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What Should My Vet Clinic Post?

Social Media Marketing

In this digital age, having a veterinary Facebook page for your vet clinic is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

With over 1.5 billion searches every day and about 600 million users visiting business pages searching for products and services near them, it’s safe to say that many people use Facebook as a local search engine.

The best way to capitalize on this situation is to start building your social presence. Having a good social presence can help increase brand awareness. It’s also a great platform for customer service, engaging prospects, generating new customers, and so much more!

You might think to yourself that social media is not the best place to promotes your vet clinic.

I mean, why would people want to look at pictures of cute animals? And who would be interested to know about the different animals you rescue?

We're telling you people love content that is related to animals! If you have no idea what to post or are scared that you will bore people out with your posts, here’s a list of ideas that can help.


What Should My Vet Clinic Post?

Fun Infographics

Posting fun facts about animals or important information for pet owners through infographics is a great way to catch people’s attention.

Not only can it provide valuable data to pet owners, but it can also entice prospects to check out your page. But you have to make sure that your infographics are attractive and effective to engage your audience.

You can use infographics year-round to warn pet owners about illnesses, especially during peak seasons for rabies, Lyme disease, seasonal canine illness, influenza, and more.

You can also use infographics to remind pet owners which Thanksgiving and Christmas food their pets can and cannot eat. This is a great way to reach pet owners.

Pictures of Pets During Holidays or Timely Events

Some pet owners love dressing their pets with quirky outfits and props during Halloween, Christmas, and other events.

Encourage your patients to send a photo of their pets with props and post it on your Facebook page. Write a fun caption to go along with it!

Or, take a picture of the pets that visit your clinic that day and post "Happy Holidays from Your Favorite Vet Clinic!" It'll gain so many shares and like.

Pets Acting Like People

People find it adorable and funny when animals act like humans. Post pictures of pets taking on human personality and add a witty caption.

You can even make a meme if you like! It'll make people laugh and motivate them to share your post with their network of friends.

Personal Stories

Aside from entertaining content, people also love reading about personal stories, especially if it's something they can relate to.

You can ask some of your clients if they would be willing to share their pet's recovery stories or personal experiences with regards to how they helped their pets deal with certain illnesses.

You can also interview them and create video content about it or a blog post and share it on your Facebook page.

Sharing personal experiences and real-life stories not only engages your audience but also helps build credibility for you and your vet clinic.


Lost and Found Pets

Sharing information about lost and found pets or community alerts for animals that were involved in an accident are posts your Facebook follower are eager to share.

These posts can reach thousands of people in your area and even beyond.

Photos of Your Team Members

Facebook is a great way to get your clients acquainted with your veterinarians and staff. Feature your team members by posting a photo of them, and use a friendly tone in your caption.

It’s also a great way to let your clients and potential customers know about the credibility of each of your team members.

Sneak Peek of Your Practice

Give people a glimpse of what goes on in your clinic or during your practice. A lot of people are curious about this, especially about how you tackle rare cases or specific scenarios.

Ask your followers about which kinds of cases they want to see or read about and make sure to grant these requests. It’s a great way to engage your audience and motivate them to keep scrolling through your veterinary Facebook page.

Announcements, Promos, and Ads

Post promotional videos, important announcements, and special discount promos on your page. It'll keep your followers updated on special promos and other important announcements.

This can motivate your followers to share your post with people they feel like can benefit from your posts.

You can boost your posts with Facebook’s easy-to-use advertising service! You can customize your ad audience to make sure that you reach the specific people you want to target with each of your ads. Facebook Ads are very affordable too!

Does Your Veterinary Facebook Page Need Professional Help?

If you feel like your page isn’t getting enough followers and your posts aren’t getting enough engagements from your target audience, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help!

At Digital Resource, we can assist you with any of your digital marketing needs! We offer everything from website design and development to SEO and social media marketing up to publishing content and reputation management.

Contact our team of experts today to get your veterinary clinic more exposure online and generate leads!

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