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Selling on Instagram: Actress Vanessa Hudgens' Secret Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Today's A-listers are, without a doubt, masters of the social media sphere. Some of them are capitalizing on it, often by branching out into business.

Vanessa Hudgens, a singer, actress, and the undisputed queen of Coachella, is just one of many famous people who have dabbled in entrepreneurship.

With over 47 million followers on Instagram, she uses her online fame to promote her businesses on her personal account. This is definitely one fantastic way to convert Instagram followers into sales.  

But how does Vanessa promote her online businesses? Can regular business owners use the same methods, too?

The answer is a resounding YES!

In this post, Digital Resource, a Florida SEO marketing agency, will delve into how a celebrity like Vanessa Hudgens became a successful entrepreneur.

The 3 Secret Strategies of Vanessa Hudgens on Instagram Selling

1. Include an Instagram Shop link in your feeds and posts.

Instagram has grown in popularity as an online marketplace for promoting and selling goods and services. However, many people need to learn that Instagram has a shopping feature called Instagram Shop.

Instagram Shop allows followers to purchase products easily by directing them to an e-commerce portal.

Cali Water, one of Hudgens' businesses, is an excellent example of an Instagram account that prominently displays its Shop in feeds and posts.

In case you didn't know, Cali Water is a new brand of water—Cactus water, to be exact. Hudgens announced the exciting and somewhat intriguing news on her Instagram account last 2021 with a promotional video.

Check out the Instagram post linked below for a direct shop link. Upon checking, you may have noticed a small handbag icon at the top of the post. If you click on that icon, you'll be taken to the post's shopping link.

Setting up an Instagram shop for your online business account allows your audience to purchase a product directly from the posts. 

In addition, Instagram Shop can convert social followers into potential customers by displaying visual marketing—a type of marketing that captivates users through images and videos.

Creating an Instagram Shop for your online business is pretty simple. However, if you already have one but need help to maximize its potential, our Florida SEO marketing team is here to help.

2. Mix Shop links with other post types to diversify your Instagram feed.

Creating and implementing diverse content is one of our Florida SEO marketing team's strong suits, and it's a strategy that Hudgens' businesses also use.

As previously stated, Hudgens has over 47 million Instagram followers, indicating that she has a diverse audience.  

As a result, you can see on her personal account that she is sharing personal, business-related, and humorous content to appeal to her varied followers.

A few of her Instagram posts also mention her three businesses, demonstrating a multifaceted strategy that appears to resonate with the business interests of the target audience.

Know Beauty, a skincare company owned by Hudgens, is a great example of a diverse feed.

The skincare company's business account includes links to their shop and various content. Reel videos, memes, and glamour shots of their products are among the posts on their Instagram feed.

Content diversification is critical to maintaining audience interest, particularly in this day and age, when trends change so quickly. As a business owner, you must consider how to meet your customers' needs.

In addition, diversifying your feed allows you to highlight your expertise in some ways. This is a strategy for growing your brand and gaining the trust of your followers.

3. Working with influencers in the industry can boost your brand's online presence.

Owning a business is nothing unusual for a famous person but having six different famous people all own the same business is a whole other ballgame.

We're talking about Thomas Ashbourne. This company specializes in craft spirits and is co-owned by Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson, Sarah Jessica Parker, John Cena, and Playboi Carti.

Thomas Ashbourne owners
Photo from Thomas Ashbourne

These public figures are already well-known in their own right, and their millions of Instagram followers have only added to their celebrity.

The popularity of these six celebrity business owners has significantly impacted their co-owned company. One Instagram user even commented on one of Thomas Ashbourne's posts about being unable to find the cocktail in Los Angeles.

Because of their widespread public recognition, these celebrities who have taken the entrepreneurial leap can promote their products by lending their names and faces to the cause. They also host meet-and-greets, an excellent strategy for expanding a company's customer base.

Each celebrity business owner uniquely promotes their company. This is especially useful given their millions of online followers.

Business partnerships and collaborations with well-known celebrities are undoubtedly costly. For most people, the amount may be excessive. But keep hope because it's not always the big celebrities who can draw an audience.

A solid online presence and branding that adds value to your business are two other ways to attract an audience.

If the methods mentioned above are not generating the kind of results you'd hoped for, it may be time to hire a digital marketing agency that specializes in Florida SEO marketing.

Create a Celebrity-Level Instagram Shop

Celebrities who have turned entrepreneurs and have millions of followers on their social media profiles have proven to be valuable assets to their online businesses. Your online business, however, can still thrive even if you only have a few thousand followers.

If your company has yet to see the growth you had hoped for after using Vanessa Hudgens' top-secret marketing techniques, it may be time to consult with a digital marketing firm.

There's no need to look elsewhere because we have such experts here at Digital Resource.

Our Florida SEO marketing experts will show you how to use social media platforms such as Instagram to boost your company's visibility and revenue.

Contact us right away for a no-obligation consultation to learn how we can help your business grow. We’re always happy to speak with people curious about business growth.

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