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What is BeReal & How Does It Work?

Social Media Marketing

Social media is extremely engaging, with things like emojis, filters, and interactive ads making it fun to be online. Because of this, businesses and content makers have changed to meet the shifting tastes of customers.

However, attempting to create perfect or visually appealing content makes you wonder if it is truly an authentic way of marketing.

While brands and products have always strived to be authentic, there is one social media platform that takes authenticity to a whole new level.

Our Florida SEO company will delve deeper into the social media site that has attracted so many members of the millennials and Gen Zers.

But first, let's take a look at what it is.

What is BeReal?

Photo from BeReal

BeReal is a French social media platform founded by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau. It's a photo-sharing app that allows users to post one photo daily, showing their followers what they're up to in real-time.

When you use the app, you'll get a notification when it's time to "be real." Then, and only then, can the user use the front and rear cameras for a combined total of two minutes per day.

To prevent users from becoming addicted to the app, it only allows for short bursts of photo sharing. As a result, the app distinguishes itself from other social media sites due to the spontaneity of its conversations.

Because of its authenticity and unfiltered nature, the application quickly gained popularity among young people, making it an ideal approach to marketing to Generation Z.

How Does BeReal Work?

As previously stated, users receive a random notification once a day informing them that it is time to "be real"—an indication of the two-minute limit to post a picture of what they are currently doing.

Users can access the discovery section after posting, where they can see posts from their friends. If users post outside of the two-minute window, their posts will be considered late, and they will be unable to see the photos of others until they post.

BeReal infographic
Photo from BeReal

There is no filter, emojis, or edit button in the app. The number of followers is not shown either. These are features that can be found on popular social media platforms, but BeReal has chosen not to use them.

This app appears very useful, so digital marketing agencies like our Florida SEO Company keep a close eye on it. Changes to the app in the future could be helpful for some of our potential customers.

Why Do People Love BeReal?

While our Florida SEO experts enjoy using it sometimes, excessive use of social media as a source of information can be mentally draining.

Charissa Cheong, a junior digital culture reporter of Insider, described how her TikTok account consumed the majority of her time. According to her, she has been attempting to limit her use of social media.  

On the other hand, her friends discovered BeReal and became obsessed with it. Charissa downloaded the app and used it for a week to avoid being left behind. As it turned out, she liked using the app.

Charissa said in her article, "BeReal isn't an app I'd spend hours procrastinating on. I usually post my picture, briefly scroll through, and react to my friends' pictures, and then get on with the rest of my day."

This comment reflects a positive take on social media use that often goes unnoticed.

Cheong also stated that she intends to continue using BeReal for as long as it remains relevant.  

In the past, trendy apps like Houseparty and Clubhouse were popular for a short period of time before people stopped using them, so it will be interesting to see what happens in this case.

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What Can Marketers Learn from BeReal?

BeReal provides a new channel for marketers to communicate with their target audience in a way that is as genuine as possible.

To use this tactic in your marketing, you should examine the brand's unpolished appearance and feel first. However, if your product requires touch-ups and aesthetic visuals, BeReal may not be a good fit.

You might think that marketing is non-existent for the application based on its basic features. It is, however, still possible!

As long as you're willing to think outside the box and use your imagination, you can incorporate the app into your marketing strategy.

Not sure what that would look like? Check out what the Love Island Twitter account has been up to. They used BeReal pictures of the participants and got thousands of likes and comments.

It's Time for Your Brand to Use BeReal

As social media evolves and becomes more pervasive in our daily lives, users may lose sight of its original intent—to foster interpersonal connection and interaction.

These two objectives may be difficult to accomplish, given that people's attention is increasingly focused on superficial or vanity metrics.

In addition, authentic products and services are becoming more important to consumers as their wants and needs evolve frequently.  

This means that now is the ideal time for online business owners and marketers who are still drawn to a vanity-driven approach to make a change and be genuine.

Don't Be Afraid to Be Real with Digital Resource

Authenticity in social media is not a new concept. Indeed, you may have heard this too often from influencers and brands. That is why it is not surprising that people are drawn to a social media platform that promotes unfiltered and raw content.

All of this proves that individuals ultimately have no problem being who they truly are.

The challenge now is maintaining BeReal's popularity, given that it is an innovative application compared to established social media sites. However, our Florida SEO company believes this app will be around for a while and will continue to grow.

To capitalize on this, marketers and business owners must constantly monitor its changes and improvements.

At Digital Resource, we have SEO specialists in Florida who are always on the lookout for new social media developments.  

If you need help, our specialists can undoubtedly lend a hand, especially in the direction of developing more genuine brands and products.

Call us today for a free consultation, and let us help your business succeed without any filters.

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