ads?

Simply put, programmatic advertising is an automated process of selling and buying digital advertisement space. In this system, ad exchanges run electronic auctions to connect buyers and sellers while using algorithmic software to handle the purchase and placement of the digital ads.

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What We Offer

Our team of digital advertising specialists can use programmatic advertisements to streamline your campaigns. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Targeting users with the highest potential of conversion

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Guided investment of your ad dollars

Custom creative that garners audience attention

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A dedicated team monitoring ad performance

Why are Programmatic Ads Important for Business?

In the past, if you wanted to purchase ad space online, companies were required to fill out orders, ad tags, and submit bids. Programmatic cuts out this entire process, efficiently securing your ad space in the optimal location, and allowing our team more time for ongoing campaign optimization!

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What are the Benefits of Programmatic Advertisement?

Better Way to Meet Your Objectives

Setting the goals for your campaign is one of the most important aspects of digital advertising. Programmatic ads help you meet those goals more effectively. Clear messages can now reach a well-defined audience.

Budgets Go Further

Because programmatic ads allow us to create highly targeted campaigns, your ad budget can go further. This innovation in digital advertisement gives us the ability to stray further away from the “spray and pray” model and direct content right to the users who are most willing to act, increasing your return on investment.

Highly Optimized Campaigns  

With the ability to “set and forget” the demographic parameters of your ad campaign, we can invest more resources in optimizing your ads. That includes better images, clearer video, and more direct written content that captures the attention of your future clients.

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Narrow Down Your Audience

Programmatic advertising offers the innovative opportunity to target users with highly specific parameters that include:

  • Geography
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Time of day
  • Weather
  • Device

Instead of placing your ads in a platform and hoping that enough of the right audience sees it, we can be much more strategical using programmatic ads.

Advertising tends to be more art than science but narrowing the audience this way means that ads are much more likely to land in front of people looking for your specific service.

More Control Over Your Money

Programmatic advertising saves money for marketers and clients alike. We dictate to who the ads are shown and can cut costs on advertising in ineffective mediums.

An automated bidding process means you don’t pay any more than you have to and still see the same if not better results.

Be More Competitive

Programmatic advertising’s automatic bidding process helps your business compete more efficiently with companies that have larger budgets.

Instead of facing off with a giant that can monopolize the ad market, you are buying ad space that is traded on a CPM basis – meaning the cost per 1,000 impressions – with low costs!

This creates a budget-friendly marketplace that allows you to acquire space alongside much larger competitors.

Room for Creativity

Highly targeted ads allow us to design creative advertisement that is more conversational and speaks directly to your audience. When users see your ads, they will feel like this product or service is specifically for them and that’s because it is!

Want Your Ad Dollars to

Go Further with Programmatic

At Digital Resource you’ll find the perfect balance of expertise, creativity, and analytics-driven approach that helps create successful digital marketing campaigns. Programmatic ads are just another tool in our arsenal that helps us take your business to the next level. Find out more by contacting us today!

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Programmatic vs. Google: What’s the Difference?

Programmatic and Google are both great avenues for getting your business out there! However, Google is one domain – it’s very own – while programmatic allows you to purchase ad space across a variety of places, increasing distribution opportunities.

Additionally, Google uses its very own search data to target users. Programmatic, on the hand, pulls data from a variety of third-party sources. All-in-all, choosing which one is best for your business comes down to your goals and budget!  

How Do I Know Programmatic is Right for My Business?

Programmatic is really versatile when it comes to industries, business types, budgets, etc. To know if programmatic is the right for your business, consider where you want your ads to show up, how much you want to spend, how local the placements need to be, and if you’re willing to invest to have our team manage your campaigns!

Note: Running programmatic isn’t for any digital ad newbies! Having an experienced team on your side can make all the difference in how well your campaigns do.

What Does a Programmatic Ad Look Like?

Just like any other display ad you may see around the internet! They can be a banner above the content of a webpage, in the content, or even in the sidebar. There’s very little space to work with, so our team makes the most of it by highlight a unique selling point and intuitive CTA with brand-friendly graphics.

How Do I Know a Programmatic Ad is Working?  

Our team monitors a series of metrics that tell us whether or not you’re getting the most bang for your buck! We want to keep your costs low. So, we’ll keep an eye on the number of impressions, clicks, conversion, and reach!

How Much Should I Spend on Programmatic Advertising?

Let us answer your question with a question! How much is a new lead worth to you? Working from there, you can determine an appropriate budget for your ad spend.

When you speak with one of our Internet Marketing Consultants, we’ll then be able to walk you through the specifics of advertising for your industry and help you decide if programmatic ads are the way to go!