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Top 5 Gen Z Marketing Strategies You Should Try

Business Development

Are you a business owner who has difficulty promoting your products? Then maybe you aren't targeting the right consumers.

Nowadays, almost every marketer in America is curious about what makes millennials tick.

The truth is, they're not the only audience you need to think about.

While it's true that you still need to appeal to millennials, but it's high time that you also start thinking about Generation Z.

According to a 2021 Aumcore poll, Gen Z's annual purchasing power in the United States is expected to reach $323 billion.

Research suggests that it could increase by more than four times when accounting for Gen Z's effect within their house.

This shows that you need to market your products to the zoomers now more than ever.

So, how can you do that?

Fret not! Our digital marketing team in Miami is here to explain to you who Generation Z is and how you can market your business to them.

Let's get the ball rolling.

Who are Gen Zers?

teens sitting on a bench with their gadgets

Gen Zers were born between 1996 and 2010. Gen Zers, or colloquially known as "zoomers," are a group of young, tech-savvy, and socially conscious people.

Having grown up with cellphones, the internet, and social media, they're digital natives who are more inclined to purchase from businesses with established clear values. They are inclusive and have a solid online community.

In short, they're a part of a generation that values authenticity and is attracted to brands that "keep it real."

They're also innovative, daring, and the originators of several trends on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other platforms. And they demand a somewhat different strategy than their millennial counterparts.

And as per the 2020 U.S. census, your generation is the most racially and culturally diverse ever, with 52% non-Hispanic white, 25% Hispanic, 14% Black, 6% Asian, and 5% other ethnicities.

But what does that statistic have to do with digital marketing? And how can you approach and engage with the Gen Z market in 2022? 

Continue reading to learn more.

The Top 5 Gen Z Marketing Strategies

As we've previously mentioned, Gen Zers have grown up with smartphones in their hands and information at their fingertips, giving them continual access to brand communication.

Traditional marketing strategies sometimes fall short, and it may be tough to catch the interest of this young and very diverse demographic.

If Generation Z is your target demographic, then you should use these five digital marketing strategies to help you enhance your brand's recognition, leads, and sales:

1. Make your Brand Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones were almost born in the hands of Generation Zers.

According to recent research, almost 80% of individuals in this group acquired their first smartphone between 11 and 13.

Today, Gen Zers of all ages have access to mobile devices, computers, and tablets. The capacity to obtain information from anywhere and anytime has tremendously affected their purchasing patterns.

To guarantee that your company can successfully engage the Gen Z generation, you must ensure that you give them an optimal online shopping experience from the ease of a mobile device.

Here's what you can do to upgrade your website:

  • Maintain an easy-to-use mobile app:Ensure that your website works smoothly across all mobile devices and that your site interface, particularly your homepage, is easy to navigate.
  • Add mobile-friendly graphics: Since Gen Zers are very visual, adding visually appealing memes, trendy images or videos, and catchy infographics will do the trick.
  • Curate aesthetically attractive products: Nowadays, trends keep the internet world going - and it is constantly changing. If you're into retail, make sure that your products have an aesthetic appeal. To do this, you need to immerse yourself in social media, particularly on Instagram and TikTok, to learn what's hot and what's not.

Additionally, it's crucial to optimize and design your content for mobile to provide the gen Zers with the ultimate mobile browsing experience.  

2. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

popular social media icons

Despite the fact that Generation Z is still developing its financial foundation, these younger customers were exposed to internet shopping and brands sooner than previous generations.

According to a recent study, 80% of Gen Zers follow and connect with companies online, and 72% of those who engage with brands are significantly more inclined to purchase a product.

Now is the time to put this to your advantage. And the most important thing that you should know is: Gen Zers use social media to find new products.

Zoomers use social media for entertainment, community building, and product research. They spend roughly about 4.5 hours a day on social media alone.

Based on a 2021 study conducted by Pew Research, Instagram is the most popular social media network among Generation Z, followed by YouTube and TikTok.

Thus, these three are the platforms that you should focus on.

We're not saying you should leave out Facebook, Twitter, and others. While you want to cater the Gen Zers, your business could also potentially attract other demographics.

Nevertheless, with Generation Z poised to take over the economy in the next decade, marketers must interact with this digitally native generation across numerous platforms to keep their attention.

3. Create More Video Content

Video material is essential.

A recent Google survey found out that YouTube is the first site Generation Zers turn into when they want to be entertained. But that isn't the only reason they use YouTube.

With 85% of teens actively using the site, 80% do so to broaden their knowledge, and 68% do so to enhance or learn new skills.

Other respondents claimed they used it to unwind from life's stressors and strengthen real-life friendships, implying that YouTube has an infinite number of applications.

Here are social media platforms, including their video features where you can upload your video content:

  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Stories
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Twitter Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • YouTube Shorts

Captivate Gen Zers across these video-sharing platforms. You can definitely engage them and capture their attention with the right content. 

4. Collaborate with an Influencer

If you're looking for the next big collaboration, Instagram is the social media platform to go.

Top Instagram influencers have emerged as some of the most powerful and influential voices of our day. They have been paving the way for the latest news and trends in various sectors such as fashion, music, cuisine, beauty, technology, and more!

They are expected to expand their following (and influence) even more in 2022.

Still not convinced?

According to Aumcor's 2021 survey, 56% of Gen Z are more inclined to try a product or service if their favorite online influencer recommends it.

Crazy, right?

This is why YOU should hop on the bandwagon and start collaborating with an influencer to promote your brand NOW.

Want to start collaborating with an influencer? Learn more: How to Build Relationships with Influencers from Scratch.

5. Foster a Community within Your Niche

Building and fostering a digital community is essential for any Gen Z marketing plan.

According to polls, Generation Z is the loneliest generation in America. Therefore, they're actively seeking ways to interact and connect with like-minded people.

Brands may help facilitate genuine connection and discourse, but it extends beyond partnering with mega-influencers.

What's the solution?

Look for actual individuals or micro-influencers who represent your brand's beliefs.

Another technique to establish a community is to ask for advice and comments from Gen Zers during product development. You can also include consumers who have been loyal to your company for years.

This will make your brand feel more relatable and help build trust and create confidence in your brand.

And, as previously said, brand credibility is vital to the Gen Z audience!

Increase Your Brand Loyalty with a Gen Z Strategy

group of happy teens

Gen Z marketing is an excellent approach to reach out to a younger demographic and engage with new audiences.

It's true that it's challenging to market a brand to a value-conscious generation, appreciates outspoken personalities and seeks connection. But we're here to help.

Are you ready to update your digital approach using the Generation Z marketing strategies outlined in this article?

If you are, then Digital Resource is here to assist you in launching digital marketing initiatives that increase engagement and brand loyalty.

We're ready to take on digital marketing in Miami or anyplace else in Florida!

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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