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3 Upcoming Email Design Trends in 2023

Content Marketing

Email is one of the most common forms of communication, especially in business—and it is impossible to imagine a world without it.

Over time, it has evolved into an advertising and marketing tool. As a result, marketers have devised ingenious ways to use it to promote their businesses.

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We know you’re starting fresh this 2023, and to celebrate, our Florida internet marketing company has cooked up something truly remarkable. If you're curious about the future of email design, this article is for you.

So, without further ado, here are the three email design trends we expect to really take off in 2023:

1. Promotional Emails Designed with User Interaction in Mind

We live in an increasingly visual world, so email marketing campaigns need to feature eye-catching visuals to keep people engaged. In such cases, creating interactive emails can be extremely beneficial.

An "interactive" email allows the recipient to take some action directly from the message itself. Even though this isn't a brand-new approach to email marketing design, it is expected to be the dominant style in 2023.

Interactive email sample
Screengrabbed from Comptrain

To help you get started with your email marketing campaigns, here are some examples of engaging, interactive design ideas:

  • Add a swipeable carousel of images.
  • Create guessing games with hover and rollover effects.
  • Insert product previews with customizable options (color, size, etc.)
  • Gamify holiday events and celebrations.

Engaging content design in email marketing encourages future engagement with your messages. Just keep in mind that your email will get more attention if it is both engaging and easy to respond to.

2. Emails with All-Inclusive Content and Visual Design

The emails you send represent your company's official position. If they welcome everyone, then your brand is complete. Customers now anticipate hyper-personalization at every touchpoint.  

This means that emails that promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity can set your company apart from the competition. For instance, it is crucial to ensure email accessibility so that users, regardless of any impairments, can read and comprehend your emails.

Inclusivity rules
Photo from Qmunity

Including diversity, equity, and inclusivity in emails is a practical step that will help your business expand.

Emily Santos, a content specialist, devised three best practices for incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusivity into emails:

Adding Inclusive Language

We don't know how email users identify themselves, which is why marketers should always consider diversity. How? By employing gender-neutral language.

We've grown accustomed to seeing "Hey, guys!" as the default first email greeting. Why not begin your email greetings with phrases like "Hello, folks!" or "Hello, friends?"

When writing emails, you can also use pronouns like "they" or "them" instead of "he" or "she" to avoid excluding any users.

Including Diversity in Pictures

When including a picture that depicts diversity, ask yourself first, "Will this represent a diverse range of people?"  

Because we care about our customers' satisfaction, they must be shown that the brand reflects them. The best places to find images like this are usually stock image websites.

Adhering to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

The WCAG is a set of detailed rules for making web content easier to digest for people with many different kinds of disabilities to use. It covers a lot of ground but goes into a lot of detail.

Consider hiring a professional service, such as our Florida web marketing company, to handle the details if you want to be able to adhere to WCAG for all of your web content.

3. Using an F-Shape Pattern Structure

People's attention spans are getting shorter online, and they don't spend nearly as much time reading emails as they used to.

Statistics compiled by Statista from January through August of 2021 revealed that the average person spent just 10 seconds reading a brand's email. That's why marketers must know various email types and what makes them interesting enough to open.

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The Nielsen Norman Group hypothesized that with the right design, people would spend more time reading emails, so they conducted an eye-tracking study to put their theory to the test. This resulted in the discovery of the F-shape pattern structure.

Researchers found that email recipients scan the top half of the page horizontally before skimming down to the second horizontal section, which contains less information.  

Moreover, readers proceed vertically down the left side of the content, completing the letter F.

F-shape pattern email template

The F-shape pattern structure assumes that readers will scan the text rather than take the time to read each word.

Consider the following guidelines for an efficient F-shape pattern structure that you can implement in your emails:

  • The most important content should be at the top of your email; therefore, include the most enticing words here.
  • Use bullet points to make the content easily scannable and stick to a single idea per block.
  • To avoid cluttering the design, less crucial details should be placed on the left side.

You don't want your email to be completely ignored, so consider using this type of design for your emails. By using the F-shape pattern structure, you increase the likelihood that people will read your email without becoming bored.

Create A New Face for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has proven to be an effective form of advertising over the years. This would not have been possible without user-friendly designs and trend selections.

Remember that users are becoming more interested in the appearance of emails rather than the content. This is why design and trends should be considered.

Don't worry if you don't know how to design your email; Digital Resource is here to help. We’re a Florida internet marketing company that has a team of experienced email marketers who are up to date with the latest trends in email content and layout.

We are confident that you will be able to realize your professional goals and achieve business success.

Contact us as soon as possible to arrange a no-cost initial consultation and find out how we can help your business succeed.

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