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‍TikTok Marketing Tips Every Contractor Must Know

Social Media Marketing

TikTok is changing the marketing landscape for contractors by providing them with new ways to connect with their audiences and drive business. While paid ads and SEO for contractors are typically a foundational part of many campaigns, TikTok can give you a leg up on your competition.

According to TikTok, 74% of their users said that the app inspired them to learn more about a product, service, or brand, and 67% said that TikTok influenced them to buy even when they weren’t planning to do so.  

This shows that TikTok is one of the best platforms to build brand awareness, increase discovery, and attract potential customers to your contracting business!  

Here’s what you need to know about using TikTok for your construction company.

Is TikTok Right for Your Contracting Business?

First things first. How do you know if TikTok is the right platform to establish your presence and promote your contracting company?

  • TikTok users are your target market. According to Backlinko, home renovation and DIY videos rank 5among the top TikTok content categories with 39 billion views. Here’s the breakdown of active TikTok users in the U.S. by age:

           22.4% are 20-29,  21.7% are 30-39, 20.3% are 40-4,  11%  are 50+.

         Without a doubt, your ideal customers are using TikTok to gather home improvement ideas and find the best contractors to help them realize projects.  

  • You want to be an influencer in your niche. If you're comfortable making videos and you love sharing what you know with other people, then you won't have a problem using TikTok. You can use this platform to humanize your construction business, showcase your company’s personality, and demonstrate the amount of work that goes into your projects. The goal is to be relatable so your audience can connect with you on a deeper level.

The Best Types of Video Content for Your Contracting Business

two business owners joining dance challenges on TikTok.

Once you’ve determined whether you can make TikTok work for your contracting company, it’s time to identify what kind of videos you should create.  

  1. Evergreen Contracting Videos

You can never go wrong with evergreen video content, which remains useful to your target market long after you’ve published it. This allows it to generate traffic over time.

Optimizing your videos for SEO for contractors will also help in the search results and the "For You Page".  

  1. Brand-building Q&A Series

Your ideal clients only want the best construction company by their side throughout the entire home building or renovation process. Your goal is to show them that you’re reliable and the right contractor for the job.  

But your target market won’t know how skilled or knowledgeable you and your team are unless you share your perspective openly.  

One way to do that is to create a series of brand-building Q&A videos aimed at educating and entertaining your viewers.  

By answering industry-specific questions, you can highlight your team's expertise, establish credibility, and position your company as an expert in your industry.  

Future homeowners also want to know what makes your company different, why they should hire you, and how you treat your customers. So, you should also talk about your vision, mission, services, and how awesome your company is overall.  

Remember, modern consumers aren’t just after results; they also want to work closely with a good company.  

  1. Live Videos

According to Forrester, viewers watch live videos 10 to 20 times longer than static ones. This proves that live streaming is a powerful way to engage and deliver interactive content to your viewers.  

You can use live videos in many ways. For instance, you could:

  • Promote a new service
  • Announce company updates
  • Stream interviews
  • Broadcast demolitions or grand project reveals
  • Host Q&A sessions
  1. Video Tour of Your Builds

Another way you can showcase your team's expertise is by letting the results speak for themselves.  

Do a video tour of your builds, and make sure to include a before so people can compare and see the difference!

You can also compile behind-the-scenes clips to give your viewers an update on the projects you're working on. This can make your audience feel involved and invested in your builds. Plus, it shows that you and your team are working hard to deliver your client's desired results.

  1. Client Success Stories

82% of Americans seek recommendations from their friends and family before they buy, especially when it comes to major purchases.  

Your target audience considers what your previous clients have to say about your construction business before they even include you as one of their options.  

You should feature your happy clients in a client testimonial video and ask them to describe how your company was able to deliver the dream build experience they’ve always wanted.

You can feature these videos on your website and use snippets for your TikTok account.  

Social proof videos might be the push your prospects need to finally hire your services!

  1. Construction Tips and Hacks

Having spent years in the contracting business, you probably have a few tricks up your sleeve that have helped you work more efficiently.

