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Social Media Engagement Mistakes

Social Media Marketing

Is social media important?  

Well, for a lot of people, it has become an avenue to flex their new car, new house, new girlfriend, new husband, new wife, and new dog. It’s a place where they tell people how well their lives are going regardless of the intention.  

Some use social media for entertainment - viral videos that make you laugh so hard you’ll literally pee in your pants and TikTok videos that kill time. These funny and entertaining videos have surprisingly helped a lot of people who are struggling mentally by simply being a source of distraction and a place for good vibes.  

However, if you look closely at these social media pages, you will discover that majority of the users are businesses. Sponsored ads are everywhere. In fact, these ads are probably the reason why your credit card is still active.  

Picture this: You log in Facebook to send a message to a friend you haven’t seen in years and then all of a sudden, while you’re scrolling, you find an ad that pops up showing a bag you really like. You’re tempted but you shrug it off and go back to messaging your friend.  

The next day, you log into your account and the bag shows up again. The need to buy the bag intensifies and you think it’s the Universe telling you to get it. After ten minutes, the bag is officially yours.  

It’s not fate, it’s not the Universe - it’s social media and the campaigns and algorithms that go with it.  

This explains why billions of businesses are using social media. They know how to take advantage of this platform to get leads and reach targeted customers to generate sales.  

If you’re running a business and you want to get more people to know your brand, put the effort into cultivating your social media pages.  

Then again, the social media world can be tricky. There are strategies you need to use to get good results.  

Sad to say, so many business people have tried their luck in social media only to get disappointed. When you use social media, play smart and avoid these social media mistakes so you can draw people into your business.  

#1 Posting Too Much and Too Little

To hook your customers to your page, you need to constantly provide them with quality posts. Every post you put out there matters.  


Besides the content, you must also know how often to post.  

For instance, if you post once a week or once a month, then you’re not using your page enough. But, if you bombard your page with too many posts, like posting 10 to 12 times a day both on Facebook and on Instagram, you might vex your followers and compel them to unfollow you.  

The following are the number of times that are considered acceptable in various social media platforms:

Facebook: one to two posts per day (schedule when your target market are most active)

Twitter: five times for your personal Twitter account and ten times max for your professional account

Instagram: one to two posts per day

Pinterest: ten pins per day

#2 Overuse and Underuse of Hashtags

If you’re an active social media user, we’re sure you’re already familiar with hashtags.  


A good rule of thumb is to use just enough hashtags to get attention. But, just like posts, make sure you’re not using too many and too little.  

On Instagram, hashtags are used to discover similar content. When you add hashtags to your post, you are increasing your post’s engagement by allowing more people to find you when they search for a specific hashtag.  

It’s best to use at least 30 hashtags for every Instagram post. However, studies show that using 11 hashtags is enough to get engagement.  

On Twitter, you can type hashtags to read discussions and tweets about a particular topic. Ideally, you should limit your hashtags to up to two for every tweet.  

When you’re on Facebook, only your friends can see your hashtags. Some companies use one to two hashtags for every Facebook post, and that’s okay.  

When you’re using Pinterest, the hashtags work a bit differently. You can only click on the hashtag if it’s part of the pin description. That said, it’s best if you include hashtags on your descriptions to get engagement.  

#3 Posting at the Wrong Time

When you schedule your posts, see to it that you’re strategically posting them during times when your target market is most active.  


At first, you may need to do a trial and error. Post at random times a day until your page creates metrics. Use your page insights to get ideas when your prospects are online.  

Once you get a hold of that information, that’s when you can start posting at times when you’re going to get the maximum engagement.  

#4 Posting Repeated Content

Is it okay to repost posts? Well, there is no cut and dried rule when it comes to posting, but if you can avoid reposting the same content, that would be better.  

Some people do not like to see the same content over and over. As much as possible, don’t give them a reason to unfollow you. Use your creative juices and create fresh content for your customers.  

Remember, your followers are familiar with your posts and they are always looking forward to your next upload.  

#5 Auto Posting Is a Bad Idea

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is auto-posting to other platforms. Yes, it’s convenient, but it will not be good for your business.  

Keep in mind that each social media platform is different. How you optimize your posts must vary depending on what platform you’re going to use them in. To make your posts effective, we recommend you create different content for every platform you use.  


These tips will serve as your guide so you can get maximum engagement for your posts. Promoting your brand on social media is a good start but again, you have to do it strategically to get the results you want.  

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results during your first couple of tries; what’s important is that you learn from your mistakes.  

Need help with driving more engagement for your social media posts? Don't hesitate to ask for professional help!

At Digital Resource, our team of social media marketing experts can help you create a social media marketing strategy that will not only boost your engagement, but also get you more leads! Contact us today!

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