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The Insider's Guide to the SEO Evolution

Search Optimization

Over the years, there have been an increasing number of Search Engine Optimization companies in the United States. In case you don't know, we at Digital Resource provide SEO services in Florida.

We have catered to numerous brands, and we don't do just SEO; we prioritize your brand.

Now that you know who we are and what we do, let's talk about how SEO has evolved through time.

In this post, we will cover what Florida SEO businesses have been doing - the good and bad - as well as the most recent SEO updates and what we may expect in the future.

So without further ado, let's get started!

The Insider's Guide to the SEO Evolution in Florida

It's disheartening to say that, despite the surge in brand-new Florida SEO companies, there are still what we can consider as "rotten eggs."

These are so-called experts that guarantee double to triple increases in traffic or sales. Yet, they can't even provide the slightest improvements you need for your website.

The American market is incredibly receptive and assertive, but it's also quite competitive. 

Many business owners get discouraged because the SEO efforts that they've entrusted to an SEO company they just found on Google don't yield fast results.

Although SEO in Florida takes time, a well-planned approach and consistency will undoubtedly pay off in the long run!

What's the current state of most Search Engine Optimization companies?

components of SEO

We know that this will not earn us a congeniality award. However, in our honest opinion, most Search Engine Optimization businesses are currently doing it incorrectly.

We see websites; we watch them rank for specific keyword phrases, but then we think to ourselves, "Is this really how it should be?"

Want to know how to rank high for specific keyword phrases and improve your rankings even in a highly competitive market? Read our blog post on Using the Long-Tail Approach to Keywords now!

Nevertheless, there are still those who provide great sales duplicates on their website. But, when you look at their positions, they are not performing well at all (it's simple to see which keywords a Search Engine Optimization company website is ranking for by looking at their homepage, title tags, and their 'SEO Solutions' web pages).

Two words: Not thrilled.

The first and most crucial marketing component of providing Search Engine Optimization services to a customer is that your site ranks effectively for your targeted keywords!

We can't tell you how many Search Engine Optimization agencies we've encountered on the internet that aren't focusing on their own target keyword phrases but are still selling their services to other businesses.

It's similar to a farmer who doesn't have any hens yet sells eggs — which are clearly not your eggs. You're either a reseller, or you don't have any eggs to sell.

What's the latest Google Penguin news?

a magnifying glass focused on the Google search homepage

As most of our SEO clients are now aware, Google announced a new Core Update in May 2020, which has impacted ratings and website performance across the industry.

When a significant update like this is done, it tends to affect website rankings, which is why Google makes these updates public.

With this upgrade, Google emphasizes UX elements such as how quickly pages load and respond to users' clicks. However, Google's commitment to "delight" and "reduce friction" indicates that they have a vested interest in engaging, friction-free online experiences – as do your website's visitors.

The simplest way to explain this update is that user-friendly sites will rank higher than non-user-friendly sites. What Google is doing is tweaking its algorithm to better line with its aim of displaying the sites that users like the most initially.

On another note, we've observed a number of Search Engine Optimization companies in Florida that are ranking on the first page for search phrases that we're competing with — decline.

Any techniques that Google considers unethical, spammy, or valuable in any manner will not go unnoticed.

There are still a lot of Search Engine Optimization companies in Florida that rely on basic, necessary links. Others practice thin content, rotating write-ups, and masking – we've seen our fair share of these.

That's wonderful if you're doing it on your websites, but not for your customers.

What does the future of Florida SEO look like?

a businessman pointing at the search bar on the screen

Again, it's disheartening to say that, despite the influx of new Search Engine Optimization companies in Florida, there are still a lot of rotten eggs.

We'd like to see things change and also go in other directions. SEO in Florida does not have to be this way; it does not have to be deceptive and spammy.

We're sure there are Search Engine Optimization companies out there doing it well.

Branding also has a significant impact on the future of Search Engine Optimization. The point is, it takes time to establish a community and a brand.

It is a process.

Google, you see, has been attempting to expose not only high-quality content but also high-quality websites. This means that Google gradually credits websites that provide a better user experience.

Google also requires a knowledge graph for your brand, which can provide you a distinct advantage over your competition due to the large amount of real estate on the online search results page. 

Google will also integrate more and more knowledge graph data into their algorithm in the near future. The initial step is to use structure data and schema mark-up to get your content into the knowledge graph.

Entrust Your Business to the Right SEO Company

Digital Resource is focused on elevating our clients to the top of search engine result pages.

We believe this can be accomplished with the best long-term strategies available, such as branding, content advertising and marketing, and Local Search Engine Optimization.

We understand how difficult it is to educate and advertise your company through Search Engine Optimization to potential consumers. Remember, SEO is a long-term investment!

Our best recommendation for you is to work with a fantastic Search Engine Optimization company that provides value that will undoubtedly last.

These kinds of companies are indeed uncommon and exceptional, but hey, we're here! We'll definitely do our best to cater to your needs and preferences.

Want to work with Digital Resource? Contact us today to learn how we've helped businesses all over Florida and how we can help yours now.

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