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Creative Ways to Increase Your Online Sales

Brand Development

Whether you’re running a small retail business or you work for a top e-commerce platform like eBay, increasing sales through online channels is the way to go.  

However, it’s not really as easy as it looks. You’ll encounter setbacks along the way, you’ll have trouble figuring out certain marketing tactics, and you might find yourself failing to generate the sales you were expecting at some point - and that’s totally alright.  

Two important things: You keep going and find better ways to boost your online sales.  

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to drive online sales now more than ever. Even better news is that you can actually use some of them as soon as you finish reading this post!

To help you bring in more sales, we’re breaking down 10 actionable techniques that have been proven to work again and again. Get ready to win new customers and see your sales skyrocket by incorporating these creative tactics into your marketing strategy:

10 Creative Ways to Increase Your Online Sales

Create a Sense of Urgency

Don’t you just hate it when you find something you really like at an online store, you come back for it the next hour, only to discover that it has run out of stock?  

What if we told you that this has always been a ploy by e-commerce owners to persuade their customers? Yes, many are doing it to make buyers more anxious, thus creating a sense of urgency that they need to purchase the product ASAP or they’ll miss out big time.  


As an online business owner, manager, or marketer, you can do it too!

An effective way to build urgency is by providing a final end date for a promotion, sale, or launch of your product. This compels people, especially those who usually wait to buy at a later time, to invest right away.  

Offering incentives like time-sensitive special offers or limited-edition products is another useful strategy you can implement. However, if you don’t have time or resources to make limited-edition items, you can provide financial incentives instead, like a discount or free shipping.  

Display Testimonials and Trust Signals

Testimonials are powerful. They’re solid proof that your products or services are to die for.  

Satisfied customers are far more influential than well-written sales copy and ads, which is why you should show off all those gushing reviews from your brand loyalists. Be sure to place them on your landing pages, product pages, pricing pages, and even your home page if you like.  

You can go the extra mile with your testimonials by including images from the people who’ve endorsed your product or service. It won’t only prove that these reviews are made by real customers, but it can also make others relate to their fellow buyers.  

Like testimonials, trust signals also help overcome hesitations preemptively, which means more online sales. If you have any professional accreditations, like a membership to your local chamber of commerce or a Better Business Bureau certification, you better put them on your site.  

Remember, the more positive reviews you have, the more conversions you make. Show them off like a proud parent showing off their child’s excellent academic records.

Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

A bulletproof money-back guarantee is a surefire way to turn uncertain prospects into happy customers. It serves as a promise that you’ll refund their purchase in full if your product or service doesn’t fulfill their expectations.  

By having the policy front and center on your online store, you’re letting your visitors know that you strongly believe in the value and quality of your offers, which helps gain trust.  

If you’re using claims like “the best type of product you’ll ever try” or “results in less than 10 days,” it’s best to implement such a policy. Doing so allows your customers to try your product, validate your claims, and contact you if ever it fails to impress them.  

Simply put, it provides them a peace of mind, knowing that they’ll get their money back should they be unsatisfied with their purchase. With nothing to lose, they find themselves hitting the purchase button once they see something in your product page that appeals to them.  

Eliminate Friction in the Checkout Process

Simplifying your checkout process can improve your online sales in a matter of days.  

27% of cart abandonment are due to a complicated or extended checkout process, a study from the Baynard Institute revealed. Not having a guest checkout option accounts for 14% of cart abandonment.

So, how can you get these customers back to your store?  


Reduce friction in your checkout process. Eliminate any unnecessary steps and distractions that can potentially dissuade a prospect from converting.  

Ideally, your checkout page should only consist of four details - checkout, delivery details, payment details, and confirmation.  

Also, skip the part where visitors are being timed to complete a purchase. No one likes to go back and fill the form all over again. Rather than driving you more sales, you’ll be driving your prospects to another e-commerce store.  

Include all your checkout details on a single page. People find it quite annoying to get redirected to another page just to fill the continuation of the checkout form.  

