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The Impact of Plumbing Marketing Amidst the Pandemic

Business Development

Whatever your business goals were at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, none of us could have predicted what it would bring or when it would stop. It will most likely be remembered as a period of uncertainty and turmoil.

Fortunately, plumbing companies have been shielded from business closure because they fall under the Essential Services designation.

Still, you might be having these questions in your head right now:

  • How can my plumbing company ensure the safety of its employees?
  • Should I be hoarding cash or reinvesting in my company right now?
  • Will people finally begin to close their wallets if the economic disruption continues long enough?
  • Should I be marketing my company at this time?

It's normal to be concerned about marketing during times of economic uncertainty. And, if you think of marketing as something you either turn on or off, you'll question when it's time to turn it off.  

You'll question if it's a good idea to invest in marketing when times are tough.

While we can't address all of your queries right now, in this article we’ll discuss how our team of experts at SEO for plumbing companies currently view the situation.

Should You Be Marketing Amidst A Pandemic?

Yes, you should be marketing your plumbing company right now. However, the secret to success is to abandon the "all or nothing" strategy and tailor your marketing efforts to the present market and your existing capability.

Under-marketing might result in a total halt in booked tasks. It may result in a loss of competitive position and missed opportunities to build brand recognition and keep your company in the minds of your current and prospective customers.

However, there are certain drawbacks to over-marketing. If you over-market, you may find yourself too busy to get to everyone in a fair amount of time, and you may find yourself unable to deliver the high quality of service you're used to providing.

Under-marketing and over-marketing may harm your company in the short and long run, so you must get it right. There is no secret marketing strategy that works for every company, and no marketing strategy in the world works for every company all of the time.

Innovative marketing considers your size, workload, capacity to take on new clients and projects, and the current market. Then you may fine-tune your marketing to match your capabilities. It's not as simple as just doing what you've always done.

3 Considerations for Your Plumbing Marketing Campaign

To support many businesses in navigating this challenging time, our experts at SEO for plumbing companies wanted to share the strategies that are most helpful for our clients.

By following the guidelines below, you can reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 on your organization and establish the framework for long-term success.

1. Assess the Situation at Hand

plumber studying his plans

You can't launch damage control until you first identify the issue. While it may be enticing to jump right in with a quick fix to rebuild your business, action without planning can have long-term negative consequences for your organization. So, before you make any significant changes, be sure to do the following.

Determine Where Business Is Weak

Examine the areas where you're experiencing the most significant drops in calls and jobs. Try answering these questions first:

  1. Do you have a high number of cancellations with maintenance agreements?
  1. Are leads dwindling from a specific source, such as Yelp or Google?
  1. Which of your leads suffers the most, organic or paid? 

Once you've figured out what's impacted and what isn't, you'll be able to make more informed judgments about where you should change your marketing plan. 

The idea is to avoid causing more harm than good by severing a marketing channel giving you business.

Consider Where Your Clients Are Right Now

Because of the ongoing rise of COVID-19 cases in many states, many people are being quarantined. Thus, they have more free time, which means they're spending more time online and using social networking sites to interact with family and friends at a higher rate.

According to a 2020 Statista survey, 29.7 percent of U.S. social media users used social media 1-2 hours more per day, and 20.5 percent used social media 30 minutes to 1 hour more per day. This means that your company should promote more on social media.

Consider these changes in customer behavior as you plan your marketing for the coming weeks and months.

2. Prepare to Adjust Your Strategy

plumber making calls in front of the computer

If you don't have to, don't slash your marketing budget. Many companies are panicked right now, searching for any way to cut costs. Going lean with your business makes sense at this time.  

It's critical to be lean in the correct places, or you'll wind up losing vital revenue sources that might help keep your business afloat during this economic slump.

Instead of lowering your budget entirely, reassess your marketing plan, which brings us to our next tip.

Focus Your Paid Search Ad Spend on the Most In-Demand Services

Having a web presence is still crucial, especially since plumbing services are regarded as "essential," and people still have clogged drains even when they are sheltered in place.  

The idea is to be aware of how search patterns are changing to focus your spending on the terms that are most likely to offer you new employment opportunities at the current moment.

While more generic plumbing search phrases have seen decreased activity, terms like "water filtration" and "drainage services" are gaining popularity. Conduct some research to discover what the hottest keywords in your area are and change your campaigns as necessary.

Invest In Increasing Your Company's Brand Recognition

People are increasingly active online these days, as previously said, particularly on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This gives you an excellent chance to capture the attention of people in your neighborhood on platforms where they're already spending their time.

You may keep potential clients aware of your business by generating social media and video advertisements and distributing helpful content on these channels until things return to normal and they're ready to employ you.

Furthermore, these networks offer lower advertising prices than sponsored search, so they might be an excellent method to restructure your budget if necessary.

3. Learn How to Compromise and Meet Your Customers Halfway When Needed

plumber meeting with a customer

The most important tip we can give you in these times is to learn how to compromise. Aside from their plumbing problems, your client's health is the most important thing you should be concerned about. If they have requests or demands, try to fulfill them if you can.

Let Your Clients Know That Your Company Values Health and Safety

Nowadays, people are afraid of letting others inside their houses. It's therefore important to explain to your clients that your staff takes all required precautions to keep everyone secure.

Ensure your workforce is constantly wearing the proper personal protective equipment, and guide clients through the additional precautions your organization takes to reduce any health concerns.

Use Video to Establish a More Intimate Connection with Your Clients

While there are many excellent ways to keep existing and prospective consumers updated during the coronavirus pandemic, nothing beats video. Not only is video more fascinating and more straightforward to consume than text, but it also allows your audience to communicate with you on a more personal level.

Video marketing doesn't have to be complicated - simply pull out your smartphone, record a fast video in which you provide some business ideas or updates, then publish it to a social media network.

The more helpful video material you produce, the more people will see you as an authority in your field.

Make Payment Arrangements Flexible

Many of your clients are currently experiencing financial difficulties due to being out of their jobs. You may meet them halfway by coming up with inventive payment plans and maintenance packages to help spread out and reduce the expenses of your products and services.

You can also offer discounts if they plan a visit far enough in advance. These strategies will help keep revenue moving through your firm while also demonstrating to clients that you're ready to work with them to meet their demands.  

This can go a long way toward earning their loyalty.

Let Us Help You Grow Your Plumbing Company

Don't just think about the present, as natural as it is at times of crisis or uncertainty. Make strategic marketing decisions based on what's in front of you, but with an eye toward potential long-term consequences.

At Digital Resource, we've dealt with company owners that actually increased their businesses throughout recessions, and you know what they did differently than the shops who shuttered their doors? They persisted in marketing, even during moments of uncertainty.

You may need to cut back in some areas momentarily but don't remove the marketing column from your P&L sheet entirely. Revisit your budget, assess what's cost-effective and valuable based on where you are today, and make the changes. Your marketing approach should never be fixed, so do what you need to do.

Contact us today and let our professionals help you. We’ve been offering SEO for plumbing companies for years, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

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