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How to Write an Email That Holds People’s Attention

Content Marketing

Personalization is the key to getting your ideal customers’ attention and convincing them to open your emails. But, we all know it’s no longer enough to simply get people to notice your emails.  

For your email marketing campaigns to be effective, you should be able to create emails that are engaging enough to hold people’s attention and get them to convert.  

So, how exactly can you do this?

As your go-to company for Miami SEO services, we are going to share with you our top secrets to writing an email that your contact list will read and respond to.  

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Email Writing Tips to Engage Your Audience

Email marketing campaigns are important because they allow you to offer promotions, keep your contact list up-to-date with your latest offerings, and keep in touch to remind them that you care even after they’ve made a purchase.  

Create Your Emails Based on Your Goals

the word "goals" written on a clear board

To create emails that your recipients will want to read and respond to, it’s crucial to write them based on your email marketing campaign objectives. Every element in your email should serve a purpose and be dedicated to achieving the goals you set.  

For example, you’re going to run nurture email campaigns because you aim to turn potential leads into conversions. So, you’re writing your emails in a way that they’re focused on educating your recipients, building awareness, and establishing a relationship.  

These emails shouldn’t be sales-y at all. Rather, they should seek to inspire, educate, enlighten. You want to provide your email list with content that will help them on their buyer journey.  

However, these emails should still contain a clear call to action to get them to do what you want - like check out a product on your site, subscribe to your newsletter, or whatnot.

The most crucial email marketing objectives you should cover are to:

  • Inform your readers
  • Keep your customers loyal
  • Nurture potential customers
  • Engage your recipients
  • Draw users to visit your site
  • Convert prospects

Once you know your goals, it’s easier to craft emails that work together to achieve your email marketing campaign objectives.

Personalize Your Emails

People want to be seen by companies as individuals - not just something they can milk cash from.  

This is why businesses should make it a priority to build a relationship with their audience. The first step to doing this is by personalizing your emails that go beyond using names.  

When you use your recipients’ names in your subject lines and the actual message, your email will automatically stand out.  In fact, personalized emails tend to get clicked by 2.1% and opened more by 18.8 %.  

However, there’s more to personalization than just using names. Here are some tips on how to personalize your emails beyond names:

  • Segment your email list: There are many ways to segment your email list into smaller groups, like based on their location, content downloaded, position in your customer journey, etc. Choose the ones that best suit your goals.  
  • Make your emails friendly: Address your email list by their first names and make sure your email has a friendly tone to it. If you want to build a relationship, you don’t want to be too stiff or formal in your emails.  
  • Use behavior triggers:  Behavior emails are automatically sent to your contact list based on their action or behavior. They take your personalization to a whole new level, keep your customers engages, and reengage clients that have fallen off.  

For example, every time a user signs up in your newsletter, you automatically send them a “thank you” email. If this user visits your site, adds an item to their cart but doesn't checkout, they’ll receive an automated follow-up message reminding them about their abandoned cart or letting them know that a specific item on their cart is on sale.

  • Send birthday emails: There’s no better way to make your customers and prospects feel special than by sending them a happy customership anniversary greeting, birthday emails, anniversary emails, and attaching a special discount they can use in their purchase. And, don’t forget to send exclusive perks to your VIPs.

Make Sure They’re Relevant

happy female customer looking at computer screen and reading relevant email from Miami SEO services

Another way to hold your email contact lists’ attention is by sending them content they find highly relevant.  

By sending emails that actually apply to the needs and wants of your target audience, you can create emails that are really engaging.  

So, how can you create highly relevant emails? As an agency that provides the best Miami SEO services, we suggest you do your research and get to know the people on your email list.

Who are they? What do they do? At which stage are they on the customer journey?

After you’ve gotten more familiar with them, you may now segment them into smaller groups, making it much easier to create highly relevant content.  

To craft such content, follow these tips:

  • Use email marketing automation
  • Make sure your message is clear and straight to the point.  
  • Use a bold, compelling call to action
  • Use dynamic content  
  • Use social proof and user-generated content  

Here are some ideas on how to make your emails more relevant and make your recipients want to read their content:

  1. Provide Tips and Tricks So They Can Fully Utilize the Products They Purchased

Before making a purchase, modern consumers usually do their research to make sure they're buying the right product from the right company. You shouldn't assume that they already know everything there is to learn about your product.  

So your customers can fully utilize your products and enjoy their features, send them emails containing tips and tricks about a certain product they bought from you.  

People hate being sold to, but they love learning new things they haven't heard of before. By sharing tips and tricks, you will not only create a positive experience for them, but also increase their satisfaction and loyalty to you.  

Always check that the content of your email is easy to understand, uses images, and videos to make the learning process more interesting and effective.  

  1. Send Emails at the Right Time

Another way to increase the relevance of your emails is by sending them at the right time.  

What time of the day are your contact lists checking their emails? Most people start their day by reading emails the moment they wake up, or once they're at the office. So, that's between 6 am to 10 pm.  

You can use an email marketing platform to track what time and date your emails were opened and read. This will give you an idea on what the best times are to send emails to different groups.  

  1. Provide Recommendations Based on Their Previous Choice

Only suggest products that are either complementary or supplementary based on the products your customers previously purchased from you.  

For example, if someone recently bought a Nespresso machine from you, then they might be interested in refillable pods.  

If your suggestions are well thought through and your customers are very much satisfied with the product they previously bought from you, then they will definitely welcome your suggestion emails.  

  1. Link to Relevant Content on Your Website

Lastly, provide a link to a specific page on your site that's relevant to the story of your newsletters and your reader's interest.  

For instance, you send an email promoting 20% off the shoes on your website. To further personalize this email, attach a link to the CTA to redirect a reader to the specific shoes they were previously browsing on your site.

When using a landing page, make sure that they speak the same language and theme to create a sense of continuity. The visuals and copy should also be with the same style and should focus on the same goals and urge your recipients to convert.  

Optimize Your Emails for SEO

under a magnifying glass, the word "SEO" is written on a paper

SEO is essential to drive qualified visitors to your site, which can help increase the number of people who will opt-in to your newsletters. Promoting your SEO content via email can also help boost your social shares and increase your backlinks, which can improve your rankings in Google search results.  

As a company that offers SEO services in Miami, we recommend that you optimize your emails for SEO by using the right keywords, including social links, optimizing your subject lines and meta descriptions, and other best practices.  

Looking for Miami SEO Services?

Because people choose to opt-in to newsletters, emails remain to be a highly effective tactic for reaching prospects and keeping in touch with your existing customers.

But, because people receive an average of 126 emails per day, your emails will likely be ignored by your contact list.  

This is why it's critical to create emails that not only grab the attention of your audience, but also get them to open and respond.  

With the help of the tips we shared with you above, you can create highly relevant emails that your contact list would want to read and respond to!

Digital Resource offers award-winning SEO services in Miami, and yes, including email marketing. If you need help with creating highly effective email marketing campaigns that convert and put you ahead of your competitors, we’re just one click away!  

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