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Getting Started with Google Local Service Ads

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You’re watching the news when this ice cream commercial comes up, and now, you suddenly find yourself wanting one. Then you remember, you still have a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in your fridge.

You hurriedly make your way to the kitchen, open the refrigerator, and grab the tub. Excitement turns into dismay as soon as you remove the lid to discover melted ice cream. Looks like your freezer’s broken.

Where do you turn to when you don’t know a single appliance repair service nearby? Google’s Local Service Ads, that’s where.

Millions of people across the globe are using Google to look for local services every day. The fact that it’s the world’s most popular search engine should be enough to convince you to use it as your platform in promoting your services.

What are Google Local Service Ads?

In a nutshell, these are ads that connect businesses with Google users who are searching for the services they offer.

Once a customer enters a specific service in the search box, ads that offer that service in their area will show up. These ads provide a business number, ratings, reviews, and hours.

Customers can also send them a message directly from the ad itself, and every time that happens, Google gets charges.

In five steps, here’s how Local Service ads work:

1. User searches for a local service

2. SERP displays listings for professionals in their geographic area over normal search ads

3. User clicks an ad and Google prompts them to confirm the service and service area

4. Google shows searcher reviews, qualifications, and ratings

5. Google is charged when a user calls or messages a client directly

How Your Business Can Benefit from Google Local Service Ads

First things first, you have to know if your business is eligible to be a part of Google’s Local Service ads. Here’s a list of the industries they support so far:

• Air Duct Cleaner

• Appliance Repair Service

• Auto Glass Service

• Auto Service Technician

• Carpet Cleaner

• Event Planner

• Electrician

• Event Planner

• Handyman

• Home Improvement Professional

• House Cleaner


• Junk Removal Provider

• Lawn Care Provider

• Locksmith

• Mover

• Painter

• Pest Control Technician

• Pet Care Provider

• Pet Groomer

• Photographer

• Roofer

• Tree Service Provider

• Tutor

• Upholstery Cleaner

• Water Damage Service Provider

• Window Cleaner

• Window Service Provider

If your business qualifies, then you should be really excited to be here – just as much as we’re excited to have you here.

If not, well, maybe it’s just not the time yet. Perhaps one day!

Or maybe this is a sign to run a new one. We kid, we kid.

Regardless, we suggest you keep on reading to learn how Google’s Local Service ads can benefit businesses.


1. Advertisers Pay Per Lead

These ads operate on a pay-per-lead model, which means that you only pay when customers get in touch with you. Depending on the job and the market, budget recommendations may vary.

Also worth noting is that in the event that you receive a lead that’s either fraudulent or a job mismatch, you can dispute the charge and get a refund from Google.

2. More Visibility and Clicks

Everyone wants to have their listing featured at the top of the search results. With Google’s Local Service ads, you’ll be there before you know it.

According to research, Local Service ads that appear in the search results receive almost 14% of all clicks. In other words, you miss out on 14% of potential leads if you’re not running on these ads! Now that’s a huge loss!

3. Boost Your Paid Ads

Google’s Local Service ads aren’t there to replace traditional search ads or your organic local listings. That’s why you’ll see them appearing just above the paid search ads and organic search results.

These ads actually help your business appear more credible to Google users. For others, an endorsement by Google isn’t a good enough reason to contact a local business. They’ll need further convincing by visiting your website or exploring your competitors.

If users don’t convert through Local Service ads, there’s no reason to get discouraged. They might come back to you later on. Trust us, it happens often.

4. Real Time Relevancy

With Local Service ads, you can connect with potential customers as soon as they are looking for your service – all in just a single click.

5. Highlight Your Positive Ratings and Reviews

Google gives you the freedom to include reviews and ratings from previous customers. Given that online reviews are super valuable in the eyes of consumers, this is your chance to show everyone why you’re the best option.

Remember, the more positive feedback you provide, the more customers you gain.

6. Featured in Voice Search Results

There are days when people are just too lazy or too tired to type a search query that they’d only count on voice search to find data.

More than 20% of Google searches come from voice search. One billion devices are powered by Google Assistant.

Luckily for businesses running Local Service ads, finding them via voice search will never be a problem. These ads are one of the few ways for customers to discover services in their area.

7. Customers Choose You

Whenever you receive a call or message, you automatically know that it’s from  a customer who wants your service. Local businesses only hear from people who have specifically picked their profile out of the rest.

8. Establish Trust

Google users wouldn’t have to worry about the legitimacy of a business anymore once they see a small green checkmark and a label that says “Google Guaranteed” next to it.  

This badge lets users know that a business has passed the screening process, earning their endorsement from Google.

Being 100% backed by Google gives potential customers the reassurance that they can fully trust your business. It’s the best way to show them that your company provides nothing but reliability and high-quality work.


How to Get Started with Google’s Local Service Ads

By now, you’re probably imagining how successful and lucrative your business will be a year from now, thanks to Google’s Local Service ads.

To make that dream a reality, you’ve got to take action as early as now. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way:

Confirm Your Eligibility

Again, Local Service ads are only limited to certain industries, which we listed above. You may go through them again and make sure that your business falls under one of them.

However, since our list may not be as updated, it’s best that you confirm your eligibility directly on their website.

Don’t lose hope if your industry or location isn’t part of the list yet. Google plans to expand this service, so that’s something you should look forward to!

If you’re eligible, they’ll ask you to create an account where you can manage your ads. Even if you have an account in Google ads already, you’ll need to make a separate one for Local Service ads.

Come Up with a Business Profile

Your Local Service ads business profile will determine which jobs are matched to your ads, so be sure that all the information you provide is accurate. Be honest when revealing the kind of services you perform and the areas you want leads in.

From your business profile, you can edit your job types, service areas, weekly budget, and business hours.

You can also add highlights to make your business stand out. For instance, you can offer special deals like “Discount for Seniors” or use terms such as “Family Owned and Operated” to distinguish yourself from other competitive businesses in your area.

Add License and Insurance Details

There’s no way you can get a Google Guarantee badge if you don’t have the proper certification.

You’ll need to submit proof that your business is insured and licensed. See to it that your paperwork is up-to-date, along with your liability insurance details and professional licenses.

There are states and cities that require additional licenses, so be sure to know about them.

Complete a Background Check

Google cares about the safety and welfare of their users, which is why part of their protocol is to perform a background check on businesses and their fieldworkers first. Pinkerton will do the investigating without costing you a single penny.

You’re All Set!

After completing your business profile and passing the background check, you’re good to go!

You may now launch your Local Service ads, manage your budget, and start collecting leads. Don’t forget to collect reviews from your satisfied customers!


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