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7‍ Checkout Process Tips for High Converting Landing Pages

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How many times have you added items to your online shopping cart but ended up leaving before checking out?

What was the reason why you didn’t complete your transaction online?

According to Baymard Institute, 7 out of every 10 shoppers abandon their carts online.  

If you think about it, you’re losing a lot of potential orders on your site, which means you’re losing money! Clearly, shopping cart abandonment is a serious issue you need to address.  

So, what can you do to get your visitors to cross the finish line and checkout?

Create a positive landing page checkout experience with a friction-free website design in Miami!

10 Common Reasons for Cart Abandonment

Marketer optimizes website design in Miami to boost conversion rate.

The little things that get in the way of a successful checkout can sour a potential customer’s shopping experience. Watch out for these top 10 common reasons for cart abandonment:

  1. High additional costs – Unexpected added costs, such as taxes, shipping, and other fees, can make customers rethink their purchase.  
  1. Creating an account – Forcing visitors to create an account just to add items to their cart interrupts the experience.  
  1. Long checkout process – Every added step and form users need to fill out delays them from checking out. Remember, people aren’t patient!
  1. Limited shipping options – Customers want to have the freedom to choose a courier that suits their needs.  
  1. Limited payment methods – Consumers want to be able to use their preferred payment method. If you don’t give them the payment option they want, they’ll abandon their cart.  
  1. Slow-loading website and other errors – Both major and minor site performance problems can impact the user experience. If your site takes forever to load, visitors will bounce right away before even checking out.  
  1. Overwhelming cross and upselling – If not executed correctly, cross-selling and upselling during the checkout process can distract your customers from buying.  
  1. Poor return policy – Modern consumers can easily switch to your competitors where they’re more comfortable making the purchase. Offer a good return policy to help build trust and win over your prospects.  
  1. Payment security concerns – Security is one of the major reasons why a lot of people leave before checking out. They won't input their details if they don't feel secure sharing them with you.  
  1. Long forms – People don’t like filling out forms, especially if they have way too many fields. It’s simply overwhelming and too much work for them. They’d rather not buy from you.  

Now that you understand the most common reasons why customers are leaving before finishing a transaction, it’s time to discuss how to address them. Website design in Miami is key for increasing your conversion rates!

7 Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page Checkout Process

Don’t Make Your Customers Commit

It’s never a good idea to ask your visitors to create an account before they add items to their cart. This may help you capture leads, but it's likely to decrease conversions.

If your site has customer accounts, offer your visitors a guest checkout option. Never force them to make an account first.  

If you want to collect emails, there are better and more effective ways of doing:

  • Collect emails and other contact information during the confirmation stage, once they’ve already completed their purchase. Ask them if they want to be updated with the latest offers or have exclusive access to coupons and discounts.  
  • Provide the option to register using an existing Facebook, Apple, or Google account. This will allow them to sign up with fewer clicks.  

Be Clear About Extra Fees

Man shocked at total bill from online shopping.

49% of shoppers abandon their cart online because of unexpected additional costs, like shipping, taxes, and other fees.  

When you give your customers a heads-up about additional fees, they’re less likely to be surprised and more likely to follow through with their purchase.  

You also want to provide an order summary during checkout to enable them to keep track of the items they’ve decided to buy and their running total. This reduces their anxiety and keeps them from leaving the checkout before paying.  

Simplify The Process

Your goal is to create a seamless checkout experience for your customers to keep them moving towards a sale. Streamline your checkout process by doing the following:

  • Implement a single “Full Name” field.  
  • Hide or get rid of fields that your customers don’t need to fill out. For example, instead of asking your visitors to fill out both the billing and shipping address fields, provide them a “Billing Address is the same as Shipping” checkbox so they don't have to fill out a redundant set of fields.  
  • Use the autofill feature to automatically enter your customer’s address. This prevents long dropdowns and misspellings which helps improve the experience.  
  • Provide descriptive error messages to communicate how your visitors can fix the problem (e.g., wrong card number) or if it’s something they have no control of (e.g., server error).  
  • Validate your customers' cards so they know that they entered their info correctly.  
  • Don’t require more than five steps for checkout.

Offer a Wide Array of Shipping and Payment Options

Give your customers the freedom to choose between a variety of shipping and payment options.  

Modern consumers buy online because they want the convenience of paying with their preferred method. Since adding options costs money, start with offering the most common payment methods first, like MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal.  

Consumers also value being able to customize their delivery times and other shipping details. Depending on the situation, some may prefer shipping at table rate, box shipping at a flat rate, or pickup. Make sure you offer a variety of shipping options to better suit your customers’ needs.  

Use Trust Signals to Establish Trust

Trust seals, certifications, and accolades.

Establish trust and make online shoppers feel more secure buying your products by displaying trust signals during checkout.  

Aside from this, make sure you follow the PCI compliance guidelines on how to validate transactions and store credit card information properly.  

You should also invest in a good fraud management system that detects and prevents fraudulent activities.

Provide Product Details

Build confidence in your products by providing details about them in the shopping cart.  

Include important descriptions like dimensions, color, material, and maybe even a brief story of how this product came to be.  

Giving your customers a more detailed look at your products and services helps them make a decision faster. It also provides clarity, especially if you're selling two very similar items. Details will make it clear that your customers have selected the right product.  

Optimize for Mobile

Mobile shopping makes up 45% of all eCommerce sales. If your checkout doesn’t work well on mobile, just imagine all the potential sales you lose!

Creating a mobile-friendly landing page website design in Miami will improve your site loading speed, improve user engagement, increase the average time users spend on your site, boost your SEO, and most of all improve your user experience. All of these can increase your conversion rate!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when optimizing for mobile:

  • Define the elements you want to keep on your mobile landing page, since a mobile layout has limited space. Make sure to prioritize these elements: the call-to-action button, main visual element, and landing page copy.  
  • Make each character or word count in your copy count. Put the most crucial information at the beginning of your copy.
  • Optimize your images to increase your loading speed.  

Create a Frictionless Checkout Experience to Boost Your Sales!

Keep the checkout smooth for your landing pages to boost your sales and increase your revenue!

At Digital Resource, our website design team in Miami and digital marketing experts will work to create targeted marketing campaigns and high-converting landing pages that will get you the sales you need to grow your business.  

Contact us today to get started!

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