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There are too many businesses out there that aren’t tapping into the potential of search engine optimization. Rather, they’re compromising their reach, limiting their online potential, and unknowingly dialing back lead generation.

At Digital Resource, we know the importance of using search engine marketing to maximize the number of conversions coming from your website. As your top Florida SEO marketing company, our tried and true techniques ensure that you’re establishing credibility in your industry, future-proofing your strategy, and putting your business on the path to success!

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of developing online content that ranks higher in search engine results. Higher rankings mean more visibility, which can directly translate to more leads.

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How Does SEO Work?

Building out an SEO strategy and seeing the results is a long-term solution. Using on-page – meaning your website – and off-page – this includes your online presence outside of your website – tactics, SEO allows your business to be found in relevant online searches.

We do this using keywords and phrases. By determining what your audience searches for online, we are able to tailor content around them. A keyword or phrase is typically made up of a product or service and a location. It’s essential that the user’s search intent is always at the forefront.

After determining your strongest keywords, our team of specialists can implement them in your online presence. We’ll place them in website content, ads, blogs, social media, metadata, and more. Over time, you’ll see your web pages start to rank higher in search results.

How is SEO Measured?

The Importance of Content

As your go-to Florida SEO company, we’re equipped with years of expertise and practice to maximize our best SEO efforts. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and we’re dedicated to staying on the top of all things that go into creating winning SEO strategies.

Here are a few ways we measure SEO success:

Effective Keywords

As stated earlier, the heart of SEO lies with keywords. We’re not talking about just any list of adjectives full of industry jargon. Instead, the best keywords are those that specifically state the service or product you are marketing and the names of the cities, counties, or states you are targeting to.

For example, “best dentist in USA” is far too broad to get your website noticed by the millions of people in this general area. Rather, “best veneers in Palm Beach County” can set your company apart online because the service is specific as well as the location. We’re able to track the movement of your webpages and targeted keywords over time.

Organic v. Inorganic Traffic

Next, the best SEO strategy focuses solely on organic traffic. This type of traffic is defined by users who visit your website based on results from a search engine. On the other hand, inorganic traffic is the number of users who visit a website after clicking on paid advertisements.

SEO is a popular way to increase your organic traffic because it showcases your company’s ability to reach people without the need of expending on paid ads. Additionally, it secures your place online for the long haul. Paid advertisements offer near-instant gratification while SEO results can take months to scale but have a longer payoff.

Quality Backlinks

An often-overlooked effort, but a critical element at our Florida SEO company, are backlinks. These links direct users to your website after being clicked on from a website other than your own. In doing so, this creates domain authority and makes your company’s website appear more legitimate.

A quality link is measured by the relevance of the content of the link in relation to the content on the website that is being backlinked. In essence, if the web page you’re backlinking to discusses granular versus liquid fertilizer, then a great backlink would be gardening services you offer. The more people that click on a backlink, the more successful this strategy will be in expanding your credibility online.

Informational Content

The best way to build up SEO efforts is to integrate both keywords and backlinks into the content on your web pages. This optimizes your pages for search engines by incorporating both strategies into a high-performing SEO mechanism.

An effective method of going about this is to post blogs on your website. Blogs bridge together keywords and backlinks, while providing users with informative content in the same fashion. Additionally, blogs that are formatted with a hierarchy allow for easier reading – a value that search engine crawlers do evaluate when taking inventory of your site. SEO content also proves beneficial for your company by including them on multiple pages throughout your website.


What does your website’s engagement look like? Not only does great SEO get users to find your website quicker, it also speaks to the amount of time users spend on the website itself. We use data tracking metrics to analyze how long users spend on your site. The better-quality content you have, the more people will be interested to prolong site reading and navigation.

Mobile Users

Today, mobile users make up over 60% of the digital market. This is due to the convenience of smartphones, tablets, and other devices that have set the precedent for mobile-friendliness. Pay attention to the level of conversions mobile traffic is driving for you. We’re able to do so using Google Analytics. Google actually favors mobile-responsive websites. So, having a well-designed mobile site in addition to your desktop version may be a smart move.


Great SEO is rooted in the details. Our specialists edit the metadata of every image to include appropriate keywords and structure. The alt-text is the location of coding along with the combination of keywords search engines use to generate images based on search queries. The best method of doing this is to replace the alt-text with your keyword and a buzzword, such as verbs or adjectives, separated by dashes. Therefore, the search engine algorithm will be able to produce the images based on the new keyword text.


Another important aspect is to use metadata. Typically, this metadata is incorporated within an SEO tool that measures good and bad SEO techniques. For instance, Yoast, is a popular plug-in to measure the effectiveness of SEO before publishing content on your website.

Plug-ins, like Yoast, take into account how often your keyword is used in the content as well as the title, URL, and meta description. It checks reading ability, structure, and more.

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Are You Looking for a Florida SEO Company?

Using a variety of methods, our team of Florida SEO specialists can turn web traffic into foot traffic. We value SEO as a cornerstone in the digital marketing sphere, and have seen the proven benefits of investing in a long-term marketing solution. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning Florida SEO services!