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Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Content Marketing

The content you put out for your audience to consume shows how knowledgeable and how much of an expert you are in your field. This is why staying on top of trends and knowing the latest developments in your niche is important.  

Aside from the fact that it shows you know where your niche is headed in the future, staying informed on the latest news in your field also helps you build credibility, value among your audience, and puts you ahead of your competitors.  

This 2022, SEO in West Palm Beach and content are both going to play even bigger roles in helping businesses generate more leads and make more sales.  

Find out what content marketing trends to keep up with to stay ahead of the competition!

Content Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business This 2022

Increased Focus on Serving Compelling and Relevant Content

happy shopper holding bags of goodies

Did you know that an overwhelming 7.5 million blog posts are published daily?  

With all the blogs, guides, white papers, and listicles on the internet claiming to solve your target audience’s problems and satisfy their needs immediately, how can you make sure they end up responding to your content?

This 2022, you want to focus on serving compelling and relevant content that speaks to your ideal customers directly. You want to make your target audience feel that you understand their goals and desires.

For B2B business, adopting account-based marketing is the way to go. Account-based marketing, or ABM, is a business marketing strategy that uses personalized campaigns designed to engage large target accounts within a market.  

What's amazing about companies that use the ABM strategy is that they're enjoying more than 50% ROI. This is why you need to align your content strategy with your account-based marketing plan.  

Here are some tips on how you can achieve this:

  • Identify your best accounts and take note of their common qualities, such as quick payment, high revenue, etc. Then, replicate them by targeting accounts with similar industry profiles.
  • Research who the decision-makers are within your target accounts and outline their behavior. Find out about their hobbies, real-life social networks, digital communities, and so on. Doing this will give you an idea of what your content strategy should be to engage your target decision-makers where they're most susceptible to influence.  
  • Focus your content strategy on the interests and pain points of the key decision-makers of your target accounts. 55% of marketers use pillar and cluster content strategies. So, consider using this approach to content too.  
  • Create targeted ad campaigns to advertise your content. Use them as bait to draw your target accounts and use landing pages to capture prospects and lead them further down the sales funnel.
  • Optimize your content process to make sure that your content is fresh, relevant, and are served through the right platform.  

By focusing on a few high-quality accounts that bring in the highest revenue with the least effort and integrating your content marketing with your ABM strategy, you can better whip up bespoke content you know they’ll most likely respond to.  

For B2C businesses, focus your content on retaining your customers this 2022. While there’s a lot of content that aims to attract new customers, only a few are ever targeted to retain existing ones.  

Below are some content-focused approaches that will help you retain your customers’ interest even after you’re done closing a deal:

  • Create a series of onboarding content to help get your new customers off to a good start with your product or service. This can be in the form of quick start guides, downloadable, short-form video tutorials, or emails. You can also conduct webinars to educate your customers about product features and answer questions.  
  • Send texts to your customers to keep them updated whenever there’s a new product launch, new features, and other product development updates.  
  • Send out emails that aim to enhance your customers’ experience with your brand. Include links to valuable content, offer upsells, discount codes, and free gifts.  
  • Publish customer stories and testimonials on social media and tag your customers. This will help extend your reach and provide value to your followers as they continue to see new and different ways they can succeed with your product or services.  
  • Build a community on Facebook and LinkedIn by creating a group and inviting your customers to join. Encourage them to participate and engage in a healthy discussion. Make sure you're also active by answering their questions, posting important announcements, and other exclusive content that is available to members only.  
  • Continue to educate your customers and keep them engaged by constantly updating the content of your website. Publish content about product use and maintenance, hacks, tips, brand values, brand stories, latest developments in your industry, and don’t forget to update old blog posts to keep them fresh and relevant.  

The key to retaining your customers and keeping them loyal to your brand is not by continually selling to them, but by building a trusting relationship and by providing value.  

Content Marketing KPIs to Demonstrate ROI

Many marketers say that content is king, but a report by Gartner discovered that nearly half of marketers worldwide are unable to measure the ROI of their content marketing efforts.

This 2022, one of the biggest challenges in content marketing you need to prepare for is proving its ROI. Business leaders want tangible results, so to get yourself ready to secure a good budget for content marketing next year, you need to prove that content is incredibly valuable in helping a business get more leads and make more sales.  

The metrics you're going to track will be largely based on your website analytics, email marketing, and social media engagement.  

Here are the eight content marketing metrics you should track:

  • SEO success in West Palm Beach
  • Onsite engagement
  • Social media engagement
  • Quality of leads generated
  • Number of sales made
  • Content exposure  
  • Content authority
  • Website traffic

ROI from blogs is difficult to track. Articles usually take a while before they start to gain traction and their engagement rates tend to fluctuate due to several factors. This means that tracking metrics may not pay off until months after you’ve published your articles.  

But, does this render blogs ineffective? Not at all!

Instead of getting discouraged, look at the bigger picture and don’t just track the traffic going to your blog. You should also consider other metrics that indicate how users are engaging with your content, such as unique visits with the referral source, return visits, time on site, next page path, and so on.  

