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8 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Contractors

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Many home service business owners go into hibernation mode around the holiday season. After all, not many people would want to renovate their house, install new windows, or take on other construction projects during this very busy time.

However, this doesn’t mean you can't make any sales during the winter season. Even if the business is slow, it’s still crucial to stay active on social media, optimize your website, and continue your contractor SEO campaign. Here are the eight holiday marketing ideas for contractors you should try out!

8 Ways to Market Your Contracting Business this Holiday Season

1. Offer Holiday Discounts or Partner with a Local Business

Contractor partnering with local businesses to provide holiday package services.

Not many people want to have their houses repaired over the holidays. This is because family and friends are coming over, and it’s a busy time in general. However, this isn’t always the case for every household.  

Some might want  their bathroom renovated, or their patio done, and don’t mind a little inconvenience during the holidays. But this is as long as they can get great deals and discounts.  

Many people choose products and services, whether they need them at the moment or not, because they are on sale. Make sure you capture these types of customers by running holiday promotions and optimizing them for SEO for contractors.  

Here are some holiday deals that can attract potential clients to your company:

  • Huge discounts for services booked by December 31.  
  • A gift certificate they can use next year.
  • For services booked by December 31, clients can choose from three bonus Christmas gifts (discount, Free service add-on, or Free products).

Aside from giving discounts, you can motivate potential clients even more by partnering with other home services businesses in your local area to offer a holiday bundle deal.  

For example, you could partner with local hardware to offer a holiday bundle deal. This win-win approach will help both businesses thrive during the season while creating a strategic partnership.  

2. Reach Out to Your Customer Base

Send a personalized email to your previous and current clients. This is the perfect way to announce the deals and discounts you're offering during the holiday season.  

Remember to tailor each email based on the last project you did for them, and develop relevant offerings that they’ll likely be interested in. For example, if a customer hired you to make a pool in their backyard a couple of years ago, they might want to upgrade their deck or their pool altogether.  

Let them know that you want to reward your clients with a one-time-only deal that’s tailored to their needs and wants.  

3. Send Out Christmas Gifts to Your Clients

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to keep your company top-of-mind and boost client loyalty by sending out gifts.  

Something as simple as making a Christmas-themed package containing candy canes, a holiday-themed company mug, company pens, a planner, chocolates, and a hand-written note can put a smile on your previous and existing clients' faces.  

You’ll develop stronger relationships with them and keep them loyal to your company.  

4. Consider Offering Holiday-Related Services

Contractor wearing Santa costume offering holiday-related construction services.

Depending on where your business is located, the people around your area may have specific construction needs during the holidays. Consider offering holiday-related services that will make people’s lives easier during this time.

For example, if you live in a snowy area, consumers around you might be interested in installing heated driveways to melt snow and ice. This could be very appealing to seniors, pregnant women, and families with kids to prevent slipping and other accidents.  

You could also offer holiday lighting installation packages for homeowners who want Christmas lights installed around their estate or house.  

5. Offer Year-End Check-Up and Maintenance

If your construction business offers maintenance services, reach out to your customers via email and remind them to get a check-up.  

The last two months of the year are the best time to remind your clients to schedule a check-up and maintenance. They won’t want any leaks or structure problems during this very busy time of the year.  

They’ll want their houses to look pristine for family and friends that are coming over to celebrate.  

You can also reach out to new clients who are interested in having their houses, business, or building checked for any repairs and maintenance. You can run ads on social media or boost a post.

6. Send a Holiday Email

Aside from sending promotional emails, you also want to send your customer base an email celebrating the holidays.

You want to make them feel appreciated and important. Sending a simple message wishing them a happy holiday and thanking them for entrusting their projects with you can humanize your company and establish a deeper relationship with them.  

7. Do a Video Recap of The Projects You've Done This Year

Establish yourself as a leader in your industry by showcasing your team’s craftsmanship and quality work. You can do this with a video montage of all the construction projects you’ve done this year. Make sure to add a holiday greeting at the end of the video!

