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5 Proven Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Revenue

Content Marketing

On average, every dollar invested in email marketing yields a $44 return. Suffice it to say, sending out emails is a great way to inform customers about your business, promote new products and services, and spread helpful information.  

At the same time, businesses know this, which means they send a staggering number of emails to consumers.  

This means that if you want your email marketing campaign to be noticed in a world where the average person receives dozens of emails per day, your approach must be innovative.

In this post, the experts at our Nashville digital marketing agency will share five sales-generating email marketing strategies that you can use to help market your business.

Let's get right to work.

1. Organize Your Email List Into Niche Groups

As your company grows, so too will your ideal clientele. As a result, your mailing list size will increase over time. All these email addresses are relevant to your needs and can be organized according to the following types:

  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Behavioral
  • Geographic

By dividing your email blast list into subgroups, you can send more specific messages to your readers, such as what they've bought from you before, how loyal they are, and if they're new to your brand.

It's also likely that your open rates will increase by up to 14%.

Check out this example mailing list created with Qualtrics:

sample mailing list
Photo from Qualtrics

Each of these customer groups may have different needs from your business, but when you're able to categorize them, they'll be more likely to read your emails and respond to your call to action because they'll know that the emails you send are relevant to them.

Even though segmentation can be time-consuming, our digital marketing agency in Nashville believes that the right email tools can expedite the procedure.

And when you're better able to provide customers with the content they want, you'll establish your brand's authenticity and credibility.

2. Run a Drip Campaign

After you've segmented your email list, you can launch a drip campaign for each type of customer. Drip campaigns are marketing emails that are sent automatically by your email client when a customer meets specific criteria.

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Our digital marketing agency in Nashville uses sales funnels to start with a prospecting email, then generate leads, and finally generate repeat customers.

In fact, a drip campaign can result in a 98% conversion rate for qualified leads, which is why we always recommend it to our clients.

In addition, you can also configure drip campaign triggers, which can take various forms. One could be a demonstration request, while another could be a new subscriber. Other triggers include the recipient clicking on a link in the email body or downloading a resource.

When your email client detects the trigger, it sends a follow-up message.

There are a few advantages to combining your drip campaign with your marketing strategy, such as the ability to:

  • Inform your clients with insightful knowledge about your field.
  • Quicken the flow of leads through the sales process.
  • Create opportunities for customers to interact with your content and brand
  • Generate sales-ready leads that can be followed up on immediately.
  • Re-engage customers who have yet to interact with your business.

3. Get More Out of Your Welcome Email

Making the most of the chance to welcome someone to your email list is critical. If you're emailing a new subscriber, include their name and add a personalized introduction to your company's services.

As a gesture of gratitude to new subscribers, you could give them a discount or other incentive for signing up.

sample welcome email
Photo from Food 52

New customers will get an idea of what to expect from your company based on your welcome email. If the email is interesting and informative, the recipient is more likely to open future communications from your company.

4. Personalize Your Emails to Fit Your Audience

When emailing customers, be sure to use their names and tailor the message to them specifically. If you divide your email list into subsets based on demographics, you can tailor each message to each subset's interests and needs.

In fact, 59% of respondents say that marketing emails have an impact on their decision to make a purchase, proving that email marketing is not dead.

Emails are a great way to reach customers at the right time, whether it's to send a birthday discount, a holiday greeting, or a special offer.

Though it may require some creative problem-solving, investing time in thinking about how to build relationships with customers is well worth it. Customers are looking for brands they can identify with in increasing numbers.

5. Improve the Interactivity of Your Emails

Relationship building with customers begins when you send them engaging, interactive emails. It's essential to keep your customers interested and informed throughout your entire email marketing campaign.

With the help of a quick quiz, you can direct customers to the items in your store that will meet their needs the most.

Check out this Sephora email that directs you to a quiz.

Sephora email with quiz
Photo from Sephora

An added benefit of this exciting content is that it teaches your target audience something new about your products or services while lending your brand an air of authority.

Customers in the "awareness" or "engagement" phase of the purchase funnel can be moved along to the "consideration" and "purchase" phases with the help of interactive emails.

Customers are more likely to buy if they receive valuable interaction from your emails. Furthermore, they may be willing to share some of their personal information with you, allowing you to segment them and personalize emails that lead them to purchase.

Our digital marketing agency in Nashville also recommends including a video or a link to a video that demonstrates your products or provides insights into the benefits of your services.  

In fact, landing pages with videos convert at 80% higher rates than those without videos.

Increase Your Sales by Leveraging the Power of Emails

A company's email list can be a powerful promotional tool. Using some or all of the tips above, you can grow your business and make it more likely that people will read your emails instead of sending them to the "spam" folder.

However, if email marketing feels like an extra task that prevents you from focusing on your business operations, you can hire the best digital marketing agency in Nashville.

Our email marketing team at Digital Resource is skilled at developing campaigns that increase leads and convert them into actual sales.

Get in touch with us today so we can launch your sales-boosting email marketing campaigns.

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