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Why User-Generated Content Might Be Your Franchise's Golden Ticket on Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Trends come and go, but one strategy has proven to be a timeless gem—User-Generated Content (UGC). 

Imagine your franchise’s social media teeming with activity and being flooded with authentic content your satisfied clients have produced. Your customers become your brand advocates, willingly sharing their positive experiences, and your franchise's social media becomes a vibrant tapestry of authenticity.

It is not simply a marketing fantasy but the golden ticket your brand needs to fly on social media. But how does something like this come about, and why is it so crucial for your company?

Authenticity is king on the social media franchise scene. UGC serves as the link between your brand and the experiences that consumers are seeking—experiences rather than simply products or services. It turns your social media channels from passive marketing tools into vibrant communities where your target audience actively contributes to developing your brand's story.

User-generated content may alter everything when used wisely. More than providing well-crafted promotional material is required. You must also provide an environment encouraging your clients to share their experiences. 

The genuineness and trust these naturally occurring, user-generated materials evoke are foundational elements for every successful business seeking to prosper in the digital era.

What is User-Generated Content?

user-generated content banner

User-generated content is any material produced by unpaid contributors—typically your happy customers—instead of the brand itself. 

Social media has been completely transformed by digital word-of-mouth, and the results have been nothing short of revolutionary.

Let’s say a consumer for your franchise's social media is excited about your business's newest product and posts an unboxing video on Instagram. 

That video is User-Generated Content in action. It's a genuine, unfiltered look into the customer's experience, and conventional marketing strategies need help to match its impact.

Statistics compellingly show the UGC phenomenon. A startling 79% of respondents to a Stackla survey claim that user-generated content significantly influences their purchase choices. Celebrities or influencers do not just influence opinions on social media; regular people also have a big say. A whopping 92% of customers place a higher value on user-generated, organic content than they do on conventional advertising.

Encouraging User-Generated Content

Hashtags are a powerful tool many franchises and businesses have used to promote user-generated content and increase their social media presence. Here are a few noteworthy instances:

Coca-Cola - #ShareACoke

Coca-Cola's #ShareACoke campaign is a prime illustration of how a company can engage its audience via user-generated content. 

Consumers were urged to post images of themselves holding customized Coca-Cola bottles with different labels and names. This campaign and increased sales gave the brand a more individualized and community-focused feel.

GoPro - #GoProTravel

The #GoProTravel campaign was started by GoPro, a company often associated with adventure. 

People were invited to submit their fantastic trip memories with their GoPro cameras. Through the hashtag, people could share their experiences, and GoPro could convert its consumers into brand ambassadors and content producers.

Nike - #JustDoIt

Nike's well-known hashtag, #JustDoIt, is a call to action rather than merely a slogan. 

Nike invites people to use the hashtag to share their experiences conquering obstacles, achieving personal goals, or participating in sports and fitness. In addition to promoting the business, this user-generated content approach draws on the motivational stories of its customers.

Top 5 Benefits of User-Generated Content

Let's examine some specific advantages that will transform your company's approach.

1. It Shows Authenticity

Authenticity is the currency of trust in the digital era. Consumers are becoming more discriminating and looking for genuine relationships with businesses. 

Using user-generated material on your franchise's social media gives your marketing campaigns a welcome burst of genuineness. 

Your audience will trust your goods or services more when actual individuals talk about real experiences using them. Establishing enduring consumer connections is predicated on this trust.

Consider the scenario when a prospective buyer stumbles onto a picture of a satisfied client while perusing your social media page. The sincere grin and the natural environment strike a chord. 

This genuine customer exhibits true pleasure; it's not a contrived picture shot. This sincerity is a strong draw for prospective clients, persuading them to choose your franchise over rivals.

2. Expanding the Audience and Involvement

Adding more user-generated material to your social media channels is a great idea. 

Customers expose your brand to their networks when they post about their experiences on their accounts. Through a snowball effect, this natural word-of-mouth advertising may reach audiences you may have yet to go with more conventional methods.

UGC is also a powerful strategy for increasing participation in your franchise's social media reach. Customers feel more connected to your brand when they notice that you are sharing their material. 

Urge your clients to tag your franchise in their postings or use branded hashtags. This raises awareness of your brand and fosters a culture of participation.

3. Content Creation at a Low Cost

low-cost UGC

Producing consistently interesting, high-quality material might take a lot of resources. 

UGC, on the other hand, turns your consumers into content marketers working for you. This gives your marketing staff a less workload while offering various content viewpoints.

Just picture the wealth of images, videos, and testimonies your delighted clients have produced. Not only is this information genuine, but it's also reasonably priced. 

Your consumers may share their stories in a way that benefits both of you, and your franchise will get good material without having to pay high production expenses.

4. Improving Discoverability and SEO

Customers who use pertinent keywords and phrases in their postings enhance your internet visibility naturally.

Google and other search engines recognize this user-generated material as genuine, important information.

Your social media accounts will thus be more likely to appear in search results. This improved discoverability is a significant benefit in an online marketplace.

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in the expansive digital world cannot be emphasized. UGC significantly impacts your franchise's social media SEO campaign. 

5. Establishing a Community Dedicated to Your Brand

Your franchise is a community as much as a supplier of goods and services. 

This feeling of community is strengthened by user-generated content, which involves your audience as active players in your brand's narrative. Customers feel a sense of community when they see your franchise celebrating and sharing their content.

Promote conversations, answer feedback, and acknowledge the distinctiveness of every client's experience. By emphasizing the community, your franchise builds consumer loyalty and establishes itself as a company that cherishes and respects its patrons.

Get Your Golden Ticket!

You may now be asking, "How do I use the power of UGC on my franchise social media?" 

Digital Resource can help you with this as a reliable partner. Because we are experts at digital marketing, we can help you develop a UGC plan that will make your brand more visible and turn your happy customers into passionate brand champions.

Regarding franchises, social media isn't just a place to promote; it's also a place where people meet and share stories. Read on to learn how to turn your social media outlets into a thriving group of active customers who will help your brand reach new heights of success.

Hold tight for a ride into the world of brand social media, where User-Generated Content rules supreme. Talk to us, and prepare for your golden ticket to social media success!

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