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8 Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace


Having a team of motivated employees is just as important as having a team of skilled employees. A workplace filled with highly motivated team members means higher productivity levels, more innovation, lower absenteeism, and staff turnover rates.  

That’s every employer’s dream, right?

Unfortunately, getting there may take a while. Everyone has days where everything in their to-do list is ticked off, and days where they feel like they’d rather be anywhere but their office cubicles.  

But hey, that’s completely normal. You’ve probably even imagined yourself vacationing in someplace tropical like Hawaii instead of finishing a project (don’t worry, we’ll keep it a secret).

The problem starts when your employees have become disengaged consistently. As their leader, part of your responsibility is to keep them driven through words and actions. You’re not only there to guide them, but to push them to strive harder as well.  

So, how can you increase motivation in the workplace? Here are eight tips from your go-to Miami SEO company:

8 Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

1. Keep Your Goals Small, Measurable, and Realistic

a business man looking at a goal through a telescope

It gets pretty exhausting and frustrating working on something that seems to be never-ending. Imagine spending a lot of time and effort trying to complete a project, only to see little to no progress. Wouldn’t you just lose that motivation to continue?

That’s exactly how your employees would feel if you give them something impossible to achieve. This is why you should set goals that are easier to complete, rather than one major goal that will leave them going in circles.  

Creating a work environment that offers the greatest possibility for team members to accomplish individual or group goals provides a boost of motivation. It will keep them on the right track.  

2. Have a Positive Attitude

Even when the going gets tough, you still gotta maintain a positive attitude, no matter how hard it may be. No one likes being around a pessimistic boss, or just about any pessimistic person for that matter. Besides, your employees seeing you high in spirits despite a stressful situation will also inspire them to do the same.

Like happiness, positivity plays a crucial role in the success of one’s business. Being positive can actually equate to being productive. Ever noticed how motivated you get to take on any tasks whenever you feel happy? That’s the power of positivity!

3. Recognize Good Work

African American employee from a Miami SEO company gets an award for a job well done

Sometimes, all employees need is for their efforts to be recognized by their managers. Research shows that 70% believe that increased recognition from superiors improves their motivation and morale to a great extent.

Something as simple as paying a genuine compliment to your hardworking members can make all the difference. Treating them as valued humans instead of assets will no doubt inspire them to keep going. Then again, it wouldn’t hurt to reward them with a bonus, especially if they generate results that are way beyond your expectations.  

One of the many things we do as a Miami SEO company to commend our employees for a job well done is by giving them a shoutout. For instance, we have a group chat where everyone can give kudos to team members who deserve it. Can we say it’s an effective motivation booster? Absolutely!  

4. Take Regular Breaks

Let’s face it, there’s no chance of boosting motivation when everyone in the workplace is tired and sluggish. The best way to fix this is by taking short breaks. Not only will it help you stay motivated, but it’s also vital for your health.  

Sitting at work all day with your eyes glued to the computer screen will only do you more harm than good. It can drain your mind and energy, which is why people who work for eight hours straight often find themselves feeling lethargic and empty as the day ends.  

Make it a habit to get up, stretch your legs, and go outside for some fresh air after every hour or two of concentration. Of course, your team members should also be doing the same thing.  

5. Focus on Building Teamwork

There’s no success without solid teamwork and camaraderie. Knowing that your teammates have your back no matter always brings an amazing feeling. You’re there to build each other up and be each other’s cheerleaders.  

A study conducted by the TINYpulse team discovered that peers are the number one reason why employees are willing to go the extra mile. What might even surprise you is the fact that employee happiness is more closely correlated with healthy peer relationships at work, rather than relationships with supervisors.  

Take a look at how the current structure of your workplace and ask yourself: Does it encourage teamwork, or does it restrict interactions among employees? If it’s the latter, then you’re not fostering a socially healthy environment where your team can work hand in hand. You’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.  

There are tons of ways to strengthen peer relationships in your company - from organizing fun team-building activities and setting clear team goals to creating teamwork recognition programs and using better collaboration tools.  

6. Be Transparent

As with all other forms of relationships, work relationships are built on trust. A team that fully trusts you will be more motivated and engaged with their work. Without transparency, however, you can’t create an atmosphere of trust.

Being transparent makes you a trustworthy leader your team can look up to. When employees trust their superiors and feel they’re being dealt with honestly, they become happier, more creative, and more productive.  

By being open about your faults or reasons behind a decision, you’re encouraging everyone to follow suit, forming a safe climate for them to test and experiment. Demonstrating that making mistakes is inevitable encourages your staff to take risks without the fear of failure.  

7. Utilize Training and Development for Motivation

A group of employees from a Miami SEO company going under training

One of the best ways to keep your team motivated about learning and work is by providing training programs. Depending on the quality and variety of training options available, you’ll see a rise in the motivation levels of your employees.  

Whether it’s training for management development, new concepts for a workgroup, new employee onboarding, or perhaps how to operate a new system, opportunities to bolster their skills are always excellent motivators.

8. Start Annual Traditions and Celebrate Holidays

Your team members are like your extended family members. There may be times when you can’t stand them, and there are certainly times you want nothing but to mingle and bond with them.  

That said, why not celebrate some of the most popular holidays with them as you would with your family? Better yet, come up with your own yearly workplace traditions!  

Aside from deepening your ties, spending particular holidays with your work crew can build positive morale, which in turn leads to increased motivation. So, go ahead and mark those special days on your calendars. Oh, and don’t hesitate to ask for ideas!

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