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What the Pandemic Taught Us About Caring for Our Employees

Business Development

The pandemic transformed the way people work and live, which forced entrepreneurs to change how they operated their businesses. While the mandatory lockdowns led to profits and losses, it also forced a paradigm shift in how we view business entirely.

Fairlie reported that in the United States, the number of active business owners fell from 15 million in February 2020 to 11.7 million in April 2020 and only slightly recovered by June. 

Some companies, chiefly small businesses, were forced to close. Others had to let employees go in order for their business to survive. This isn't easy when you know that they depend on you for a living.

The pandemic caused immeasurable suffering. It also provided business owners with many lessons on how to better operate their businesses going forward.

Your employees matter. Losing them can cripple your business significantly in a time like this. 

We believe that you value your employees. As the leading Fort Lauderdale SEO company, we are pleased to share with you what we have learned about caring for employees. 

5 Things that the Pandemic Taught Us About Caring for Our Employees

1. Wellness Is a Must. 

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What Is Wellness?

Pfizer defines wellness as the act of practicing healthy habits daily to attain better physical and mental health outcomes to thrive.

The 2021 Survey report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) revealed that most organizations are taking additional measures to support employee health and well-being in response to COVID-19.  

There is also an increased focus on mental health, tailoring support to individuals' needs and providing additional support for people working from home. 

Three Ways to Initiate Employee Wellness in the New Normal

  • Consider flexible work arrangements if possible: It can boost overall morale and engagement in the workplace.
  • Encourage them to take breaks or days off: Breaks can reduce your employees’ stress, anxiety, and depression, while increasing life satisfaction. Thus, it helps them refocus on their goals and gain perspective.
  • Set up Telemedicine for consultations: It allows for better long-term care management and employee satisfaction knowing that they have this kind of benefit.

2. Results Matter More Than the Number of Work Hours. 

employee working late in the office

The traditional practice in workplaces is to clock in at 9 and clock out at 5. In some businesses, staying in the workplace longer does not equal productivity. The number of works hours is not always an indicator of an increase in sales and profit. 

According to a 2012 article from New York Times, in order to avoid employee procrastination, managers must evaluate employees' performance based on their accomplishments rather than the number of hours worked. 

Consider setting up work schedules without hurting your company too. 

3. Re-Evaluate the Way We Do Things. 

COVID-19 has proven that the traditional way of doing things is not always right or effective. It made us see that a circumstance can drastically change the course of your business. 

You have to re-evaluate the benefits and incentives your employees are entitled to. Consider the best course of action you can offer them when a disaster or problem arises.  

If you consider letting go of them, will they be able to have sufficient time to look for another job? And as a business, how much can you offer without having to sacrifice your business?

Nobody predicted the impact that COVID-19 has brought upon us. If you don't have a contingency plan, it is best to establish one. 

3 Steps to Contingency Planning

  • Conduct Risk Assessment: Doing so can drastically reduce the likelihood of work-related accidents and ill health. It will also raise awareness about the hazards and risks that your employees may encounter in the workplace.
  • Formulate a Plan: Employees should be involved in the planning process since they will be the main benefactors for the outcomes of the plan.
  • Implement and Sustain the Plan: Once the plan has been implemented, make sure to evaluate and create necessary changes.

Contingency Planning is not just for major problems or crises. Not only will it secure your employees, but also your customers and your brand. 

4. Communication Is Important.

manager talking in the phone while checking emails

Changes in business operation happened in the new normal. If you are an employer who provides flexible work arrangements to your employees, such as working from home, you must also realize that communication is much more critical now. 

A 2021 Pumble report stated that 86 percent of employees and executives attribute workplace failures to a lack of efficient collaboration and communication. In comparison, those organizations with good communication may boost productivity by up to 25%.

You have to strengthen communication with your employees significantly if you mainly see one another through the screen. 

Communication is not always about talking and giving instructions to your employees. It also involves empathy, listening to the employees' concerns, and providing them with constructive feedback. 

Sales, customer relations, team growth, corporate culture, and employee engagement need effective communication.

5. They Have a Family and Loved Ones to Attend to.

Have you been to a meeting, and then suddenly you hear your employee's baby crying, or a dog barking?

These are just reminders that your employees have a life outside work. While you did not see it pre-pandemic, the reality is that the work-from-home set-up is different from the office setup. 

GoRemotely's 2021 productivity statistics showed that a typical employee is productive for about two hours and fifty-three minutes each day, and 41% of stressed workers claim that stress harms their productivity.

As much as the employees try to stay on task, some crises at home can't be avoided. Our employees' productivity is largely affected when problems concerning their loved ones arise.

It is your position to extend empathy when times are tough at home. This empathy can pay dividends when your employees understand that the business is invested in them, in the same way that they should be invested in the business.

Secure Your Company’s Future!

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