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Essential Holiday Marketing Tips for a Successful Campaign

Digital Advertising

By now, you've probably noticed businesses sneaking holiday-themed posts into their social media accounts, decorations into their displays, and holiday visuals into their websites.  

It’s a sign that the annual holiday madness is about to begin, which means promos, sales, and big discounts are going to be everywhere. This is very exciting not just for shoppers, but also for marketers and business owners.  

You might think that it’s a bit too early to plan holiday marketing since we still have Halloween to anticipate. But, before you know it, everyone’s already playing Christmas songs, decorating their trees, and shopping for gifts!

While not everyone enjoys listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas renditions as they bake their holiday cookies, the holiday season is indeed a perfect time for businesses like you to connect with your customers, reach out to prospects, and try to win back lost customers joyfully.  

Whether it’s to entice new leads with some powerful holiday ad campaigns or show your loyal customers you care, you can definitely use the Christmas spirit to your marketing benefit.  

This is why we believe that now’s the best time to plan on how you’re going to leverage the holiday fever to make the most out of your online marketing campaigns. As your go-to local SEO in Miami, we will share with you marketing tips you can use to run a successful holiday campaign.  

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Are the Essential Holiday Marketing Tips for a Successful Campaign?

1. Don’t Forget About Ad Extensions

a photo of classified ads on a newspaper

When you’re trying to launch and handle too many holiday campaigns at a time, it's easy to overlook something as obvious as ad extensions. However, it’s a feature you should never forget to use.  

In case you’re not aware, an ad extension is an element of an ad where you can show additional business information, such as phone number, address, store ratings, and more.  

Aside from the fact that they provide additional information that can drive users to click on your site, ad extensions can also prompt people to convert directly from the search results, making them a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Some ad extension features you want to include in your ads are:

  • Site links which allow you to take people to specific pages on your site
  • Call extensions which allow you to add contact numbers so people can reach out to you right away  
  • Review extensions which allow you to show people positive reviews, awards, or ranking, helping your ad stand out

2. Shopping Campaigns Are a Must

If you’re selling physical products, then running Shopping campaigns is something you want to invest in this holiday season.  

Shopping campaigns (formerly known as Product Listing Ads) are a campaign type that lets you advertise your products by showing users detailed product information, such as photo, name, price, store name, and many more.  

Modern consumers are looking to make informed purchasing decisions, making Shopping campaigns the perfect way to generate quality leads.  

By showing people relevant information about your products, you attract visitors that have a high intent to buy.  

But, here's the thing, your products will likely appear alongside other similar products from different retailers.  

So, to maximize the impact of your ads and stand out to your target audience, follow these steps:

  • Use unique photos of your products, such as those that will resonate with your target audience
  • Stay away from stock photos, especially if everybody else is using generic images
  • Keep your price competitive

3. Take Advantage of Ad Automation

Marketing for the holidays can get so hectic, but ad automation can help free up your time, so you can focus on other important tasks that cannot be automated.  

According to Business.com, advertisers can save 30% of their time if they automate their online advertising. Plus, it can help optimize your campaigns for higher click-through rates and lower cost-per-click.  

Ad automation refers to automating areas of your digital advertising efforts, like the date and time your ads will appear, using different software and tools.  

There are countless ways to automate your ads, but most of them fall under one of these two primary categories:

Bid Automation

Automated bidding is designed to help you maximize results based on your set campaign goals. Google Ads automated bidding is the most popular among the six different types of automated bidding available.  

Bidding automation helps you do the following:

  • Maximize clicks to boost site visits
  • Improve CPC to boost conversions
  • Maximize conversions to increase conversions while staying within budget
  • Increase impression share to boost visibility online
  • Target ROAS to get the most out of every dollar spent on advertising
  • Target CPA to boost conversions with your target CPA

Content Automation

Content automation is designed to help you show your ads in front of the right audience. Examples of content automation are:

Ad automation can be so powerful in terms of streamlining lead generation, customer segmentation, analytics processes, customer lifecycles, lead scoring, and more.  

Ad automation will make your life so much easier, which is why we recommend that you include it in your holiday marketing plans.  

4. Review Your Ad Copy

girl looking at an ad copy created by a local SEO in Miami

You can’t be complacent about your ad copy, especially during a time where every brand and business is launching multiple campaigns and marketing gimmicks at a time to make the most out of the holiday fever.  

Competition is even tighter during the holidays. So, before launching any of your campaigns, take the time to review your ad copy and see if it’s enough to get your target audience to buy.  

Rewriting ad copy takes time, and even longer to do it well, but it’s worth it. By writing highly unique ad copies to propel your holiday sales, you’re putting your business ahead of your competitors. And, it tells your audience that your offerings are current, which will further drive your ideal customers to click and convert.  

