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Brand Experience: Why the Smallest of Details Matter

Brand Development

They say that if you want to stand out in a crowd of competitors, you need to be able to set yourself apart from others.  

In a world where the competition always claims to be number one, however, how do you build your own identity and position yourself uniquely in the minds of consumers?

As a digital marketing agency in Miami, we believe it has something to do with the kind of experience you provide your customers and how that experience makes them feel.  

According to a Salesforce report in 2020, 91% of shoppers said that good service is a major determining factor on whether or not they’ll buy from a company again.  

When we have a good experience with a business, it leaves a lasting impression on how we feel about them.  

The same is true for brands that cause us to endure a bad experience. We get disappointed, offended, and we never do business with them again.  

A 2020 study by Zendesk found that 50% of customers switch to a competitor after one bad experience, and 80% will switch after having a second bad experience.  

So, when it comes to attracting and retaining customers, providing an excellent experience is the key, and paying attention to the smallest details creates the biggest impact.  

In this article, we are going to expound more on why the smallest of details matter when you want to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to your customers and how you can achieve this.  

But, before we discuss this in detail, let’s first define what brand experience is.  

What Is Brand Experience and Why Is It Important?

Brand experience refers to the way people feel, think, behave, or react whenever they interact or engage with a brand.  

Having a positive brand experience is important because it inspires audiences, fosters deeper relationships, and it can mean the difference between getting chosen over another brand.  

Proof Why Details Matter

To fully understand why details matter so much to modern consumers, we need to first delve into the science of our emotional responses.  


Our brain is hardwired to respond instinctively and emotionally. They’re the primary drivers of our behaviors and decisions.  

This is why emotions have a huge influence over the things we pay attention to and act upon.  

Brand experience thrives on emotions. And so, if you’re able to fully grasp how powerful emotions are in driving human behavior, you can optimize the details of your brand experience to provoke the right emotions in your audience and drive action.  

Here’s the proof:

Proof #1: One study mentioned in the book Why We Buy by Paco Underhill, a pioneer in shopper marketing research, is the specific positioning of a clothing display table inside a department store.  

When the table was placed near the main aisle walkway, shoppers spent less time looking at the items displayed and bought fewer items that were on that table. However, when the table was relocated farther away from the walkway where fewer customers were walking by, more shoppers went to the table and sales increased.  

When observing the situation, it seems that people don’t like it when other customers walked by them closely. This study confirms that one small tiny detail like the positioning of a display table in your store can make a huge impact on your sales.  

Proof #2: An example of a detail in brand experience that causes an instinctive reaction is sound.  

Research conducted by Kevin Perlmutter, a chief strategist and founder of Limbic Brand Evolution, proved that the way a sound makes you feel at a subconscious level has an 86% influence on your conscious desire to have that same experience again.  

For instance, if you have a physical store, try creating a playlist that will make people feel nostalgic and remind them of the good times.

Proof #3: Another proof of why detail matters so much is the peak-end rule.  


The peak-end rule is a cognitive bias that influences how people remember past events. It explains why people tend to judge an experience based on how it felt during “peak” moments. This is why you should invest in details that create engaging moments during and at the end of an experience.  

Details in Brand Experience You Should Optimize

Optimizing details in your brand experience is a never-ending process. To give you an idea of what you should focus on first, here are some details you need to optimize:

Don’t Play Hard to Get

The ambiguity effect is a cognitive bias that explains why people tend to avoid options that are ambiguous or questionable.  

Instinctively, our brains will always choose the easy path. That's why customers appreciate and remember businesses that make it easy for them to decide and get things done.  

So, when you make things harder than they're supposed to be, like a longer checkout process or tricky return policies, customers will get frustrated and remember to choose a competitor over you the next time. Yikes!

Here are some details you want to incorporate into your brand experience:

  • Streamline your checkout process
  • Offer various payment options
  • Use messaging apps to allow customers to contact you easily  
  • Create easy return policies  
  • Offer no-strings-attached free trials
  • Offer multi-channel or omnichannel servicing  
  • Offer self-service help  

Always Ask Your Customers What They Want

To create that one-of-a-kind experience customers can associate with your brand, you need to seek customer input.  


After all, it’s them who notice the smallest of details that you don’t, and they’re the ones who experience the delight or disappointment caused by these particulars.  

As a digital marketing agency in Miami, we suggest you go ahead and ask your customers how their recent experience with you was and how you can improve.  

You can do this creatively by sending them an email, asking them on social media through the Stories feature, or by doing a live stream.  

Optimize Your Brand

The quality of your products and services, customer care, packaging, marketing, communications, ease of use, reliability, and more all work together to deliver an experience that is unique to your brand.  

Take the time to fine-tune small details, like how you greet customers when they enter your store and the consistency of the aesthetic quality of your packaging. Always use a happy tone when responding to inquiries, go out of your way to help a customer, and create a playlist for your shop.  

Such things will definitely leave your customers coming back for more!

Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Miami?

In the past, consumers pay attention to marketing because they wanted to learn more about a product or service.  

But in this digital age where people are bombarded with so much information, it is no longer a primary need.

What drives a modern consumer to pay attention to a brand and take action is through emotional connection created by brand experience. By paying attention to the smallest details, you can improve your brand experience and meet the needs of your consumers.    

At Digital Resource, we can help you set yourself apart from others and create a one-of-a-kind experience that is unique to your brand. We are detail-orient, efficient, and experienced.  

Contact us today to know how we can help you!

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