By showing people the blood, sweat, and tears that go into every project your company does, you can make your business more relatable.  

Give these videos a holiday twist through visuals and using Christmassy audio.  

Have you heard of TikTok for contractors? Get creative on the platform and use emotions to resonate and connect with your target audience during this time of joy, happiness, and warmth.  

Don’t forget to include a CTA at the end of your video to attract interested clients and drive them to take action.

8. Get Active on Social Media

Contractor posting video content on social media and optimizing for SEO for contractors.

Instead of hibernating, the holiday season is the best time to be active on social media and engage with your followers and audience.  

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers agree that being active on social media helps boost a business’ exposure. By allowing people to tag you in their posts and reposting these photos, videos, and statuses in your profile, you can reach new leads.

You can also motivate others to post about their experience with you and build hype around your contracting business.  

Social media is also an effective way to stay in touch with your client base and cultivate brand loyalty. 69% of marketers saw an increase in brand loyalty after using social media to humanize businesses and create authentic interactions with their followers.  

If you’re not sure what your contracting business should be posting during these times, here are some ideas you should try:

  • Hold a social media holiday contest or give away. You can give away stuff that is as simple as holiday-themed company merch or offer something more extravagant such as free exterior painting service to the contest winner. You can use contests and giveaways to incentivize people to follow you, build awareness, boost engagement, and increase sales.  
  • Feature your employees working on a project to show people what goes on behind the scenes. People are naturally curious about things they don’t know so compiling clips of what typically goes on during construction will feed into their curiosity. To make this content even more valuable, give away helpful tips and hacks that homeowners will love!
  • Share your company Christmas party. Show people that you and your employees know how to have fun too! By posting about your exchanging gift, Christmas presentation, and games, you can feature your company culture and maybe even motivate prospective clients to work with you.  
  • Show them the progress you’ve made! Are you currently working on a project that you know your prospective customers are interested in? Post it! Progress anticipates people. It engages them and keeps them excited.  
  • Share how your employees spent their Christmas, whether it’s with their family, friends, partner, dogs, or cats. Give your clients insight into who they're working with by featuring the people behind your company and their lives outside of work. It’s a great way to resonate with your target clients and win them over.  
  • Post a video sharing the tricks of your trade. What better way to tell people you’re an expert in your field than by showing people a quick and clever way of doing something that nobody else has ever thought of?
  • Share a meme. Humor always works – as long as you do it tastefully. Share a funny meme that your followers and target clients can relate to boosting engagement.
  • Share a link to a relevant or recent blog post. Drive traffic to your site by sharing your most recent blogs on your Facebook account!  
  • Post a motivational quote. People can relate to quotes easily, which is why they get a ton of shares and engagements. But aside from this, they can also uplift the spirit, inspire, and motivate others. It also helps put you in a positive light.  
  • Link to another news article about your work. Did the local paper just feature your work? Did a project of yours get major press? Let people know about it by sharing it on your social accounts. Posts like this can build your credibility and reputation.  
  • Post about giving back to the community. Take a paid day off with your employees and give back to the community by serving meals in a shelter, giving gifts to street children, and many other charitable efforts. Post about it on social media to get your followers, clients, and target clients involved by inviting them to help out too or donate.  

Make sure you use relevant hashtags in your social media post to boost your SEO for contractors and improve your visibility when potential clients search for your products or services online or on social media.  

Optimize Your Holiday Campaigns for SEO For Contractors

The holidays are just around the corner. Instead of hibernating and going MIA on a slow season for your business, take advantage of the festivities and people’s happy mood to engage them and keep your construction company top-of-mind!  

At Digital Resource, our SEO for contractors specialists and digital marketing experts will work with you to create a custom marketing plan that attracts leads and generate sales for your company during the slow season.  

Want to get clients and boost your contracting business this holiday season? Contact us today!

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