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Franchise Spotlight: Unconventional Social Media Strategies for Exceptional Brand Growth

Social Media Marketing

In the realm of franchise marketing, doing what everyone else is doing is a surefire recipe for blending in. And so, to truly stand out, some franchises have dared to be different. They've pushed boundaries, got out of their comfort zone, tried the untried – and in doing so, have discovered new paths to success.  

And guess what? We’re here to shine a light on those bold, innovative strategies that have helped these businesses carve their own unique path on social media. From leveraging the unexpected to creating jaw-droppingly engaging content, these franchises have rewritten the rulebook.

So, if you’re ready for a dose of inspiration and a few unorthodox ideas to spice up your own franchise digital marketing efforts, you’re definitely in the right place. Let’s embark on this journey together and explore how thinking outside the box in social media can lead to remarkable brand growth.  

Ready to get inspired? Let’s go!

Strategy #1: Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC) in Surprising Ways

When we think about social media marketing for franchises, we often consider carefully crafted posts, professional photos, and well-thought-out campaigns. However, the clever use of UGC is an unconventional strategy that has led to exceptional growth for several franchises.  

We’re not just talking about sharing a customer’s snapshot or a glowing review. You gotta come up with more innovative ways that’ll truly get your audience hooked. These three tactics will do the trick:

Spotlight Real Stories

Imagine a franchise not just showing off their product but sharing a customer's journey with it. Something like, “Hey, here’s how our coffee changed Tom’s mornings!” or “Look at how Sarah turned our DIY kit into a masterpiece!” can captivate your followers. It’s personal, it’s real, and boy, does it resonate with people!

Run Challenges and Contests

We’ve all seen those “Tag us in your photos” contests, so this time, how about going for wilder ideas like, “Write a poem about our burgers” or “Show us your wackiest yoga pose using our gear”? Not only will it get your followers excited to participate, but it can also have them spreading the word to their online pals. A huge win for you!

Craft Art from the Heart

This might be the best one yet. Some franchises are transforming buyer photos or comments into actual art pieces, animations, or even mini-films. It’s like giving a high-five to your customers, letting them know they’re now a part of your brand’s story.  

So, why are these unconventional UGC strategies such a hit? Simple. They’re authentic, engaging, and add a whole lot of variety to the usual promotional stuff. You’re pretty much giving your social media a dose of personality that makes people stop scrolling and start noticing.

Strategy #2: Do Collaborative Storytelling with Micro-Influencers

micro influencer recording a video of her makeup set

We’ve all heard about big-time influencers, but there’s something special about those with a smaller, more engaged following. Yep, we’re referring to micro-influencers.  

Why is this approach a game-changer? Simply put, it brings authenticity and relatability to the table. It’s like having a friendly neighbor recommend your brand instead of a celebrity.  

Considering that their fans are more invested, micro-influencers have the power to narrate your story in a genuine and super relatable way. It opens doors to real storytelling and community building that can take your franchise’s online presence from good to “Wow, I need to check them out!”

Obviously, you need the right person to represent you. It’s all about partnering with micro-influencers who genuinely vibe with your brand. Picture a local fitness enthusiast promoting a health food franchise or a tech-savvy college student showcasing a gadget brand. It’s a match made in social media heaven!

Discuss your plans to co-create content once you’ve found the perfect micro-influencer. Don’t make the mistake of simply handing over your products for a quick shoutout. Get those creative juices flowing – a day in their life using your products, BTS peeks, or maybe even joint events or webinars. It’s a collaborative effort that adds depth to your brand narrative.

Strategy #3: Host Virtual Events with a Quirky Spin

Hold onto your virtual hats because we're diving into the world of virtual events with a sassy twist. No more snooze-worthy webinars or predictable live streams. We’re talking events with that special "wait...what?" factor, making your audience do a double-take.

Engagement is the name of the game here. Instead of passively watching, your audience becomes a part of the action. They're laughing, guessing, and eagerly awaiting your franchise's next big virtual bash. It's a fantastic way to make lasting impressions, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind in the most entertaining manner.

