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Did you know that 86% of people rely on the internet to find a local business? This proves how important it is for you or any business, in general, to have an online presence. If you own a service-based local business, Google Local Service Ads put your business at the top of local search results for relevant queries, allowing potential customers to discover and contact you!

What are Local Service Ads?

Local Service Ads are pay-per-lead ads that bridge pre-screened, service-based businesses to local customers. They appear at the very top of search results for relevant search queries and based on positive reviews and customers served. Local Service Ads increase your chances of getting clicks for people in need of swift assistance!

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What We Offer

Our award-winning team Digital Advertising Team has the experience and resources to create successful Local Service Ads for your business. When you work with us, you can expect:

Extensive market research to determine the best plan of action for your business

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Assistance with the Google Guaranteed process

Results-driven campaign that offers an optimal return in investment

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Dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the Local Service Ads process

Why are Local Service Ads Important for Home Services Providers?

Local Service Ads play an important role in helping service-based local businesses generate more leads and make more sales. It puts your ad at the top of Google search results when users within proximity search for services you offer.

This ensures that the people who click on your ad are those who are interested in doing business with you, which can lead to higher conversion rates. And because it’s a pay-per-lead model, you only need to pay for clicks that turn into leads, which helps keep your advertising costs low.

Using the pay-per-lead model, we’ll be able to generate more quality leads while keeping your costs down. You won’t believe the number of leads you’ll be getting when you run Local Service Ads!

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Elements of Effective Local Service Ads

Don’t know what to put in your Local Service Ads? Don’t worry! We’ve got you. Here are the top 6 elements your ads need to have to catch your prospect’s attention and drive them to take action:

Check if You’re Qualified

Not everyone can use Local Service Ads just yet. So, the first step you should take is to check your business’s eligibility. If you’re qualified to use Local Service Ads, great news! It’s time to discuss what you should be putting in your ads.

Personalize Your Ads

According to marketing experts, personalization is how you cut through all the marketing noise and effectively reach your target audience. When you serve your target audience ads that are relevant to their needs, preferences, and interest, they’re more drawn to click on it.

So, think of words or attributes your target audience is looking for when searching for the services you offer.

For example, you own a lawn care business. You want to put on your ad why you’re different from your competitors. You can use words like affordable, reliable, or licensed and insured. The qualities that make you right for the job are your selling points, so you want to highlight them.

Digital Resource can help you create personalized ads that capture the interest of your target audience and drive them to book you for a job!

Make Sure to Include All Your Important Details

You want to provide everything a potential customer needs to know to help them decide if your business is the right solution for the job. So, in your Google listing, make sure to place the following:

  • Different ZIP codes you serve and if your services vary in those locations
  • Working hours
  • Easy payment options

Take your time to decide what important information you should put in your ads.

Our team of digital marketing specialists can help you narrow down the most important details you need to ensure your ads are successful.

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Answer Calls or Inquiries Right Away

You must answer calls or respond to inquiries right away because if you don’t, where do you think people are headed? To call your competitors!

You need to keep in mind that those who contact you through the ad are leads actively looking for the services you offer. If you miss a call, make sure to return it immediately even if you don’t plan on taking the job.

If you fail to return calls or frequently miss them, you won’t only lose potential customers, but your ad ranking will also go down.

We can assist you with developing a system that will help make sure you can cater to all inquiries and calls that go through those ads!

Ask Your Customers for a Review

According to Brightlocal, 8 in 10 shoppers say they consult online reviews for local businesses.

This shows how important it is to encourage your customers to leave a review. Aside from this, customer reviews can also directly affect your ranking.

So, ask your customers for a review by clicking on the “Ask for Review” button on your dashboard and then send them the link. There’s one beside each job you get.

Update Your Information When Needed

If ever you decide to change locations, contact number, opening hours, and other important information make sure to update your Local Service Ads. These details must be consistent throughout your online presence to build trust and make sure prospects can contact you.

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Effective Google Local Service Ads?

We know what it takes to generate more leads for your business! At Digital Resource, our team of experienced Digital Advertising Specialists can create Local Service Ads specifically designed for your business, develop a system that will allow you to maximize every lead that comes in through the ad, and track the performance of your Local Service Ads. Contact us to get started today!

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What Does Pay-Per-Lead Mean?

Pay-per-lead means you only have to pay for clicks that turn into leads. For Local Service Ads, this means you will only be charged for valid leads you generate through your local service ads. You will not be charged for any clicks or views. You only need to pay every time...

  • A user reaches out to you through the ad, whether in the form of text or email
  • A user sends you a voicemail
  • Any form of communication between your business and your customer through mobile
  • You call, text, or email a customer back, in case of missing their call
 How Much Will It Cost Me to Use Local Service Ads?

The cost per lead you generate through Local Service Ads depends on the location of the job, service, type of lead, etc. If you think this ad type may be right for you, we can talk about what the budget may need to look like!

But fun fact: What’s great about Google Guarantee – which is necessary to run Local Service Ads – is that you can file for a dispute in case you receive a lead that is a poor match or scam. Google will not charge you for it.

What is Google Guarantee and Why Do I Have to Qualify for It?

Google Guarantee is Local Service ads feature that certifies your business as legit, reliable, and a quality service provider. Google launched this program to prevent fraudulence because there were so many incidents wherein customers were scammed or were charged too high for unsatisfactory quality work.  

By passing the Google screening and qualification process, you’re telling potential customers that you’re the right man for the job! It helps establish trust and attract leads.  

What can Affect the Ranking of My Local Service Ads?

According to Google, your Local service ads will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Proximity or closeness of your location to your customers’ address
  • Your business hours
  • Number of reviews you received
  • Your review score
  • Your responsiveness to customer calls, texts, and emails
  • Number of complaints and negative reviews
What Happens if I Decide to Pause My Local Service Ads?

If ever you decide to pause your Local Service ads, Google will not take your ad down. However, your Google Guarantee badge will no longer appear, and you will be placed below the paid listings.