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6 Reasons Branding Brings So Much Value to Your Startup

Brand Development

Branding is more than just a logo. It represents your company culture, your business principles, and even the relationship you want to have with your customers.

This allows you to express your message to your target audience, differentiate yourself from the competitors, and get a competitive edge in a crowded industry.

Whether your company is small or large, B2B or B2C, profitable or not, it will inevitably become associated with a brand in people’s minds.

The question, then, is simple: what type of brand is your business going to have? A good one or a bad one?

While you probably already know us as your go-to Fort Lauderdale SEO company , we’re concerned with ensuring that your entire marketing strategy is executed effectively.  

For this reason, we want to share with you what branding is and the top six ways it can bring value to your startup.

What is Branding?

Branding comprises all the strategies you can use to build a mental image of your company in the minds of your customers.

It enables consumers and potential customers (aka leads) to identify, like, and trust you, helping them make better purchasing decisions.

When customers are compelled to buy something, they usually do so based on their emotions; they want to do business with companies they believe in. This means that your goal should be to establish trust and meaningful relationships with potential customers.

Moreover, your brand represents a commitment to people. Your brand lets them know what they can expect from your services, staff, and workplace.

When you stick to one thing that makes your company unique, your brand automatically stands out from your competitors.  

In a nutshell, branding is the technique of providing meaning or sense to a company's goods and services.

Six Ways Branding Can Bring Value to Your Startup

1. Branding raises people's awareness of your business.

girl pointing to her laptop

If your company takes branding seriously, then one of the most essential benefits you can enjoy is increased awareness. For digital marketers, this is commonly known as brand awareness.

If this is your first time encountering the idea of brand awareness, the best example we can give is when your customers recognize your company right away when they see the name of your product or a specific service you offer.

For startups, this can be a challenge.

Creating brand awareness is crucial in advertising a new product or even when revitalizing an established one. Ideally, brand awareness should include your business's unique products and services, so that they can set you apart from your competitors.

Take a look at the soft drink industry. Many soft drinks are indistinguishable when removed from their packaging. Coca-Cola and Pepsi, two industry titans, depend on brand awareness to make their products the ones people seek out. 

These companies have used advertising and marketing techniques to boost customer brand awareness, which has directly translated into better sales throughout the years. This increased brand awareness can act as an economic barrier, preventing rivals from acquiring greater market share.

2. Branding increases your business valuation.

Over the years, intangible assets have become more important for companies. As a result, devising legitimate brand valuing has become more critical.

Branding is now widely acknowledged to have a vital role in producing and maintaining a company's financial success.

So, how do you approach brand valuation?

There are two key questions you’ll want to answer:

  1. The first is finding exactly what is being valued. Are we valuing trademarks, brands, or branded businesses?
  1. The second is the valuation's objective. Is the business valuation for technical or commercial valuations?

Answering these questions helps you understand the sources and scale of a company's competitive position. It lets you determine how much the brand is currently worth and, perhaps more importantly, identifies how that value may be increased.

3. Branding encourages customer loyalty.

Repeat business is one of the biggest goals for many businesses, since maintaining a customer relationship is less expensive than finding a new one.

If your company’s struggling to get repeat business, the issue may lie with your branding. Effective branding gives your company a more human aspect with which consumers can connect.

You may appeal to people's emotions and make them feel more connected to your business in various ways, but this is only possible if you can build a brand that people genuinely care about.

Want to learn how to retain customers? Check out our blog post on the Top 4 Customer Retention Strategies.

4. Branding improves employee pride and satisfaction.

happy employees

As well as enabling you to attract new consumers, you should also invest in branding that helps keep your employees engaged. This involves little details like branded attire, merchandise and the whole appearance of your workplace space.

A business with solid branding will have an easier time convincing workers that they are part of something more than just a job.

If you can excite your employees by instilling a feeling of oneness in them via branding, you can end up with amazing outcomes all year around.

5. Branding increases market trust in your practice.

The trust of your audience is important, but it isn't always easy to get. A company that lacks critical branding aspects will have a far more difficult time gaining people's confidence.

A company that has a clear, professional-looking brand is going to have a much easier time gaining trust than a company with an ambiguous, ill-defined one.

Additionally, branding allows you to demonstrate that you are a well-established and respectable company. This is an investment that your startup needs to make in order for it to grow. By doing so, your prospective customers will notice that you worked hard to establish your brand.

6. Branding boosts your sales and promotional efforts.

increased leads equals increased sales

Advertising and branding go hand in hand. If you want to improve your business's advertising, you must first focus on developing your brand.

When promoting your company, you want everything to be consistent and to reflect your company's identity and values. This might be difficult when you haven't taken the time to develop your brand.

You're passing up a lot of fantastic possibilities to construct a successful campaign if you advertise without solid branding. Incorporating branding into your advertising can enhance brand awareness by allowing you to coordinate all your marketing channels, making it look like a unified whole.

Create a Branding Strategy that Can Bring Value to Your Startup

In a nutshell, branding is the practice of bridging the gap between your startup’s name and its meaning. It covers everything that you stand for as an up-and-coming business and allows your customers to fully experience those ideas.

The more you understand the nuances of branding, the simpler it will be to go further into its underlying topics.

If you want to create a branding strategy, Digital Resource is the perfect partner for you!

As a leading SEO company in Fort Lauderdale, we can help you achieve clarity and experience on the multiple aspects of branding, such as employer branding, country branding, brand design, brand governance, and brand valuation.

Contact us today to start a competitive digital assessment of your brand and get tailored suggestions on how we can help you grow your startup.

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