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Post-Holiday Retargeting Strategies to Boost Conversions

Digital Advertising

The holiday season is the best time to run robust SEO marketing campaigns in Florida because people are in the mood to shop and splurge.

But once the holidays have ended and the Christmas shopping has stopped, are you just going to sit there and watch your sales drop?

Of course not! You're going to think of ways to keep your sales going.  

The post-holiday sales slump is real and you must prepare for it to ensure you continue to generate profits and ROI.

In this article, we are going to share with you five post-holiday marketing tactics that will help you combat a post-holiday sales slump.  

5 Post-Holiday Marketing Strategies to Continue Generating Sales

Marketing to customers right after the holiday season can be tricky, especially because they’ve most likely spent their budget on gifts and food.  

However, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to keep your sales strong after a sales-heavy season.  

1. Focus on Retargeting

Retargeting post-holiday SEO marketing campaigns in Florida  sign on keyboard.

During the holidays, you've spent significant time and effort in increasing your brand awareness and getting new customers to buy.  

But once the holiday season is over, boosting immediate sales is no longer your top priority. You need to shift your focus towards remarketing to shoppers you attracted during the holiday rush, especially those that didn’t buy.  

You most likely experienced a surge of traffic to your site during the holidays, but for sure, not everyone who browsed your site ended up buying something. 98% of the users who visited your site for the first time won’t convert.  

Fortunately, retargeting and post-holiday SEO remarketing in Florida can help you recover these missed sales opportunities.  

According to data from Spiralytics, prospects are 70% more likely to convert if they see retargeted ads across the web. Retargeted ads also have a click-through rate (CTR) that is 10 times higher compared to the CTR of traditional display ads.  

If you want to maximize your post-holiday sales and avoid experiencing a sales slump, you need to launch retargeting ad campaigns.  

Here are some tips to keep in mind when running retargeting ad campaigns:

  • Understand the buyer’s journey.  
  • Identify your target audience’s shopping intent.
  • Segment your target audience based on what stage they’re at in the buyer’s journey and according to their intent. This allows you to provide hyper-focused content that they’ll likely respond to.  
  • Identify how often you should show your retargeting ads without annoying consumers that may affect your current and future sales.  
  • Do AB testing to identify what lead magnets can compel your target audience to take action.  
  • Use dynamic creative ads on Facebook. This feature will automatically test out a combination of elements in your ads and optimize for the best copy that will generate results.  
  • Set up sequential engagement campaigns that are based on how they interact with your content or brand online.  
  • Address both the rational and emotional side of your target customers when developing a retargeting ad campaign.  
  • Boost your post-holiday SEO marketing in Florida by using keywords in your ad copy that your customers will likely use during this time, like clearance sales and many more.  

2. Focus on Cross-Selling

After recovering missed sales opportunities, it’s time to concentrate on turning one-time buyers into repeat customers.  

According to Luxury Institute, a customer has a 27% chance of returning to your site after making a single purchase. And, by getting them to return and buy for the second and third time, you increase their chances of returning to make another purchase by up to 54%.  

Cross-selling is a great strategy for converting one-time holiday shoppers into repeat customers. It also allows you to keep in touch with your new customer and further nurture your relationship with them.  

Cross-selling is the process of suggesting other items or services you’re offering based on what a user is currently browsing or, has previously purchased.  

Reaching out via email allows you to turn a first-time buyers into repeat customers and even boost their average order value.  

Here are some post-purchase cross-selling email tips to help you succeed at bringing back your new customers:

  • The following language to pique your new customers’ interests: “complete the look”, “people also bought”, “you may also like”, and many more.
  • Segment your list and organize your customers into subgroups based on the products or services they recently bought for you.  
  • Instead of being salesy and pushy, aim to be helpful to your clients. Share your expertise, offer tips, and present insights your customers will find valuable.  
  • Use a consistent tone and voice in your messaging.  
  • Identify the best time to send cross-selling emails. Is it during 8 am when they arrive at the office and check their emails? Is it after sending them an onboarding email?  
  • Set a clear call to action to lead your new customers to take the next steps and convert.  
  • Use drip emails or automated emails to optimize your email marketing campaigns.  
  • Monitor and analyze your results to further refine your tactics for cross-selling using email.  

