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‍8 Proven and Tested Ways to Recover Lost Sales on Website

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Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major reasons why businesses lose sales. In fact, the average eCommerce store loses 75% of its sales because of it.  

Let that sink in for a moment.  

Losing more than half of your potential sales is painful. It’s a ton of money that you can use to grow your business!

Fortunately, there are different ways you can recover lost sales. Optimizing your website design in West Palm Beach is one of them.  

8 Tips and Tricks on How to Recover Lost Sales

1. Offer Free Shipping

happy girl shopping online because of free shipping.

Just when you thought you were ready to check out the items in your cart, you’re surprised to see that there are a bunch of additional charges that are driving your total bill high. So, instead of checking out, you abandon your cart instead.  

Unforeseen additional charges or “hidden” fees are a major turn-off to consumers. In fact, 69% of customers who add items to their cart leave before checking out. It’s the number one reason why people abandon their shopping carts!

That’s a lot of potential sales lost just from hidden charges. And this is something that small business owners like you should be very concerned about.  

To combat cart abandonment, we suggest you optimize your checkout by doing the following:

  • Be upfront with your charges. Incorporate taxes and other fees in your product’s price. Put a note in the description that the price already includes additional fees, like tax and whatnot.  
  • Offer free shipping for customers who spend over a certain amount.  
  • Make sure your visitors know about this by putting a banner over the home page or product page. A simple “Spend a Minimum of $40, Get Free Shipping!” might be enough to get users to checkout their cart.  
  • Offer loyalty points that they can redeem with in-store credits or free products. To create an irresistible loyalty program that will keep your customers coming back for more, analyze your marketing metrics and survey your target audience.

2. Adjust Your Prices

Your price is more than the tag attached to your products or services. It’s how people perceive your brand and the value your goods offer.  

This is why selling at the right price point is important.  

Are you pricing your goods too high? If your prices are higher than your competitors despite providing a similar level of value, your customers won’t hesitate to buy from others. On the other hand, if your pricing is too low, people might see your goods as inferior. Either problem impacts your revenue negatively.

Check your pricing strategy and figure out the best price for your offerings. If you want to know how to price your goods so it doesn’t turn your customers away, check out this article about setting the right price point.  

The right price point can help you recover lost sales.  

3. Feature Live Sales Notifications

According to research conducted by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, one basic motivation that urges people to buy is looking at what others around them are purchasing.  

In other words, sight is the key element in reducing your abandonment rate.

This is why incorporating live sales notifications into your West Palm Beach website design works. It helps your customers make a choice and feel confident about their decision.  

Example of how live sales notification is used in website.

Image from Beeketing.

Live sales notifications are real-time pop-up alerts that inform web visitors whenever someone makes a purchase.  

This allows your visitors to know that other consumers are buying your products.  As a result, people are more convinced to follow through with their orders.  

Adding social proof to your site can increase your sales by 15%, leading to fewer card abandonments.

4. Create Cart Abandonment Emails

Did you know that cart abandonment emails can help you recover about 10% of your lost sales online?

Email is an incredibly effective way of reaching customers after they've abandoned their shopping cart.  

Work to draw prospects back to your site by creating a drip campaign that includes a cart abandonment email series.  

What makes cart abandonment email series effective is the fact that they’re targeted and personalized. 90% of consumers are more likely to buy from businesses that remember and recognize them.

When designing this email series, make it a point to segment your leads based on their behavior or purchases. This makes it easier to personalize your subject line and email copy, which gives the emails a better chance of getting opened and read. Don’t forget to add some special offers!

For example, an email subject line that says, “Hey (customer’s first name), (product name) is on sale!” is more compelling than generic cart abandonment emails. As a result, they tend to get more opens and click-throughs.  

5. Use Push Alerts or Notifications

Push alerts can reduce your abandonment rate by 13.17% and help you recover lost sales.  

However, sometimes, push notifications can be annoying. So, the key here is to send a series of personalized push notifications at the right time.  

Here’s an example from Business2Community:

Push notification alert for abandoned.

Other tips for sending cart abandonment push notifications include:

  • Create a sense of urgency by tapping into your customers' fear of missing out. Consider using phrases like "stock running low" or "sale is almost over."
  • Include a call-to-action in your push notification to let users know the next step they should take.  
  • Add an image to your alert to make them stand out.  
  • Localize the content of your push notification to boost engagement and get your recipients impressed.  

6. Publish Helpful Content that Addresses Pain Points

Did you know that 47% of online shoppers read 3-5 blog posts before making a purchase? If you combine this with the fact that 61% of consumers have bought a product after a blog recommended it to them, it’s clear that content is a powerful tool for helping you combat lost sales.  

Convince buyers to purchase by creating helpful content that addresses your ideal customer's problems or pain points.  

High-quality blogs showcase your expertise in your field, which is important in establishing trust and building confidence in your products and services.  

If you don’t know where to start, create a page on your site that aims to answer FAQs.  

7. Provide Support and Make It Easy to Contact Your Support Team

Your customer support team plays an important role in recovering lost sales. This means they need to know how to answer questions satisfactorily and push leads further down in the sales funnel.  

However, we understand that not all small business owners have enough resources to hire somebody to handle this aspect of their business.  

If you’re also the one handling customer support, don’t worry. You can tap into chatbots to help you handle common customer queries. This will help filter leads who are ready to buy and guide those who are still looking around.  

Using chatbots can also help you ensure that only those with unique or complicated problems get redirected to you or a live support agent. This saves you time, energy, and money!  

8. Analyze Your Google Analytics Data and Use a Heatmap

Marketer uses heatmap to assess a website design West Palm Beach performance.

Pay close attention to how visitors interact with your website design in West Palm Beach. This will help you determine what’s stopping prospects from completing their transactions on your site.

Use tools like Google Analytics and heatmaps to identify which pages on your site most users are bouncing off and what elements or buttons they repeatedly click or tap before leaving.  

This could indicate that some of your buttons or elements aren’t functioning properly, you need to simplify your form, users can’t find your CTA, or there’s an issue with your loading times.  

Doing this can help you quickly find solutions, spot trends, and recover lost sales.  

Are You Ready to Start Recovering Lost Sales?

Now that you know what you can do to start recovering lost sales, don’t hesitate to experiment to figure out what works best for your business and customers!  

Always do an A/B split test to optimize every aspect of the West Palm Beach website design, including the checkout!  

At Digital Resource, our team of web designers and digital marketing experts will work together to create a custom strategy that will reduce your cart abandonment rate and increase your sales.

Contact us today to start making more sales!

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