These hacks could impress your viewers and make their lives easier!

TikTok Video Optimization Tips for Better Visibility

Tiktok video content optimized for SEO for contractors to boost visibility on or Your Page.

Chances are, you’re not the only contracting business on TikTok. With your competitors vying for the attention of your target clients, you should do everything you can to make sure your videos stand out and appear first on their For You Page.  

Make Your Points Strong and Clear

Users can easily scroll past your video if you don’t hook them from the start. That’s why you should make a strong statement or ask a direct question at the opening of your video.

Be Authentic and Avoid Being Too Salesy

Although the point of being on TikTok is to market your contracting business and attract potential clients, you should never make your videos too salesy.  

You don’t want your audience to feel like they’re being sold to. The goal is to show them why you’re the perfect fit for their construction project by posting videos that highlight what you do, how you do it differently from others, and what you excel at.  

Aside from this, you should also feature behind-the-scenes clips and “a day in the life of a contractor” type of video content on your TikTok account. A lot of people are unaware of the actual work that goes into construction projects, managing it from start to finish, and overseeing day-to-day activities.  

By showing people that you're authentic and approachable in your content, you can encourage your viewers to leave comments and inquiries, and maybe even encourage customers to get in touch with you.  

Learn The Language of Your Target Audience

To create videos that resonate with your target audience, you need to speak the same language as them.

Knowing your ideal clients and how to communicate with them in your TikTok videos is the key to success when promoting your contracting business.  

Aside from keeping your terms simple and avoiding jargon in your videos, you should also take the time to figure out what gets your audience to engage.  

Use TikTok analytics to gather data about who your current following is and how they’re interacting with you on the platform.  

Break down your followers into smaller groups based on their location, age range, listed genders, peak engagement time, and interests.  

Create personas and then use the insights you gather to create personalized content that speaks to their values, needs, frustrations, and more.  

Use Trending Background Music in Your Videos

TikTok’s algorithm is more likely to show your video if it includes sounds that are currently trending on the platform. So make sure that you use viral background music in your videos.

Use The Right SEO for Contractor Hashtags

the word hashtag sketched on a notepad.

People use hashtags to find content by category and to attract users to their videos.  

By using hashtags in your videos, you can make sure that your video shows up when they search for your products or services on the platform. One great way to find hashtags is by looking at the keywords targeted in your SEO for contractors campaign.

You can use your main keywords and their variations as your hashtags.  

The most popular hashtags for contractors are:

#contractors #construction #contractor #builders #renovation #contractorsofinsta #architecture #interiordesign #building #realestate #generalcontractor #constructionlife #homeimprovement #design #remodeling #contractorsofinstagram #builder #business #contractorlife #constructionworker #home #remodel #architects #tools #roofing #renovations #homedecor #hvac #plumbing #carpentry

You don’t have to use all of them, just the ones that are relevant to your video content.  

You should also use #fyp #foryoupage hashtags to boost your visibility on your followers’ feed. Although TikTok has never confirmed this, a lot of TikTokers use this hashtag to get featured on the FYP.  

Post at Peak Engagement Times

If you want to get more views and engagements, you need to post your videos during the time of the day when your viewers are most active on the platform. Generally speaking, that’s between 3 pm to 7 pm.  

Share Your TikTok Videos on Other Social Platforms

If you’re on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, share your TikTok video content on these platforms to drive more views and boost your chances to go viral. This can be helpful especially if you just started on the platform and are looking for ways to get views.  

Are You Using TikTok to Market Your Contracting Business?

TikTok gives you a chance to share expert tips and give your contracting business a personality that your ideal customers will love!  

You can use this platform to establish your contracting company’s credibility, boost brand awareness, reach new audiences, and drive business.  

At Digital Resource, our team of social media marketing experts and SEO specialists will work with you to create a custom social content plan that's optimized for SEO in Miami that will put your business on top!

Contact us today to improve your visibility on search and social media!

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