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7 Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas for 2022

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the busiest shopping days during the holiday season.  

In 2021, Black Friday saw 88 million buyers shopping online, and online sales hit an astounding figure of $8.9 billion!

If you want to take a bigger piece of the pie this year and make high profits, then having a results-driven Black Friday marketing strategy in place is a must.  

But with all the different Black Friday strategies you can find online, which of them generates the best results for your business?

In this article, we will discuss our top seven Black Friday digital marketing ideas in Miami that attract and convert modern holiday shoppers.  

What is Black Friday Marketing?

Starting from Thanksgiving, eCommerce stores offer huge discounts to shoppers for five consecutive days that end on Monday, which is popularly known as Cyber Monday.  

To promote these deals and discounts, online stores also run digital marketing campaigns in Miami that target shoppers looking for Black Friday discounts.  

A solid Black Friday marketing strategy combines SEO, paid, social media, and even influencer marketing. If done well, your sales campaign can help double your revenue and boost brand awareness.  

7 Best Results-Driven Black Friday Marketing Strategies & Ideas

Although there are tons of shoppers during Black Friday, keep in mind that other businesses are also vying for their attention. So, you need to swiftly capture customers with exciting deals and offers, and the following marketing tactics:

1. Give Customers a Sneak Peek

Marketer giving customers a sneak peek of Black Friday deals.

Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, people like to research to find the best possible offers ahead of time. This way, they know where to shop and when to shop to get the best deals possible.  

Help your customers build up their list and secure a spot on that list by giving them a sneak peek of the discounts, offers, and bundles you’re having on Black Friday.  

Teasers intrigue people. They help build anticipation and keep prospects hooked!

Teasers can be in the form of a countdown promo video, blog, and social media post. When giving your audience a sneak peek, feature some of the products that will be on sale ahead of time, specify the deal details, and emphasize the huge discount and value proposition you're offering like freebies.  

Once you’ve made a teaser, it’s time to promote it! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Include it in your newsletters.
  • Link to it in your social media posts.
  • Publish a video on YouTube.  
  • Create a podcast commercial.
  • Feature it in a pop-up on your site.
  • Create search ads and ad displays.

2. Shoppable Content

A lot of times, when consumers come across an image or a video and feel inspired to purchase the product displayed, they want to be able to buy the product instantly without having to rummage through the web.

With shoppable content, consumers can act on their impulse to buy with a single tap or click. This eliminates any friction in the buyer’s journey and keeps purchasing efforts minimal.  

Shoppable content can be user-generated content or branded visual content. It enables customers to shop the items directly from the content or add a product to their cart without having to thoroughly search through product pages to find it.  

By combining the browsing and shopping experience, you can drive more sales this Black Friday! Plus, it can help boost user engagement, build brand awareness, and establish trust.  

3. Add a Virtual “Spin the Wheel”

Virtual spin the wheel digital marketing ideas in Miami.

Gamify your Black Friday campaigns and create a fun shopping experience by adding a virtual “Spin the Wheel” on your site!  

This added feature will help drive engagement and motivate potential customers to stop by your site for a chance to win prizes, discounts, and coupons.  

Navigating through a host of Black Friday deals and offers can be overwhelming. But by making the process fun for consumers, you’re making it a positive and memorable experience for them.

4. Offer Exciting Deals & Offers Every Hour

Get your audience’s hearts pumping and keep them on their toes by surprising them with different deals and offers every hour!

Doing this creates a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out, which motivates consumers to revisit your online store repeatedly.  

You can make your offers even more irresistible by making some of your products unavailable until a certain time, and by providing value-added propositions. People aren't only interested in the discounts they'll be getting. They also want freebies, free shipping, easy returns, cashback, rewards, gift cards, loyalty points, and more!

A good idea would be to switch up the value-added proposition you'll be using for every hourly sale. For example, people who shop at midnight get free shipping, those who shop after midnight get cash backs, and those who shop during lunchtime get freebies.  

This is an effective and smart way to make your customers feel excited and overwhelmed about your brand, and boost customer loyalty.

Don’t forget to promote your “deal of the hour” ahead of time on social media. It helps generate buzz and draw eyes to your promotional gimmicks.  

It's also important to use a homepage banner to display your "offer of the hour" on your site to let visitors know what deals they should be taking advantage of.  

You can use scheduling apps to automatically promote deals every hour across your social media pages. This frees you a lot of time and allows you to focus on running your online store smoothly during peak sales season.  

5. Offer a VIP Discount

special offer poster for Black Friday sale.

Create a digital email marketing campaign in Miami featuring all your discounted products for Black Friday, including the recipient’s favorite item from your shop. Let them know that they can get first dibs on these products by preordering.  

Get them even more interested in taking risks by using words and phrases like “limited stocks only” and “almost sold out.” Studies show that people are more courageous to check out if there’s an added element of scarcity.  

6. Boost Social Media Marketing Efforts

Did you know that nearly half of the people making online purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Millennial shoppers? They’re also the biggest spenders.  

These stats prove that you shouldn’t ignore how and what channels millennials use to buy online.

Since Millennials and Gen Zers are enticed to buy products advertised on social media, when they see other people using it, or an influencer raving about it, it is important to boost your social digital marketing efforts in Miami to capture them.  

Make sure you’re active across all your social accounts, building hype about the upcoming Black Friday sale and posting about all the great deals and products you’ll be putting out on the sale. It’s an effective way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.  

You can even do live selling on Facebook and Instagram during Black Friday to further boost your sales!

7. Use Hashtags to Boost Discoverability

Boost your reach and visibility on social media by using relevant hashtags, such as #BlackFridaySale, #FridaySales, #ThanksgivingSales, #CyberMonday, and more.  

Hashtags increase your chances of getting discovered by potential customers who are looking for great deals and offers on social.  

You can even create your own branded hashtags or use terms that are more specific to the products you’re offering.  

Take Your Black Friday Sales to the Next Level with Digital Marketing Miami

There are just some of the many ways you can entice shoppers during one of the busiest days of the shopping season. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out what works best for your intended audience.

Just remember that the goal isn’t just to provide shoppers with exciting deals, but also to build hype around them and create a positive shopping experience for customers coming back!

At Digital Resource, our digital marketing specialists will work with you to create a custom holiday marketing plan that will not only boost your Black Friday sales but also your revenue for the entire holiday season!

Need help getting more sales online? Contact us today!

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