Over time, you can use these metrics to compare and map them against your newsletter clicks, social media engagements, search rankings for specific keywords, and email clicks. This will help you identify which topics drive the most clicks, get the most response, and are the most effective subject matter for different customers at different stages of the buyer journey.  

This 2022, focus on creating a content strategy that’s engaging, interactive, and measurable because they’re easier to scale and they help provide a better overall customer experience.  

Increased Popularity of Visual Storytelling and Video Marketing

two happy influencers doing live video

Visual storytelling gives you an opportunity to make complex narratives easier to understand, and as a result, deliver a more meaningful and powerful message.  

This 2022, expect to see more marketers use visual assets in their content marketing campaigns, specifically short videos, interactive visuals, live video, and augmented reality.  

Take note that these types of content are not sales-y at all. Rather, they aim to provide value to their audience, establish a connection, and make a lasting impression. The reason behind this is that it helps address barriers to sales effectively.  

For example, if a prospect is at the end stage of the buyer journey, showing a well-timed explainer or testimonial video can help convince that prospect to convert before they start looking to a competitor.  

Modern consumers are no longer swayed by fancy video production. What people want to see is authenticity from brands and you can show this through raw, behind-the-scenes-themed footages. As long as your content is original, well-thought-through, and credible, you won't have a hard time establishing a connection with your viewers.  

Have you noticed that most content creators on TikTok publish raw videos? They’re not wearing makeup, their hair isn’t done, some of them are making videos right after they woke up, while working at their clinics, and whatnot.  

The point is, you don't have to get all glammed up and build your own studio to start making content that will provide value to your audience. All you have to do is to get to know your ideal customers, create content that you know they'll love, and share expert advice- no BS!

This also means that small businesses can produce more content without any budget restraints. Platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to post videos to your heart’s content, reach a wider audience, increase your brand exposure, and boost your value as a brand.  

By publishing useful content that will either solve their problems, entertain them, or make their lives easier, you can win over your ideal customers.  

However, before publishing your videos online, make sure to optimize them for SEO in West Palm Beach. Include a short SEO-friendly description of its content containing relevant keywords so the right people can find you.  

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

happy woman talking to a voice assistant optimized for SEO in West Palm Beach

Experts predict that voice search is going to be big next year as more and more people purchase smart speakers and use voice assistants as a part of their lifestyle.  

According to Review42, people who use a smartphone are three times more likely to use voice-over type search when looking stuff up online. One of the major reasons why voice is going to be a big hit is that it's faster and more convenient.  

In preparation for this trend, start optimizing your content to accommodate voice.  

What does this mean? Here’s what:

  • Optimize your page speed. Voice search results load within 4.6 seconds or faster. In other words, ranking for voice requires optimizing your page speed.
  • Optimize for rich answers. Rich results can grab a user’s attention right away by providing no-click, quick, and accurate answers to queries. Voice assistants tend to read results that are in position zero.  
  • Use conversational and long-tail keywords. People who use voice assistance tend to make conversational and casual queries compared to when they’re looking stuff up through type search. For example, instead of typing “milk tea West Palm Beach”, they would most likely say “Where can I find the best milk tea near me?”
  • Optimize for mobile. Most people use voice search through their mobile devices, which is why your site should be mobile-friendly to help it rank better for voice search.  
  • Restructure your content by making them more concise to rank better for voice search results. Your content should be short, contains lists or numbers, and be structured.  
  • Consider using vernacular. A lot of people use their native tongue when talking to their voice assistants. So, consider optimizing your content for vernacular phrases your ideal customers will likely use when looking for what you have to offer.  
  • Optimize for Google My Business. Most voice search users are looking for local businesses near them. Claim your GMB account to increase your chances of showing up in the results.

Adding an FAQ or question-based web page on your site also helps boost your odds of ranking high for voice search.  

Just like any other marketing activity, the success of optimizing your content for voice heavily depends on your ability to understand your target audience's behavior. This is why it's a must to monitor your analytics.  

What keywords are they using when making queries through voice? What’s the intent behind these queries? What do they really want to know? How can I give them the answer they want in the most precise way possible?  

These are just some of the questions you need to figure out so you can improve your content and make it count.

Remember, voice search will only present one search result. You have to stay on top of SEO voice trends in West Palm Beach to know how you can succeed.  

Take Your Content to the Next Level with These Trends!

The number of content published by the day continues to go up, which means the competition for your ideal customers’ attention is fiercer than ever before.  

Serving highly targeted and personalized content, using the right KPIs, optimizing for voice search, and using visual storytelling to engage users are keys to staying ahead of the curve.

Use these tips to your advantage this 2022 and watch your business grow. If you feel like you need help with your content marketing strategy, we can help!

At Digital Resource, our team of digital marketing experts will not only craft a bespoke content marketing plan that will help you generate more leads, but also optimize them for SEO in West Palm Beach to put you ahead of the competition.

We'd love nothing more than to see our clients succeed in their respective niches. Contact us today if you want your business to succeed online!

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