A seamless checkout process can make all the difference in your conversion rates.

Use Quality Product Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what those words might be if you’re displaying a pixelated photo of your product. For sure, “incredible” and “magnificent” won’t be among them.

Given how significant appearance is in relation to our perception of things (and people), it’s only fitting that you’d want to invest in quality product photography.  

Never post tiny thumbnails or poorly lit shots taken in your stockroom. They will only kill your chances of attracting new customers.

Aside from high-quality images, see to it that you include multiple angles from each product, or perhaps even a 360 view. People love to see every detail there is to see, so be sure to give them that.  

Take Advantage of Live Chat

Just because your copy has all the answers customers are typically looking for doesn’t mean that they won’t be asking additional questions later on.

Obviously, they will be having concerns and questions about your product that never entered your mind. What’s more, each of them would have a varying question in mind.  

Now, how can you resolve this issue?  

Simple: Install a live chat feature into your sales page.


With live chat, your customers can connect and interact with you or your team anytime they wish to. This makes it easier for them to get an immediate response, as oppose to email which can take a couple of days.    

The fact that they’ll be able to seek help in the soonest way possible is what will drive them to convert into paying customers.

Offer as Many Payment Options as You Can

Nowadays, people rely not just on credit cards to pay online, but other convenient methods too - PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, you name it.

Sure, you may accept all sorts of credit cards, but what about those customers of yours who prefer to use other modes? You’ll definitely need to cater to their needs too, or you’ll lose them in an instant.  

Having different payment methods makes a better customer experience. It gives your buyers the freedom to explore various options and grab the best deal. The more choices are available to them, the more profits you’ll make.

Be More Personal in Your Call to Action

Rather than a generic call-to-action (CTA) button, try using one with a personal touch. You’ll make your customers feel at home when visiting your online store, and that’s a huge win for you. Of course, it should be compelling at the same time.  

The easiest way to sound more personable in your CTA is by communicating with your audience as if they were your friends. Your phrases should sound more like a recommendation from a pal or maybe even your prospects’ inner dialogue. Cold commands are a no-no.

Also, use first- or second-person pronoun. For example, instead of saying “Book a flight,” use something like “Book your dream vacation today!” We don’t know about you, but we’ll click the latter in seconds!

Keep Your Messaging Consistent Across Your Campaigns and Website

Consider this scenario: A PPC ad catches your attention, you click it, and now, you’re at an irrelevant landing page. You close the tab, open another browser, stumble upon another appealing ad, click it, and this time, you’re at their site’s homepage.

That’s when you realize, you’ve been duped. Twice.

You wouldn’t want your prospects to experience that. Misleading them with your campaigns will shatter your hopes of turning ad clicks into sales.  

If someone clicks your ad for a certain product or service, they should be taken to a page about THAT product - not a related category, not a special offer for another product you sell.  

In case that happens, don’t expect them to click on your ads again the next time they see another one.  

Be Honest and Straightforward in Your Sales Copy

Here’s a no-brainer: Always keep your sales copy as truthful as possible.  


Not only is it essential to your reputation as an online business, but it also fosters trust in your brand.  

Since modern consumers can easily see right through marketing BS, it’s crucial to avoid hyperbole in your campaigns and website. Never make claims you know you can’t substantiate, or you’ll damage your brand’s credibility.  

If you happen to operate a small business, take pride in it and be upfront about it. There’s no need to hide the fact that you’re not a large enterprise company.  

Besides, people won’t mind it. They might even support you once they find out that it’s a small business you’re managing. That’s because many consumers now prefer products and services that are more individualized and personalized.

Just stay true to your brand and your sales will continue to grow over time.  

Need Professional Help Increasing Your Online Sales? We Got You!

Whether you need assistance in advertising your online store effectively on social media, optimizing your website to attract more visitors, or setting up a live chat in your site, we at Digital Resource would love nothing more than to extend a helping hand.

You can speak with one of our experts by dialing 561-429-2585 or by completing our form. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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