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5 Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Post-Holiday Sales

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Emails aren’t just great for promoting holidays deals and attracting new customers. They can also help you turn these one-off buyers into loyal customers.  

Start by showing appreciation for people who supported you through the busy holiday season by emailing post-holiday sales and other perks. You can nurture a regular communication strategy that keeps your brand fresh in their minds.

Email digital marketing in Miami is also a great way to clear out any leftover products you’ve gathered during the holiday period and kick off the New Year with fresh stocks.

In this article, our experts will share with you the top post-holiday email campaign strategies that will help you prolong and maximize the joy of holiday spirit!

Post-Holiday Email Campaigns Require a Different Strategy

After being bombarded with all sorts of digital marketing in Miami during the holiday season, it’s likely that consumers have developed a general fatigue towards ads, shopping, and promotions.  

This means your post-holiday deals are going to appear less appealing and become less effective in inspiring a purchase.  

So, what can you do to make your offers tempting and effective?  

Go for a more relaxed approach and use customer data to develop a digital marketing strategy in Miami and create personalized email marketing campaigns in Miami.  

The Best Email Campaign to Capture Post-Holiday Sales: 5 Tips for eCommerce Stores

1. Create a Follow-Up Email Campaign

marketer sending out follow up digital marketing emails in Miami.

Follow-up email campaigns can be incredibly effective in getting your customers to buy again or finally convert. According to Robert Clay of Marketing Wizdom, only 2% of leads convert right away after the first meeting. It usually takes an average of 8 touches before you can get somebody to buy.  

This proves that follow-up digital marketing emails in Miami is essential to generate more sales.  

Follow-up emails come in a lot of shapes and forms. Some examples are ‘thank you’, ‘welcome’, and abandoned cart automation emails.  

Send a ‘thank you’ email to new subscribers you were able to capture with your holiday sales. However, to get them to buy from you again, you want to lean your messaging more towards showing appreciation for their purchase and information about the benefits of your loyalty program.  

Now is not the best time to hard sell. Instead, it’s an opportunity to show that you genuinely care and have something valuable to offer high-value shoppers.  

When creating your follow-up email campaigns, it’s important to use segmentation to develop personalized and targeted messaging that converts.  

You want to make your best and most valuable customers feel special and engaged by giving them a special gift or an exclusive discount in your follow-up emails  

The first step towards creating a successful follow-up email campaign is to solidify your follow-up process. To do that, you need to make sure that your sales pipeline has a follow-up email sequence at each stage:

  • Lead Acquisition: This is when a lead takes the first action to begin a relationship with your business, such as filling out a form. It’s important to respond quickly because the chances are high that you can convert them right away. This is the time when their motivation is still hot so send them welcome emails that will help them take the next steps.  
  • Lead Prioritization: This is the part where you focus reaching out to leads who are most likely to buy first. Your follow-up messaging should depend on their last interaction with you or whatever information you have on them prospect. For example, you’ll want to use strong call-to-action and FOMO for those who visited your post-holiday sale feature pages several times already.  
  • Discussions Begin: This is the part where you figure out how to connect and start a relationship with your recipients. Data is very important here. For example, if you’re reaching out to a woman in her mid-twenties who just recently viewed your product page about shoes, then can revolve your messaging about how for it to strike as relevant and valuable to the person in charge. It’s important to match the content of your follow-up emails based on who you’re communicating with.  
  • Opportunity Progression: This is the time when you lead the prospect from one step to another. The opportunity stage should reflect your sales process.

2. Use Post Purchase and Transactional Email to Cross-Sell

According to Apple, post-purchase and transactional emails have the highest open rate at 44.9%. They also have a click-through rate of 4.8%, which is 3x higher compared to non-transactional emails that only have a 1.6% open rate.  

In fact, order and shipping confirmation emails boast an impressive open rate of 56.71% in the first two quarters of 2021.

Maximize your most highly-read emails and use them to turn first-time buyers into repeat customer and increase your average order value by cross-selling.  