3. Use Data to Inform Your Post-Holiday Marketing Strategy

Data to be used to inform post-holiday SEO marketing campaigns in Florida.

Data analysis takes the guesswork out of creating an effective post-holiday SEO marketing strategy in Florida.  

By analyzing your previous marketing campaigns around the same time frame, you can identify what works, and what doesn't, and predict trends that will inform your future strategies.  

For example, you can use your holiday sales analytics to identify which products are most popular or frequently bought together. You can use this as a basis for cross-selling items to your customers.  

It's easy to get lots of numbers and drown in information when you don't know which type of data you should be looking at.  

When it comes to your post-holiday strategy, you want to analyze the following metrics:

  • Campaign conversion stats
  • Which channel drove the most traffic
  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Bounce rates
  • KW volume
  • KW rankings

Not every post-holiday SEO marketing strategy in Florida has to be new.  You only need to identify which campaigns have to be restarted, extended, or changed. This way, you won't have to waste your time focusing on doing the wrong things.  

4. Run Post-Holiday Promotions

The holiday season is a promotion-saturated season, which is why going right back to full price after the holidays might shock some shoppers, especially those who are looking to buy items they couldn’t get back in December or those eager to use the gift cards they received as presents.  

When shoppers were asked what their motive was for shopping post-holidays, 57% said that they want to take advantage of the discounts, while 38% said shopping for themselves.  

This proves how important it is to keep running promotions even after the holidays. You don’t have to offer the same discounts and deals. Think about other incentives instead, like free shipping and buy-one-get-one-free, that will help keep your brand top-of-mind.  

It’s also a great time to offer loyalty programs and award your members with exclusive perks. It will help you grow your customer base and boost your brand awareness.  

Here are some post-holiday promotion ideas to inspire your campaigns:

  • Offer buy-one-get-one-free discounts.  
  • Offer loyalty points. The more a shopper spends, the more points they earn. They can then redeem these points in exchange for an item or use them as payment later on.  
  • Offer free shipping.  
  • Give away freebies.  
  • Offer clearance sales.

Doing this is a great way to boost your sales, get rid of any excess holiday stocks, and cultivate loyalty.  

5. Don’t End Your Holiday Sales Too Early

According to Google, 20% of all December store traffic happens in the six days post-Christmas. Why? People are looking for clearance sales, redeeming their gift cards, buying gifts for themselves, and making returns and exchanges.

This means you shouldn’t end your holiday sales too early. Instead, extend your holiday sales to keep your customers buying more!  

You don’t have to put bestseller items on sale or run deep discounts that might end up affecting your bottom line. Instead, slash prices on slow-moving products.  

Doing this will allow you to appeal to people who are looking to shop after Christmas while allowing you to make room for new stock for the New Year.  

6. Optimize Your Post-Holiday Campaigns for Post-Holiday SEO

Image of post-holiday SEO.

After Christmas and New Year, customers will be using different keywords to find what they’re looking for.  

Make sure you identify what these key terms are so you can target post-holiday shoppers with your ads and present the right offerings.  

Some of the most common key terms used during this time include:

  • Clearance sales  
  • Christmas Clearance  
  • “Item” clearance
  • “Item” clearance sale

Combat Post-Holiday Sales Slump with A Well-Thought-Out SEO and Marketing Strategy in Florida!

A lot of businesses experience a decrease in sales after the holiday season. But this doesn’t have to be true for you. Even after holidays, customers are always on the lookout for the best deals.

With a robust post-holiday marketing strategy optimized for SEO in Florida, you can boost your conversions and turn one-time buyers into loyal customers!  

At Digital Resource, our digital marketing specialists and SEO experts will work with you to create a custom marketing strategy that will boost your sales and put your business ahead of your competitors – all year round!  

Contact us today to know how we can make it happen for your business.  

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