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Top 7 Podcasts in the Lawn Care Industry

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Learning how to landscape can be as simple as purchasing a plant and letting it grow in your backyard, but turning it into a business is a different story.

Fortunately, a new platform has emerged to assist people like you in turning your hobbies into profitable businesses.

Introducing... podcasts! Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among those looking to learn something new, such as those interested in the landscaping industry.

In this article, our SEO for landscaping companies experts will recommend the best podcasts to listen to if you want to learn everything and anything about the landscaping business.

1. Service Business Mastery

The podcast that appeals to a diverse audience.

Service Business Master primarily focuses on business owners avoiding mistakes in their businesses. They are known for providing tips and advice to the trade service industry, which includes the landscaping business.

Listeners praised the podcast for featuring interviews with successful businesspeople who provided insightful advice on various topics such as strategy, goal-setting, and client care.

They live up to the name of their podcast: "Business Masters," because of the quality of the discussion, the value they provide, and the cool stuff they share with their audience.

2. The Mike Andes Podcast

The podcast for landscaping business startups.

Mike Andes is the brains behind this podcast and is also the founder of an eight-figure international lawn care franchise. Initially an entrepreneur, he is now on a mission to share his experience in achieving personal wealth through creating videos, courses, and, most importantly, podcasts.

Each of his podcast episodes is short and digestible, including:

  • Interviews with landscapers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses
  • Live advice and consulting from real business owners
  • Advertising advice for small businesses
  • Tips for hiring the best employees and scaling your company to greater heights

If you want to be inspired and motivated by a successful person while connecting on a more personal level, this podcast is for you.

3.Lawn & Landscape Radio Network

The podcast for the latest and hottest green industry trends.

Lawn and Landscape Radio Network logo
Photo from Apple Podcast

Those who subscribe to Lawn & Landscape Radio Network receive regular updates on the latest developments and most effective management methods in the business world.

In short, their podcast is helping to keep people up to date with the rapidly developing landscaping industry.

Your landscaping company can benefit greatly from listening to this podcast, which has more than 120 episodes.

4.Million Dollar Landscaper Podcast

The podcast that will help you grow your brand.

As enticing as the podcast title is, this podcast stays true to its branding. Million Dollar Landscaper Podcast assists landscaping business owners in increasing profits without devoting so much of their time.

Sounds unreal, right?

Scott and Kati Molchan, the podcast's coaches, have successfully achieved seven figures for their family's landscaping business while working less.

Of course, it did not happen overnight. They struggled with various strategies until they finally achieved their desired income.

This level of success is now sought after by many—which is why Scott and Kati are so determined to help others in the landscaping industry now that they have found real financial success themselves.

According to Dave Nevogt's article on the Hubstaff Blog, the landscaping industry has grown at a 4.6% annual rate since 2014, with small landscaping businesses accounting for 50% of gross yearly revenue.

5. Spring Green Lawn Talk Podcasts

The podcast that will help you care for your ornaments.

lawn care expert working in the field
Photo from Facebook

Ornamental plants are essential in the landscaping industry. These ornaments require special care to ensure their longevity. It is unusual to come across content in which people offer advice and tips on how to care for their ornaments.

Fortunately, there is one: the Spring Green Lawn Talk Podcasts.

This podcast presents helpful advice and best practices for preventing and controlling pests and diseases—information that proprietors of landscaping businesses absolutely must be aware of.

Because of their limited capacity for growth and longevity, ornamental plants require a higher level of care and protection than other types of plants. Therefore, if you have no idea how to care for plants properly, you should listen to this podcast.

6. Lawn Care Marketing Expert

The podcast that answers your landscape marketing questions.

lawn care marketing expert banner
Photo from Lawn Care Marketing Expert

Although there is continued financial success for entrepreneurs in the landscaping industry, marketing and advertising are still vital to this industry's success.

For this reason, the Lawn Care Marketing Expert has decided to start a podcast dedicated to providing marketing and advertising advice to the lawn care industry.

Their podcast typically covers the following topics:

  • Improving your landscaping company's online presence through strategic marketing and advertising
  • Optimizing the visibility of your landscaping business in search engines
  • Promoting your landscaping services on various online platforms  

So, if you want to experiment with online marketing and advertising for your landscaping company, this podcast is for you.

7. The Native Plant Podcast

The podcast that will broaden your plant vocabulary.

Obviously, you can't open a landscaping business without any plants. To launch a successful landscaping company, you must first learn about the many different plants available.

This podcast is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in plant life. It is hosted by a sociable bunch of people whom all share an interest in native plants, so you won't feel isolated or uninterested while listening.

Some may find the podcast title dull because it states the obvious, but it is more than that.

AWKWARDBOTANY claims that in addition to useful plant information, the Native Plant Podcast also features hosts who are "fun, goofy, and entertaining."

Want to Boost Your Landscaping Company's Online Presence?

The landscaping industry is growing rapidly, which is beneficial because it creates more employment opportunities. As a bonus, doing so benefits nature and the environment by cultivating plants.

Given the booming state of the landscaping industry, it makes sense to try out some innovative forms of content marketing for the industry.

At Digital Resource, we have specialists in landscaping business SEO who can help you expand your landscaping company.

Get in touch with us to schedule your no-cost initial consultation for our digital marketing services.

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