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Level Up Your Web Design for the Holidays

Website Design

We all know how busy the holiday season can get - not just for consumers but for business owners and marketers as well.

The holiday spirit is putting everyone in a festive mood, which makes consumers more likely to buy and splurge. This is why the weeks leading up to Christmas are the perfect time to skyrocket your sales.  

With more and more shoppers looking for the best deals and gifts online, having your usual website is not enough to compete against other businesses. Remember, they’re also vying for the attention of your ideal customers.  

Although consumers are after the best promos, discounts, and product bundles when looking to buy, it’s the overall look and feel of a website that creates the strong emotional desire to buy. This is why seasonal Miami web design is so important.

In this article, we will share with you six very simple yet highly effective seasonal web design tips you can use to spruce up your own website and get your visitors to buy more this Christmas season.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Level Up Your Web Design for the Holidays

Make Your Branding Look Festive

  1. Logo

Obviously, you need to revamp your logo for Christmas. Not only is it eye-catching, but it also gives your company a stronger presence during the holidays.  

A Christmassy logo creates excitement in your customers while also allowing you to connect with them through the shared spirit of the Christmas season at the same time.  

But don’t get us wrong, getting a seasonal logo doesn’t mean you have to completely redo your logo. Your customers should still be able to recognize it's you. All you have to do is tastefully add a few seasonal design elements to your logos, like a Santa's hat or a snowflake, to show people you're ready for the holidays.  

Once people will see your logo, they'll know you have some special offers and discounts going on.  

Here are some examples you can get inspiration from:


Target's logo with a Christmas twist


twitter logo wearing a Christmas hat


Photo from DesignCrowd

  1. Menu Buttons

You can also dress up your menu buttons and make them look festive by changing their color, or you can add an extra button to point site visitors to your holiday sale.  

  1. Holiday Banners

Get your visitors into a festive mood the moment they land on your site with a holiday-themed banner. You can use a banner to simply wish your site visitors a Merry Christmas or you can use it to let them know about a limited-time offer holiday sale.  

A Christmas banner on your homepage will not only draw a site visitor’s attention, but also urge them to check out your special offers and explore your website for other deals.  

  1. Product Images

Aside from your logo, it’s also important to update your product photos and align them with the theme of the season. However, if you don’t have the time or budget to do a Christmas-themed photoshoot, you can simply edit your existing photos and add holiday design elements.  

Here are some examples:

Christmas-themed Miami web design using product photos that are also Christmas-themed
Photo from Pinterest

 Christmas-themed Miami web design before and after changes
Photo from Digital Resource

  1. Color Palette

If you’re thinking of using a different Miami web design for the holidays and giving your website a fresh, new Christmas-inspired look, then you should consider switching up your color palette.  

If you want your website to have that wintery Christmas vibe, you should go with cool tones like blue, green, white, or silver.  

On the other hand, if you’re going for a more classic and festive holiday look, then you can never go wrong with red, green, or gold.  

You can always experiment with color schemes and use your own brand colors to come up with a Christmas-themed web design.  

Optimize Your Calls to Action

Your call to action is a key element in your webpage. It acts as a signpost guiding your site visitors on what to do next and moves them further down the sales funnel.  

By optimizing your CTA for the holiday season, you can draw the attention of your site visitors, pique their interest, and convince undecided customers to buy.  

Here’s how you can spruce up your CTA button for the holidays:

  • Use the color red or green
  • Create a sense of urgency by presenting limited-time offers to drive more conversions
  • Personalize your CTA and use segmentation, if possible, to make it more appealing and compelling to your ideal customers
  • Make sure your CTA copy is well contrasted against its background color
  • Use a bigger font size and make it bold
  • Use a clear and compelling CTA copy

Create Holiday-Themed Landing Pages Specific to Your Christmas Campaigns

There's no point in generating a lot of traffic from your ads if you can't convert the majority of them into customers. So that everyone who clicks on your ad will either give you their contact information or make a purchase, you want to create different landing pages specific to your Christmas sales.  

A landing page only has a single goal, and that is to urge your website visitors to take action. That action can either be to subscribe to your newsletter, sign up, or make a purchase.  

Whatever it is that you want your site visitors to do, a well-optimized landing page provides the perfect opportunity for your business to create conversions and grow your customer base during the holiday season.  

Below are some tips on how to glam up your landing pages for the Christmas season:

  • Create a sense of urgency above the fold of your landing page
  • Make your landing page easy to navigate
  • Make sure your landing page only focuses on one Christmas deal. Redirecting your visitors to five other holiday promos will only confuse and tire them, decreasing your chances of making a sale or getting a conversion
  • Use Christmas-themed Miami web design for your landing page but ensure it’s not too loud that it will distract them from focusing on taking action
  • Draw the attention of your site visitors towards your CTA by using a relevant image as a focal point  
  • Include social proof in your landing page
  • Optimize your landing page for mobile

Run a Holiday-Themed Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns involve sending a series of automated and highly targeted emails to people who take a specific action. These emails can be personalized with data, like a contact’s name and the specific action they took.  

For example, you can send a drip campaign to users who went to your site, added items to their carts, but never really check out anything. These emails will remind them of the items on their cart, offer promotions on those items, and try to get them to visit your website again and buy.

As more and more people start to look for the best deals and gift ideas a few weeks leading up to Christmas, your email marketing campaigns play a massive role in upselling and convincing your ideal customers to buy from you.  

Did you know that email influences at least 10% of the total holiday sales? This is why you need to include drip campaigns in your holiday marketing strategy.  

Here are the five phases of a holiday email drip campaign:

  • Pre-Holiday: Around early November, send your contact list an email reminding them that Christmas is fast approaching and let them know about your upcoming three-day sales or special promos.  
  • Pre-Weekend: Put your brand at the top of your customers’ minds as they go Christmas shopping. So, let them know about your pre-holiday weekend clearance sale via email.
  • Countdown: A few days leading up to Christmas you have every excuse to send your contact list an email every day. This is the best time to attract more leads and make as many sales as possible before Christmas day!
  • Christmas: During this time, you want to send thank you emails to your list and wish them a Happy Holidays. Connect with your customers on a deeper level by sending them your sincerest gratitude.  
  • Post-Holiday: The shopping never ends. Those who received money for Christmas will still be buying something. And, with New Year’s Eve fast approaching, you’ll need to accommodate these shoppers by extending your holiday sales and offerings.  

Looking for a Seasonal Miami Web Design?

Get your site visitors in the mood to buy by giving your Miami web design a fresh, seasonal look! Use the tips we shared with you above to get an idea of how to spruce up your website in preparation for the Christmas season.  

The seasonal design doesn't just get your web visitors into the spirit of Christmas, but it's also visually appealing and shows that your website is active and dynamic. Plus, seasonal design elements, in a way, allow you to resonate with your ideal customers on a personal level.  

So, even if you already have a sleek-looking website, you should never overlook giving it a facelift during Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays.  

At Digital Resource, our team of talented web designers can create a bespoke holiday web design for your company that will drive sales and put you ahead of your competitors!  

Contact us today to start instigating the Christmas spirit in your website visitors!

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