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How to Win Back Disengaged Customers

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Although you want to hold onto every hard-earned customer forever, the truth is that customers get bored and disengaged.  

Disengaged customers churn for a lot of reasons. Some no longer need your products, others move on to a competitor. Sometimes, customers may simply be distracted by something else and forget about your niche for a while.  

This brings us to the million-dollar question:  

Why is it so hard to keep your customers engaged after they buy your products or avail of your services?

Modern consumers are constantly bombarded with media and ads in this digital age. This makes it harder than ever to capture their attention and long-term loyalty.  

Expect that you’ll be losing customers along the way but don’t make the mistake of assuming that disengaged customers are gone forever.  

They’ve already shown interest once, it’s just a matter of re-igniting that initial spark.  

In this article, we will discuss why customers disengage and how to win them back with a solid win-back internet marketing strategy in Miami.  

Why Do Customers Lose Interest in the First Place?

Customers become disengaged because of the three following reasons:

  • You oversell your product or services in your internet marketing campaigns in Miami. Customers lose interest in your business the moment you stop living up to your promises.  
  • You don’t have a solid post-engagement strategy. After a customer buys your products or services, you must continue to provide them with post-purchase content and send them emails that will help ease their onboarding. You also want to keep your brand top of mind by sending exclusive discounts on their birthdays and many more. This will allow you to nurture your relationship with your customers and keep them loyal.
  • You can communicate information effectively. 60% of consumers in the US abandon an online purchase because of poor information. Poor information happens when a prospect is left wondering about the core message of your email or website. As a result, he or she has no clue about what their next move should be.

5 Ways to Win Back Disengaged Customers

Winning back disengaged customers is essential for any business that wants to thrive long-term. But it doesn’t happen overnight.  

You need to be strategic and proactive about it. Here are five internet marketing tactics in Miami that you can use to foster customer engagement.  

1. Define What a Disengaged Customer Looks Like

Defining what a disengaged customer looks like with internet marketing in Miami.

Lapsed customers are people who haven’t opened your emails or purchased within a specific time frame. Usually, these customers are no longer satisfied or feel like your brand no longer aligns with their values or goals.  

But before you can develop a plan to re-engage them, you need to define what a disengaged customer looks like in your business.  

To define them, consider each customer’s activity and timeline. What actions do active customers take?

Do they make purchases? Do they open your emails and use the exclusive discount they give you? You must define what behaviors your business considers active.  

Next, define how frequently you expect an active customer to engage with your business. Set a period for an active customer. Then, determine how long it’s been since a customer has last interacted with your business.  

Any customer who falls outside your set timeframe should then be considered disengaged.  

For example, if you expect your customers to get a manicure every month, and three months have gone by without them visiting you, then they're now on your disengaged list.  

Keep a tab on your disengaged customers so that you can track your churn rate and understand when to reach out.

2. Segment Your Disengaged Customers

Now that you’ve defined what a disengaged customer looks like, segment them into smaller groups based on similar qualities.  

You can segment them based on interest, behavior, what they last purchased, or when they last interacted with your business.  

Once you have a segmented list of disengaged customers, run a drip email campaign that aims to get them back. Segmenting your customers allows you to gather insights into their needs and preferences.  

This makes it easier to create personalized email copy they’ll want to respond to. You also want to run a survey about why they stopped using your service or buying your products at some point.  

This will help you better understand what they need, and tailor your services according to their current demands.  

3. Use Remarketing to Target Disengaged Customers

Using Remarketing to target disengaged clients.

Did you know that it’s easier to remarket to your past customers than it is to generate new business leads? The success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while the success rate of selling to a new customer is only 5-20%.  

Your existing and past customers are invaluable because they already understand who you are and what you have to offer.  

They’ve also had previous interaction with your brand and they’ve likely developed an opinion about how your products and services satisfy their needs.  

Here are some tips on how to target your past customers through remarketing:

  • Determine which customers you want to target with your remarketing campaign. List down the important characteristics of your past customers and segment them accordingly.  
  • Figure out why these customers stopped engaging with your brand and buying from you. Is it because a competitor offered them a better deal? The best way to determine the reason is to do a survey and ask for feedback from your past customers.  
  • Once you have insights on why your past customers have changed their buying behavior, it’s time to customer your retargeting campaigns to resolve these issues.  
  • Consider the message, copy, and aesthetics of your remarketing campaigns. You should also consider using several channels to boost the effectiveness of your communication and increase the success of your campaigns.  

When you get your remarketing right, you can get your past customers to return to your site and push them to buy or reengage with you again.  

Aside from targeting past customers, you can also use remarketing techniques to get previous website visitors who showed interest in buying your products to visit your site again.  

96% of web visitors that go to a site are not ready to buy. Through remarketing, you can show up where your potential customers are, and deliver personalized remarketing content.

After they leave your site, you can send them an email, notification, or ads to convince them to reconsider your offer.  

4. Craft a Win-Back Email Campaign

As difficult as it may be to hear, there will always be customers who will stop using your product.  

It’s inevitable but there are things you can do to reduce your churn rate. You need to exhaust all means possible to try and stop your customers from churning it costs five times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.  

Plus, 50% of your revenue also comes from repeat customers. If you lose your loyal customers, it’s going to impact your bottom line in a major way!

Running win-back email campaigns is a great way to remind your customers why they bought your products or services in the first place.  

This will help rekindle the interest they once had and lead them to buy from you again.  

45% of consumers who receive a win-back email will likely open your future emails so you should include win-back emails in your marketing campaign strategy.  

Here are some win-back email marketing tips in Miami that can help you re-engage inactive customers:

  • Send a casual “Hello” email to remind them about your business and that they've been inactive for a while. Use a catchy subject line such as, "I miss you" or "It's been a while".
  • If the first hello email wasn’t enough to convince them, try to get them out of their shell by giving them something that piques their interest. Maybe a discount or a freebie.  
  • Another way to reengage inactive customers is to ask for their feedback. Asking for customer feedback will help make your customers feel that they matter to your brand. It’s also a great way to help rekindle their interest and relationship with you.  
  • Send them one last email to let them know that you will remove them from your mailing list if they don’t respond. All they have to do is tell you that they’re no longer interested.
  • Unsubscribe those who still don’t respond from your list.

5. Respond to Customer Complaints and Questions

Responding to customer complaints and questions with internet marketing in Miami.

When a customer complains, it’s because they care about your brand. Leverage complaints and questions to better your service and gain your customers’ trust.  

83% of customers said that they feel more loyal to a brand that responds to and resolves their complaints. Make sure you build relationships by having two-way conversations. Listen to your customers and make sure they’re heard.

Be empathetic and authentic in your internet marketing efforts in Miami by making content that aims to answer their questions and be proactive about addressing their complaints.  

Looking for The Best Internet Marketing Agency in Miami that Will Help You Win Back Customers?

Winning back inactive customers means increasing your customer base, boosting your revenue, and growing your business.  

Make sure you tap into the best internet marketing agency in Miami to help you achieve your business and marketing goals!  

At Digital Resource, our digital marketing experts will craft a customized marketing plan that can help you grow your customer base and increase your sales.  

Want to know how we can make it happen for you? Contact us for a free consultation!

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