If you’re not sure where to start, fret not because our franchise digital marketing agency is spilling some of our secrets:

Themed Extravaganzas

Ditch the regular and dive into themes. Running a food franchise? How about a 70s disco cook-along night? Or maybe a superhero workout session for a fitness chain? The key is to blend fun with function; you’ll be whipping up an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Interactive Quizzes and Games

Why settle for a monologue when you can engage your audience with interactive games or quizzes? A coffee franchise might host a "Guess the Bean" game, while a pet store could have a "Whose Tail?" quiz. It’s simple, fun, and gets people involved!

Collabs with Other Brands

Team up with a complementary brand for an event. For example, if you’re a skincare franchise, you might want to join forces with a healthy juice brand for a 'Glow Inside Out' event. It’s a win-win, as you tap into both audiences and offer double the value.

Strategy #4: Incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

person using augmented reality on phone

As a franchise digital marketing agency that has been in the game for several years, we can certainly say augmented reality has become a massive hit for brands everywhere. The fact that countless businesses are now using it on social media doesn’t come as a surprise to us anymore.  

Why is AR the talk of the town, you ask? Engagement, interactivity, and a whole lot of “Wow!” moments. It transforms how customers interact with your brand, making the experience memorable, shareable, and a bit futuristic.  

So, how can you integrate AR into your socials?  

Try Before You Buy

Imagine letting customers try on a pair of glasses from your optical franchise right from their couch or visualize how your store's new piece of furniture would look in their living room. AR makes it all possible!

Interactive Brand Stories

It’s more than just products; it’s also about stories that immerse your audience in your brand’s world. A restaurant franchise could create an AR tour of their kitchen, or a fitness brand might develop an AR-led workout trail.  

Scavenger Hunts and Games

Get playful with AR scavenger hunts where customers can find hidden items or discounts in-store or even in their city. A blend of the physical and digital worlds can be ridiculously fun.

Strategy #5: Tap into Nostalgia Marketing

Ever heard of nostalgia marketing? Businesses have been using it to reconnect their audience with those warm, fuzzy feelings and tie them to your brand in the most heartwarming way. And it’s another unconventional tactic that works wonders.  

The magic of nostalgia marketing lies in its ability to evoke emotions and memories. It allows your audience to connect on a deeper level, reminding them of the wonderful times while subtly associating those feelings with your brand. It’s about creating a sense of familiarity and trust wrapped up in a cozy blanket of nostalgia.

Here’s how it’s done:

Throwback Posts

Share photos, products, or ads from your franchise’s early days. It’s like saying, “Remember the 90s when you had your first pizza with us?” Instant connection!

Retro-themed Campaigns

Launch a campaign or a product line that harkens back to an earlier era. Think vintage-style packaging or a limited-edition item reminiscent of a previous decade. It's a blend of the old and the new, and it's undeniably refreshing.

Collaborations with Classic Brands

Working with a brand that has stood the test of time can be pretty impactful, as it builds a bridge between generations. A modern tech franchise collaborating with a classic board game brand, perhaps?  

Strategy #6: Get Meme-Ing

Who says memes are just for laughs? They can also be an effective marketing tool for just about any business.  

You see, memes present an opportunity to show your brand's human side and sense of humor. They can make your brand more approachable and relatable, especially to a younger audience. So, if you’ve been wondering why more and more brands are posting memes on social media, you’ve got your answer.  

Create memes that tie into your brand or offerings. If you’re a fitness franchise, you could make a meme chronicling the struggle of waking up for a morning workout. That’s gonna leave everybody chuckling, liking, and coming back for more!

Ready to See Your Franchise in the Social Media Spotlight?

happy digital marketers holding social media banner

With these six not-so-traditional social media strategies, franchises have numerous creative paths to exceptional brand growth. From leveraging nostalgia and memes to exploring the world of micro-influencer collab, these tactics push boundaries and reimagine what franchise digital marketing can be.

Then again, we know that running a franchise can sometimes get extremely demanding. Juggling the daily operations, customer service, and marketing can be a handful. That's where Digital Resource steps in.  

As a franchise digital marketing agency, we're equipped to implement these unconventional strategies for businesses like yours. Our DReam team will gladly take the load off your shoulders and infuse your marketing efforts with innovative ideas that will leave your audience in awe.  

So, if you're all set to take your franchise to new heights with some out-of-the-box digital marketing, give us a ring today. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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