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Social Media Engagement Mistakes | Internet Marketing Company

Social Media Marketing

Having 2.3 billion active users, social media is the biggest way of communicating in today’s society. It’s the reason for many discoveries, successes, announcements, and breakups! There are a variety of platforms you can use to reach millions, and sometimes billions, of users. As an internet marketing company, we know the in's and out's of how to, and how not to, engage with these users. Keep reading to learn about some of the social media engagement mistakes that can negatively affect your online presence!

Top 5 Social Media Engagement Mistakes

An easy way for a business to get their name out is through internet marketing. And one of the most essential parts of internet marketing is social media. Social media is simple to use and you have the ability to reach a large audience with just one post. Because of its simplicity, it’s also very easy to misuse. Social media is there for your benefit, but if you aren’t interacting and engaging with your followers, you’re not going to get the growth and results that you were hoping for.

what are social media egangement mistakes that hurt your internet marketing

1. Not Engaging with Your Followers

After receiving a notification that somebody has interacted with one of your posts, try to respond within 30 minutes. Being prompt and attentive on your page shows that you care about your followers as well as your company. People like to feel appreciated. As a result, something as simple as liking a comment or, depending on the platform, retweeting/sharing someone’s post, is an easy way to generate more social media engagement.

2. Posting Too Often

Don’t overdo your social media. Posting too often can quickly give your account a “spam” label. Most people don’t have the patience to scroll through three of your posts, when they’re really just looking for which one of their friend’s just had a baby. It’s all  about quality and not quantity. Ask yourself, “would they care?”. If you have any doubt, just scratch it. Make your posts something worth looking at. An easy way to control the content and frequency of your posts is by working with an internet marketing company!

3. Making it Impersonal

Sometimes, your social media engagement can make a business come across as all work and no play. Let your followers get to know your team and what you’re all about. Here are some great ways to make your content a little more personal:• Show off a new team member, or wish them a happy birthday• Post customer reviews and tag them in the post• Express your thanks to your customers with a friendly reminder post• Recognize holidays• Stream live videos

4. Forgetting to Show Off Your Business

Be proud of the work you do. Make the most of your social media pages by letting your followers know about upcoming seminars, offers and promotions, and your services. Be sure to provide links to your other social media pages and encourage your followers to follow them. If they miss something on one platform, they’ll be sure to see it on another! With 1.71 billion users, Facebook rings in as the top social media platform, followed by YouTube with 1 billion.

5. Posting Irrelevant Content

Social media is a collection of different themes and topics, don't try to cover them all.  People come to your profile because they’re interested in the theme of your business. It's good to have a variety of content, such as links, videos, quotes, and images, just sure it’s all relevant to your business.

How to avoid social media engagement mistakes with an internet marketing company

Get Even More Engagement with an Internet Marketing Company

Social media is an excellent resource for reaching a large audience on a variety of different platforms. Despite it's countless benefits and opportunities of engagement, maintaining and handling social media accounts can get overwhelming. If you ever need help with social media, or digital marketing in general, we can help! We are an internet marketing company dedicated to helping businesses build and maintain their online presence! Contact our internet media experts in West Palm Beach to help prevent social media engagement mistakes today!

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