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Social Media Trends Shaping Franchise Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It's no secret that the digital landscape is more like a bustling bazaar than a quiet backstreet, especially when it comes to running and promoting a franchise. With trends popping up faster than you can double-tap, staying ahead in the social media game is now more crucial than ever for your franchise's success.

Now, you might be thinking, "Social media trends come and go, so why chase after every new fad?" Well, that's a fair point.  

But the thing is, understanding and leveraging these trends doesn't mean jumping on every viral bandwagon. It's about spotting the real game-changers, the trends that reshape how customers interact with your business, and then weaving these seamlessly into your franchise social media marketing strategy.  

Whether you're a seasoned franchise owner or just starting to dip your toes into the vast ocean of digital marketing, this post is your compass. Join us as we navigate through the dynamic waves of social media trends shaping the franchise marketing world. Buckle up because it's going to be an exciting ride!

The Game-Changing Trends in Franchise Social Media Marketing

In today’s age, where most businesses are competing to win the hearts of consumers online, posting the occasional promo or a cute behind-the-scenes snapshot won’t cut it anymore. The social media landscape is evolving, and with it are the strategies that can catapult your franchise into the spotlight. Let’s take a closer look at these trends below:

1. Authenticity: Your Golden Ticket

In a sea of polished ads and picture-perfect feeds, raw and real content is the beacon that guides customers to your shore. People crave connections with brands that feel genuine, have a story to tell, and aren't afraid to show their human side.  

This is where authenticity comes in. By constantly posting genuine content, you do more than just sell a product; you’re sharing an experience – and that’s what can set you apart and draw customers into your doors.  

Here are some actionable tips to infuse authenticity into your franchise social media marketing strategy:

Tell Your Story and Tell It Well

Every franchise has a story. Maybe it's the tale of how you started, the challenges you've overcome, or the community you've built. Share these stories on your social media platforms. Use a mix of formats – videos, blogs, and photos – to bring different facets of your story to life.  

Showcase Real People

People don't connect with logos or corporate speak; they connect with people. Showcasing the humans behind your brand can transform your franchise from a faceless entity into a living, breathing community member. Post stories and photos of your team; celebrate their achievements and let their personalities shine.  

Celebrate the Imperfections

In a world of airbrushed images and flawless façades, there's something incredibly refreshing about brands that dare to show their imperfections. Did you have a product launch that didn't go as planned? Share the journey, the setbacks, and what you learned. Folks admire transparency and rally behind brands that aren't afraid to admit they're a work in progress.

Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses

Pull back the curtain and let your audience peek behind the scenes. Whether it's the early morning prep before the doors open, the meticulous care that goes into selecting your products, or the goofy, unguarded moments of your team – these glimpses add layers to your brand's story.  

2. Conversational Commerce: Chatting Your Way to Success

chatbot conversation on smartphone screen app interface

Social media platforms have evolved from mere broadcasting channels into vibrant, interactive communities. Tools like chatbots and direct messaging have transformed these platforms into dynamic spaces where every message can open the door to a new sale, a loyal customer, or valuable feedback.  

Follow these tips to master the art of conversational commerce in your franchise social media marketing efforts:

Be Prompt and Present

Here’s a fact: customers expect quick responses, and being prompt can be the difference between closing a sale and losing a potential buyer. Make sure your team is equipped to respond to inquiries and messages swiftly.  

Use Chatbots Wisely

While chatbots can make a difference in your franchise social media marketing efforts, they should complement, not replace, human interaction. Sure, they can handle a high volume of inquiries simultaneously and provide instant answers to common questions. Still, you’ve gotta ensure customers can switch from bot to human chat without a hitch when they need that extra touch.

Make It Personal

Everyone wants to feel like they're chatting with a friend, not a bot. So, when you're messaging, throw in those personal touches. Use their name, bring up their last purchase, or recommend something you think they'll love. It's all about making your customers feel like they're your number one.

Train Your Team

Your team needs to be as smooth with their words as they are knowledgeable about your franchise and offerings. See to it they know your products inside out and are super empathetic to whatever your customers are bringing to the table. Regular catch-ups or training sessions can keep everyone sharp and ready to chat.

3. Video Content: The Wave That Keeps on Rolling

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is a whole encyclopedia. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are the playgrounds for brands looking to make a splash. But here's the thing – you can‘t just create one viral video and call it a day. You have to consistently serve up videos that are as entertaining as they are informative.

Whether it's giving a sneak peek behind the scenes of your latest location or showing off how your signature product is made, the goal is to keep everything fresh and engaging to keep your audience coming back for more.  

Below are five quick tips to elevate your social media presence through videos:

Be Real

People can spot a phony from a mile away, especially on video. So, when you're creating content, keep it authentic. Show the real people behind your brand, the actual process of how things are done, and even the not-so-perfect side of running a business. Authenticity is a magnet in the world of franchise social media marketing.

Make It Snappy

With attention spans getting shorter and social media getting more crowded, it’s crucial you make your videos quick, to the point, and packed with value. Be it a 15-second how-to or a 30-second tour of your newest location, make every second count.