Here are some powerful tips to supercharge your ad copy:

  • Show how your product or service will solve your ideal customers’ problems. Shoppers are looking to buy products or services to solve their problems. So, make sure to tell people how exactly you’re going to do that. Examples are: “Sell Your Notes for Cash” and “Looking for Budget Hotels with No Hidden Charge? Book Here!”
  • Use emotional triggers to spur your target audience into action.
  • Take advantage of FOMO to attract shoppers to buy NOW.
  • Don’t focus on features, but on benefits. Tell your ideal customers how your products or service will make their lives easier.  

5. Target Holiday Shoppers

Although Christmas isn’t everyone’s favorite time of the year, many people celebrate this holiday across the world and a lot of shopping happens during this time.  

According to Deloitte, it is expected that e-commerce holiday shopping will increase by 11-15% this year, which is about $210 billion to $218 billion.  

With this in mind, you want to create seasonal ad campaigns that target holiday shoppers.  

Here are some tips you can use when targeting holiday shoppers:

  • Use keywords, such as “Christmas gift for dad” or “holiday present for wife” is one way of targeting holiday shoppers.  
  • You can even narrow further down your targeting by localizing your keywords, like “Christmas gift for dad Miami” or “holiday present for wife Miami”. Local SEO is the key to driving more local shoppers to your store!
  • Create a Christmas-themed landing page specific to your Christmas promo.  
  • Give away something for free or offer a seasonal deal they can't say no to, like free shipping, gift wrap, or $20 off for a minimum purchase.  

Everyone is looking for the best deals during the holiday season. Keep this in mind when creating an ad copy for your seasonal shoppers.  

6. Take Your Holiday Posts to the Next Level through Instagram Ads

Instagram is the perfect place to post your very best holiday pics. Not only is it a great way to engage your followers, but promoting your holiday posts to appear in front of your target audience is can also drive more people to your website or store.  

Whether it’s your CEO in an ugly sweater greeting everyone a festive holiday, your team being silly while decorating the office Christmas tree, or your products in a Christmassy ad copy, get creative and jolly with your posts. Don't forget to use hashtags and tag your products!

7. Use Remarketing to Give Your Audience a Sign to Buy

Remember that time you finally bought those sneakers you were eyeing after seeing them multiple times on your social media feed, and everywhere you go online?  

Well, sadly that wasn’t the universe conspiring so you can buy it - that was remarketing!

But it’s super effective, right? During the holidays, a lot of people are waiting for “signs” to finally buy what they’ve always wanted, an excuse to splurge on something expensive or check out the cart they abandoned.

Consumers are so busy during the holidays and are making decisions fast, so you want to keep your brand on top of their minds through remarketing.  Remind them of an item they forgot to checkout, or make sure you lure them back into your website by showing them a collection of the product they recently checked out at your website.  

However, when remarketing, avoid showing your ads multiple times in a row because that would then be very annoying. Make sure that your membership duration is for 15 days, so your ideal customers can see your ads more frequently as the holiday approaches.  

8. Give Love by Running a Holiday Giveaway on Social

Local SEO in Miami handing out a Christmas gift

Ever heard of the old saying “give love on Christmas day”? Well, doing a giveaway on social is the way to do it!  

You can run giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, or other social platforms where most of your audience is spending their time online. Just make sure to set clear rules and follow the platform’s guidelines when doing it.  

The benefits of running giveaways or doing contests during the holiday season are massive. Not only will it draw more eyes towards your business, but it can also increase your following, drive sales, and an opportunity to collect data and user-generated content.  

It can be as simple as giving away a big discount, an exclusive holiday merch, or one of your most sought-after products.  

9. Be Festive in Your Emails

Fill your email marketing campaigns with the Christmas-shopping spirit. Send out fun seasonal emails, not just to sell products, but also as a way of connecting and giving back to your email list.  

Feel free to include exclusive discount codes they can use for their holiday shopping, a thank you note celebrating another fruitful year with them, and exclusive product bundle offers you know they’ll love.  

Below are some email marketing best practices you should follow for the holidays:  

  • Use email automation to make sure that the right email with the right messages reaches the right person. This will drive your open rate, click-through rates, and conversions.
  • Give your email list an incentive to open your email through personalization and instilling urgency.
  • Create a holiday email schedule to send emails to a batch of specific subscribers during a certain time range.  
  • Don’t forget to incorporate local SEO in Miami into your email marketing campaigns by mentioning a local event, artists, and more.  
  • Segment your audience and create unique email content for each group. Personalization is key in increasing your open rate and conversions.  

Are You Ready to Kick Off Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns with a Bang?

If you're looking for a surefire way to get more leads and boost your sales this holiday season by running successful campaigns and optimizing them for local SEO Miami, then these nine tips and tricks are exactly what you need!

At Digital Resource, we’d love nothing more than to help you leverage the Christmas spirit to maximize the impact of your campaigns. Our job is not just to put you ahead of the competition, but to also get you the results you want.  

Contact us today to get started with your holiday marketing campaign!

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