Cross-selling is a sales technique where you offer additional or complementary products. In this case, you want to present relevant products that are on post-holiday deals.  

Transactional emails are emails that are sent to each of your recipients after a commercial transaction or specific action they perform, such as password reset emails and purchase confirmations.

Other forms of transactional emails are:

  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping confirmations
  • Shipping updates
  • Refund emails
  • Subscription confirmation

In eCommerce websites, cross-selling looks like the “customer also bought section” or “frequently bought together”, which Amazon is known for.  

In emails, you can make the same product recommendations and make it even more personalized by leveraging data. You can use information about your email list’s previous purchases and browsing behavior to come up with a line-up of products they’re more likely inclined to buy.

Remember that your goal isn’t to push customers to buy so you want to focus on making your product recommendations feel natural and useful to your recipients.  

You can also insert discount codes, exclusive post-holiday offers, and loyalty reward points in your post-purchase emails.  

3. Offer Post-Holiday Deals that Enable Customers to Treat Themselves

Post-holiday digital marketing in Miami deals and sales.

Now that your customers are done buying gifts for their friends, family, and loved ones, offer post-holiday clearance sales to motivate them get something for themselves without any guilt because of all the deals and discounts!  

Promote your post-holiday sales by giving your loyal customers early clearance sales access and other perks. It’s a great way to clear out your inventory and start the new year with fresh stocks.  

To launch a successful post-holiday digital marketing campaign in Miami, start by segmenting your customers and targeting them with personalized email campaigns and SMS.  

Remind your best-converting holiday shoppers that they deserve to splurge on themselves too, and now is the best time to buy the product they’ve always wanted!

When it comes to treating themselves, people usually splurge on wellbeing products like books, exercise equipment, healthy foods, and other lifestyle goods.  

Take this shift into account when creating your post-email marketing campaigns. Focus your promotional message more towards the fact that people want to start off the New Year with a positive mindset and wellbeing, and develop product recommendations around these interests.

4. Target Non-Subscribed Holiday Shoppers via Audience Lookalike on Facebook

Build lookalike audience for your high-converting email contacts to target holiday shoppers who aren’t subscribed to your email list and further expand your reach.

These could be people who were shopping for gifts during the holiday season and stumbled upon your site and found something they liked. This is a great opportunity to remind them to treat themselves with your post-holiday offers.

By highlighting deals on your best-sellers, putting leftover stock on clearance, and presenting other personalized content, you can keep your brand top-of-mind going into your post-Christmas sales. This can urge customers to buy from you and treat themselves.  

5. Launch New Loyalty Program Promotions to Boost Post-Holiday Sales

New customer loyalty program for the new year.

You want to show your customers that you have something more to offer and that you’re not only after their money. To prove this, you need to come up with a new loyalty reward program that aims to and reward your most loyal customers.  

Presenting new loyalty offerings during the post-holiday period, such as free shipping, early access to clearance sales, and free gifts with purchase, is an effective way to increase sales activity and incentivizes your customers to remain loyal because of what they can gain from it.  

If you’re not sure how to motivate your customers to join your loyalty program, here are some of the most effective ways to incentivize them according to data:

  • Personalized offers (30%)
  • Free shipping/ rush shipping (61%)
  • Freebies (56%)
  • Surprise rewards (49%)
  • Instant discounts (67%)
  • Exclusive deals (43%)

Generate More Post-Holiday Sales with Digital Marketing Emails in Miami to The Next Level

During the post-holiday season, keep your business top-of-mind by staying in touch with your customers through email. This is the key to clearing out your holiday inventory and boosting your sales.

Leverage follow-up email campaigns, cross-selling, helping customers treat themselves, social media retargeting, and new loyalty programs to inspire your customers to treat themselves and buy more during the post-holiday season!  

At Digital Resource, our digital marketing experts in Miami can develop an email marketing strategy for your eCommerce business to maximize your sales during the post-holiday season and kickstart your New Year with a bang!  

Contact us today to start getting more online sales with emails!

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