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Market Your Local Business By Creating Immersive Experiences

Business Development

Advancements in technology have transformed the way brands and businesses deliver experiences to their audiences - and people want more of it.

When you consider the fact that modern consumers expect businesses to use augmented and virtual reality to provide them the best possible experiences, it’s a sign that you too should try to keep up with new technologies to market your local business.  

By providing a more immersive experience through new technologies, you can meet your ideal customers’ expectations and cultivate loyalty to your business.

But, failing to adapt to Local SEO Miami and new technologies can leave you lagging behind your competitors.  

Marketing using augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360-degree videos empowers you to create unique experiences, engage customers, encourage conversions in dynamic and fascinating ways, putting you ahead of the competition.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can use relatively new technologies, such as 360-degree videos, virtual reality, and augmented reality, to market your local business.

Without any more delays, let’s get started!

Providing Immersive Experiences Through New Technologies

1. Turn Your Products into Self-directed Experiences

customer having a local in-store experience virtually through VR

Self-directed experiences refer to the process by which individuals take the initiative to explore, identify, and try out things without the help of others.  

At the height of the pandemic, many businesses and brands struggled to figure out how they can reach out to their customers and provide an in-store experience through their websites and apps to encourage people to continue buying. Fortunately, AR, VR, and 360-degree videos exist.  

With the help of new technologies, many companies were able to craft experiences and allow their target audience to virtually experience their products without having to visit their physical stores.  

An example of this is Kylie Cosmetics. The company partnered with Instagram to create a filter that allows Instagram users to virtually try on different lipstick shades from her makeup line. Such an immersive experience gives the audience the freedom to make an informed decision, motivating them to make a purchase.  

IKEA is another example. The company’s AR app lets you visualize how their products will look in your home while shopping online. This use of AR streamlines the shopping experience, as users can easily transition from viewing a product to buying it.  

2. Provide Meaningful and Highly Engaging Experiences

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360-degree videos present an opportunity to mimic in-person experiences, which means users can actively participate in the shopping experience.  

By showing your target market how they look with your products and by completely involving them in the shopping process, you can close the gap between personal experience and what people see on their screens.  

When you provide an immersive shopping experience to your ideal customers, you’re giving them something they’ll never forget. This will put your local business at the top of their minds and drive them to your website or store when they’re ready to buy.  

This is a very effective way to build a more meaningful and memorable connection with your customers and prospects.  

You should also never forget to optimize your website for local SEO Miami to position your business in front of your ideal customers right when they need you. And, by giving them a memorable and magical brand experience with the help of VR, AR, or 360-degree videos, you can encourage conversions.

3. Build Brand Loyalty through Gamification

Multicultural group of friends playing games using virtual reality in local SEO in Miami

Have you ever thought of bringing your digital products into life by putting them into a game? Yes, that’s entirely possible!  

Put your products in front of a wider audience and get people hooked by using gamification to promote your local business.  

Although not everyone likes to play online games, there's a huge number of people that do. By putting your products in a game or creating a game relevant to your business, you can keep your customers engaged with your brand and build loyalty over time.  

The more people play and see your products, the more you can get your message across without being too sales-y or pushy about it.  

We all know consumers don’t like being sold to, which is why this is one of the best ways you can convince people to buy your products without actually telling them to. Plus, it’s an effective tactic to educate your customers about your products or services.  

A great example of this is how Glenlivet, a single-malt scotch distillery partnered with Shazam to create an augmented reality experience for its customers to promote a new product. They came up with a tasting game where the tasters are scored based on how well they can identify the ingredients of the whiskey, and they can share their scores on social media.  

Porsche Austria also has a gamified app named BONEO. Users have their own avatar which can be upgraded using digital items. The game offers users digital chests, which contain rewards and points, such as free car wash, free coffee, a free weekend with a Porsche, and many more cool rewards. This is a perfect example of getting your customers hooked and eventually increasing customer loyalty.  

4. Conduct Demos Through Virtual Reality

One of the biggest challenges of running a business during the pandemic is that consumers cannot interact with your products in the same way they can at your physical store.  

Because there’s always some level of uncertainty when buying stuff online, consumers are more likely to abandon the items they’ve put in their cart, which increases your cart abandonment rate and lowers your conversions.  

But, through AR and VR technology, customers can feel more confident about the things they want to buy from your local store. They can interact and see what your products will look like on themselves. You can also use it to conduct demos of your products or services. For example, you can use VR to walk your clients through proposed house designs and renovations.  

This gives you the opportunity to help your customers and prospects visualize themselves using your products and services.  

5. Create a Compelling Brand Story through Immersive Experiences

Young woman with shopping bags using virtual reality to listen to a local  business in Miami brand story

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-degree videos enable you to craft captivating experiences your ideal customers have never encountered before.  

You can transport your audience to the future, take them back to any point in history, slow down time, take them on a journey, or break norms. Your creativity is the limit with VR and AR!

By blending reality with fiction and putting your audience at the center of it, you can develop life-like scenarios and fully immerse them into your brand story. This can help you tap into the emotions of your ideal customer, allowing you to get important messages across, keep your audience engaged, and win over new customers.

Take Your Local Business to the Next Level with Immersive Experiences

Using augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360-degree videos to market a business is no longer the future. It's what companies, brands, and businesses are utilizing today to provide unique, highly personalized, and immersive experiences to their audience.  

If you want to wow your customers and tap into a wider audience, you should definitely consider incorporating VR, AR, and 360-degree videos to create one-of-a-kind experiences and establish deeper, more meaningful connections.

Digital Resource is your go-to Local SEO in Miami.  We can help you build a strong online presence and create a custom digital marketing strategy that will allow your target audience to experience your local business in the best ways possible. Contact us today to get started!  



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