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How to Find the Best Micro-Influencers for Your Business

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If you want to quickly and efficiently grow your reach, influencer marketing could be just the right solution.

However, not all influencers are the same. While some have the power to pull customers in, others don’t.

Working with the right influencer for a marketing campaign can greatly reduce costs and enhance your social media initiatives' returns without sacrificing value.

In fact, Big Commerce's 2020 marketing influencer study states that influencer marketing can create an 89% return on investment (ROI). This suggests that collaborating with an influencer can boost your brand's reach, and eventually, sales.

So, how do you decide which influencers you should collaborate with?

As the leading Florida internet marketing company, we will share with you what you need to know before collaborating with an influencer. We’ll also give you our top micro-influencer picks and explain how you can find them.

Three Things to Consider Before Collaborating with an Influencer

1. Who is your target audience?

choosing an audience

When planning an influencer marketing strategy, the first step is to select a target audience.

You'll want to have a good understanding of their demographics: this includes their income, where they reside, and their type of employment.  

With this information, you will have a better understanding of the types of influencers you want and will be able to locate the ones that are right for you.

2. What are your brand's core values?

a post with different core values

Your brand’s core values are the most critical aspects of your brand. These may include environmental sustainability, accessibility, equality, and other causes. It could also include more specific things like promoting sports and fitness or nutrition.

Knowing what your business cares about is crucial. For instance, you'll want to collaborate with an influencer who cares about sustainability if being environment-friendly is important to you. 

Because your influencer represents your company online, both parties must share the same values to minimize misinterpretation.

3. What personality type is your ideal influencer?

Companies have a personality, which we often refer to as a "brand voice." Consumers are often most drawn to brands that in some way reflect their own personality.

The best examples are the so-called “social constructs.”

For example, have you ever wondered why there are shampoo products designed and marketed particularly for men? These shampoos are available in blue, black, or any other dark hue that radiates masculinity. Do you think that a guy would purchase shampoo in a pink bottle?

It’s the same for influencers.

For them to be effective in attracting your target audience, they must have a personality that’s the same with your company’s brand.

This is why identifying influencers with the right personality is crucial to success.

Another tip is to reach out to niche influencers with a high interaction rate in your target demographics to add individuality to your buyer persona.

How to Find Influencers

1. Use Hashtags

Before you can have influencers posting about your company on Instagram, you need to be aware of the trends, content, and posts that are currently accessible. You can use your brand's IG account to use relevant hashtags so you can find new influencers and content to follow.

You may also search for hashtags that influencers are using, then click through the posts leading to the influencer's profile. From there, send them a DM. Hashtags are one of the most effective and most popular tools for finding influencers.

2. Go to YouTube

If you work in a specific niche industry, YouTube can be a fantastic place to start influencer marketing. It’s a great platform to find influencers that create lengthy content.

Using keywords on YouTube can help you find the most popular videos and channels discussing a variety of topics. Using long-tail keywords helps specify your search even more. This can help you find influencers who have many followers but don't cost a fortune to work with.

Another advantage of finding influencers on YouTube is that they can also be on other social media platforms.  

3. Use Influencer Tools or Databases

Search options in influencer tools and databases can help you find the top influencers in specific categories. These databases can offer you their social profiles, email addresses, and websites, allowing you to immediately interact with them for collaborations.

Although this strategy is easy and efficient for identifying influencers, you should still do your due diligence. Many businesses over-promise and give out-of-date influencer information. If possible, get a free trial or a demo from the company to see what type of influencers they can help you discover

Here are some influencer tools you can try:

With a reliable influencer search tool, finding the right people is as easy as inputting your criteria and clicking on the "enter" button.

4. Do a LinkedIn Search

Although LinkedIn may seem like a strange place to look for influencers, its ability to filter searches by industry and title can help you quickly find relevant people.

Rather than using the term "influencer," the most effective searches are typically for "blogger" and "content producer." Filtering by industry can help you find people who create content in that field.

Reaching out to them through LinkedIn messages rather than IG DMs is also ideal for companies looking for more professionally oriented influencers. Remember to include brand information on your personal LinkedIn profile so that the people you reach out to can readily understand who they are speaking with.

5. Use the Long-Tail Approach in Google Search

Google and other search engines can help you find influencers, but you need to be specific with your search. Otherwise, you will be sifting through an ocean of search results.

You can start by creating a list of keywords that best represent your brand's overarching objective in these search searches.

When searching, include "site: Instagram.com" before your keywords to ensure that you only search Instagram for terms relevant to your niche.

You may also add "blogger" or a place to further refine your keywords.

For example:

  • site:Instagram.com luxury menswear in Florida
  • site:Instagram.com fitness influencers in Miami
  • site:Instagram.com commercial models in West Palm Beach

To find local influencers, you want to search both by area and keywords. This is particularly useful if you want to collaborate with an influencer in person for photo sessions, events, and other promotions.

You might also use Google and other search engines to locate blogs and personal websites. Most of them will have social links in the header or footer, allowing you to go through to their accounts after you've determined if they provide content about the same field and issues as your business.

Our Top Micro-Influencer Picks 

Beauty: Eleanor Pendleton @ELEANORPENDLETON  (97.6K)

Fashion: Lauren Caruso @LAURENCARUSO_ (54.2K)

Travel: Francesca Newman-Young @FRAN_NEWMANYOUNG (85.3K) 

Food: Joshua Weissman @JOSHUAWEISSMAN (1.1M)

Fitness: Luke Worthington @LUKEWTRAINING (61.5K)

Tech: Jenna Ezarik @JENNAEZARIK (359K)

Home Decor: Amber Lewis @AMBERINTERIORS (1.5M)

Level Up Your Social Media Presence with Digital Resource

Influencer marketing is an important strategy for social media marketing. Influencers are everywhere, and they can reach a large audience.  

As the leading Florida internet marketing company, we recommend that you pick micro-influencers since they have a developing audience that can best meet the demands of your brand.

Don't forget about the three things we've mentioned about what you should consider before working with an influencer.

Contact us today and we will immediately perform a research process and reassess your brand so we can discover what social media approach works best for you and your goals.

Don't forget to share this post and check out our other valuable articles!

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