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10 Insider Tips for Closing More B2B Sales

Business Development

Since the beginning of time, human beings have depended on each other one way or another and exchanged goods or services to facilitate each other’s existence. Fast forward to modern-day where even the mightiest corporate companies work closely with other trading vital services and goods to further propel each company's greatness. B2B dealings are not easy.Each organization comes with its own framework and mode of operations and sometimes things can get hectic when you are trying to hack a sure-fire formula to closing B2B deals faster and in larger quantities.

How can I close more B2B sales?

10 Master Tricks of Closing B2B Sales

In this article, we have summarized 10 very valuable gems of wisdom for anyone trying to close more B2B sales.

1. Offer Real-Time Business Solutions

When it comes to succeeding in winning over prospects when trying to make B2B sales, it’s important to note that these corporate giants are less interested in the product or service that you have to offer, and more interested in the actual real-time results and benefits they can gain from working with you.So, when you get the chance to make your pitch, focus more on how you can solve some of the problems that they face and give them tangible results in real-time.

2. Deal with Real Decision Makers

Many B2B companies are multinational entities with chains and ladders of decision making before major decisions are made.When for example you are trying so desperately to make some B2B sales to such a company, most times you will be confronted with mid-level executives like purchasing managers who neither have the power or the budget to make a buying decision.So, when you are trying to improve B2B sales, find out who has the power to make important buying decisions in a company and find them and win them over.

3. Use a Value-Based Approach

One mistake that most salespeople make is that they focus so much on the price of a product or service that they forget selling actual value to a client.When you are dealing with B2B companies, you should know that most of these firms come loaded with heavy pockets and so the price isn’t likely to be their main concern.Instead, they want to partner with a firm that will add value to their company leading to better service delivery or an increased customer base.So, forget dashing straight into offering price discounts and layout the value you’re bringing on board on the table first.

4. Secure Your Company Website to Build Trust

Most people in dating relationships will tell you that trust is the most important fabric that ties the whole thing together. Same applies in the world of business where prospects must be able to trust you to do business with you.When you hand a business card to your prospect, chances are that they will head straight to your website to see what you have to offer. Here, SSL plays an important role as it instills trust in customers and visitors by displaying HTTPS and green padlock before the domain name. It assures that the website is secured.Moreover, different types of SSL are there and if we talk about multiple domains’ security then multi-domain SSL can secure different domains in a single certificate so there is no need to worry about each domain’s management and security.

Advantages of Having a Multi-Domain SSL certificate:

  • Comes with an industry-standard encryption of 256 bits and 2048-bit RSA key.
  • You get a site seal from the issuing Certificate Authority which reassures visitors about security.
  • It’s the best when you want to secure multiple FQDNs.
What is a B2B sales funnel?

5. Harness the Power of Social Media

Information is power. Chances are these B2B companies you are trying to pitch receive dozens of such pitches daily.The person who carries the day is the one with the best information. Before making that cold call or sending that cold email, get on social media and search for this company that you are trying to sell to. Study their entire DNA and all that they are made of.Know their approach, their strengths and weaknesses and customize your solution based on these points. More so, research your competitors in the same niche and study the tricks that major influencers in your industry use to make it big.With such kind of information, you are guaranteed to come up with a unique approach that will make you stand up. A network like LinkedIn is perfect for this.

6. Control Your Emotions & Know When to Walk Away

In a world where most people are obsessed with approval and having everyone give in to their whims, being able to accept a 'NO' and knowing when to walk away can be a wise move.When for instance you have made a good presentation to your prospects showcasing actual value, but they somewhat seemed hesitant, walking away with your head high and a calm smile can trigger that prospect calling you back and wishing to proceed with the deal.However, if you were to go sad and start making desperate moves like offering price discounts after a 'NO’ that would only make your prospects move further away.

7. Be Different

The information age has made it hard for people to preserve their originality because even if you were to launch say a totally new product today, chances are there would be clones before the end of 24 hours.It might be hard to offer a totally unique product or service but what you have full control over is your approach and how you present yourself.If for instance, you are trying to sell to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, instead of calling or emailing like dozens of people do daily, why don’t you book a flight or catch a train and go meet them in person? What if you gave them a sample of your services even before they make a buying decision?These simple unique tricks can make you stand out.

8. Always Offer Several Options

Just like people aren’t the same, B2B companies aren’t either. Each individual company has its own framework, needs, strategy and even financial muscle.So, when you want to increase more B2B sales, it’s important to have different packages each coming with some unique value and price.You want to avoid a scenario where your prospects will want to look for more product options or better prices.So have several unique packs on the table.

9. Learn to Listen and Use The “We” Language

As much as you are the salesperson trying to close more B2B sales, remember that these companies are looking more for a doctor as opposed to a preacher.They don’t want you to come blurting out about how amazing your product or service is and how it will be doomsday for them should they not buy. Instead, they want a doctor who will sit and listen to their problem, diagnose their condition and offer proper solutions.They also want to feel involved and that’s why you should use the “We” approach as opposed to the “You” and “I” style.Let them feel that you are now a team that’s going to win together.

10. Use Powerful, Exciting Stories to Woo Prospects

The human mind is a powerful tool. Nothing can really move a person’s intellect and influence the decision-making process than playing with the power of imagination.A B2B sales guru should have an exciting way with words that makes prospects want to jump aboard the wheel of adventure instantly.Tell so captivating stories of how you, for instance, changed a company’s future through your product or service and add a fun twist to it. Humor is the best medicine!


You can still be the master of B2B sales in this highly volatile and dangerously competitive information age. If you research all your prospects and competition thoroughly by tapping into the power of leading B2B networking sites like LinkedIn, you can then come up with a killer, unique strategy that will differentiate you from the rest of the pile.

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