Engage with a Story

Everyone loves a good story, and your franchise has plenty to tell. Use video to narrate the journey of your products, the daily life at your locations, or customer success stories. A narrative adds depth to your content and keeps viewers hooked.

Add a Dash of Fun

Social media is supposed to be, well, social! Don't shy away from adding humor, creativity, and fun to your videos. A quirky behind-the-scenes clip or a funny take on your industry can make your brand more relatable and shareable.

Encourage Interaction

Don't just post and ghost. Use your videos as a starting point for convos. Ask questions, encourage comments, and interact with your viewers. The more engagement your video gets, the more it'll be seen.

4. User-Generated Content: The Power of the People

Nothing speaks louder than the voice of your customers. When they share their exciting moments related to your franchise – whether it's a selfie with their favorite item from your menu or a heartfelt review of their experience – they’re giving you a nod of approval, a vote of confidence telling the whole world your franchise deserves to be recognized and applauded.

This is where we introduce you to user-generated content (UGC). It's authentic, it's personal, and best of all, it's content you don't have to create yourself.  

Encourage your customers to share by making it fun and rewarding. Host contests, offer incentives, or feature the best content on your official channels. The easier and more exciting you make it to share, the more content you'll see flowing in.

Don’t forget to engage and appreciate. Show some love when someone takes the time to craft and post content about your brand! Like, comment, and share their posts. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way and encourages others to share their experiences too.

5. Micro-Influencers: The Unsung Heroes of Trust

female influencer recording a video of her showing paintbrush and gouache Focus on smartphone screen with happy young female artist showing paintbrush and small jar of gouache during online masterclass

Gone are the days when only the stars with millions of followers were the go-to for brand endorsements. Micro-influencers, those with smaller but highly engaged followings, are stealing the spotlight. When they speak, people listen – not because they're loud, but because they're loved and trusted.

So, how can you team up with these relatable influencers and get them to up your franchise social media marketing game?  

Direct and Personal Outreach

Reach out through DMs on social platforms or personalized emails. Show that you've done your homework by mentioning specific posts you enjoyed or campaigns they've run that resonated with you. Clearly state your intentions and make your proposal compelling and straightforward.

Engage Before You Pitch

Engage with their content genuinely. Like, comment, and share their posts to get on their radar before you make your pitch. Demonstrating that you're a fan of their work can make your eventual outreach feel more like a collaboration than a cold call.

Attend Local Events or Meetups

Sometimes, a face-to-face meeting can make all the difference – local events, trade shows, or meetups where you might naturally cross paths with local influencers. After meeting some micro-influencers, send a follow-up message or email referencing your conversation to keep the connection alive and express your interest in collaborating.

Offer Value

Clearly outline what you’re offering and what you expect in return through your partnership. This could be in the form of free products, exclusive access, monetary compensation, or cross-promotion opportunities. Honesty and transparency are key to building a successful partnership.

6. Interactive Content: Engage to Impress

Finally, a solid franchise social media marketing strategy prioritizes interactive content. We mean polls, quizzes, contests, and interactive stories. This type of content turns your audience from silent scrollers into active participants, making your brand not just something they see but something they experience and remember.

These tactics will get your followers clicking, chatting, and sharing in no time:

Ask Fun, Relatable Questions

Use polls and quizzes that pique interest and invite opinions. Whether it's "Which new flavor should we introduce next?" or "What's your go-to comfort food at our place?", make it something folks can't scroll past without answering. Be sure to keep it light. The best questions are the ones that are easy and enjoyable to answer. No heavy stuff – keep the vibe upbeat and engaging.

Run Contests and Offer Rewards

Who doesn’t love surprises? A year's supply of your product? A feature on your socials? Or a VIP experience at your franchise? Such perks will no doubt get your audience to join. Oh, and be sure to make participation a breeze. The simpler it is to enter, the more entries you'll get. Think 'like and comment to enter' or 'share this post with a hashtag.' Easy peasy!

Create Stories That Stick

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer interactive features like polls, questions, and sliders in their Stories. Use these to ask for opinions, gather feedback, or just have a fun back-and-forth with your audience.  

Let’s Wrap It Up and Get You Started!

contact us cta on chalkboard

Alright, we've navigated the bustling world of franchise social media marketing together, uncovering the secrets behind authenticity, the magic of conversational commerce, the power of video content, the genuine influence of micro-influencers, and the undeniable allure of interactive content.  

But hey, we get it. Juggling all these strategies while running a franchise can feel like spinning plates on a unicycle. So, why not leave it all to the experts here at Digital Resource? We can handle franchise social media marketing for you so you can focus on your business.

With years of experience crafting email campaigns that convert, we know what it takes to catch eyes and spark clicks in the busiest of inboxes. From nailing the perfect subject line that begs to be clicked to writing CTAs that feel like a friendly nudge rather than a push, you can count on us to create those "Wait, let me read this!" moments.

So, why go solo when you can have a team of experts by your side? Let's turn those digital challenges into digital triumphs. Reach out to us now!

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