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Product Descriptions That Sell Well: Optimization Tips for Small Businesses

Content Marketing

If you like shopping online, then you know how important product descriptions are.

With an effective product description that’s optimized for SEO in Miami, you can compel your visitors to buy.  

But good product copy can be hard to write, especially when you have a long list of items you need to work through.  

Want to know how to write great product descriptions that augment your product pages and convince your prospects to buy? Read on!

The Qualities of Great Product Descriptions

Before we discuss how to write convincing product descriptions that sell, let us first go over the qualities of great product descriptions.  

  • Detailed – Good product descriptions provide the information customers most want to know, like the material it's made of or how big it is.
  • Easy to scan – Detailed product descriptions don't have to read like a novel. As much as possible, use bulleted lists and sections with headers to make them easy to scan.  
  • Illustrative – Effective product descriptions allow customers to envision themselves using your product. This is especially important for brands that are high-end, lifestyle, or tech.  
  • Balanced – Your product copy should be a balance between features and benefits.  
  • Natural – You don’t want your product copy to be too salesy. Instead, they should sound authentic and natural. Avoid sounding desperate.  

Tips for Optimizing Convincing Product Description

Now that you know what makes a good product description, let’s discuss how to make one.  

1. Keep your intended audience in mind.

"Who is my customer" text written on a purple background.

When writing a product description, you must keep your ideal buyers in mind. To achieve this, start by creating detailed buyer personas for your business.  

Ask yourself what questions they may have about your products, what kind of humor they respond to, and the terms they’re familiar with. This is how you can tailor your product copy to be appealing.

Knit your words carefully so they address your target audience directly and personally. You also want to use terms your target buyers use so it’s relatable and resonates more deeply.  

2. Excite your ideal buyers with benefits.

As a business owner, there's a tendency to be biased towards your own products. It's normal to feel ecstatic about the smallest things, even your product’s most mundane features.  

That said, potential buyers aren’t going to be interested in those things, at least at first. Instead, they’ll want to know how you plan to address their biggest pain points.  

That’s why, aside from mentioning your product’s specs, you also need to highlight the benefits of each feature.  

When writing your product copy, consider how your products make people’s lives better.

3. Only use superlatives if you can prove it.

The thing about superlatives is that they can come off as an insincere exaggeration.

An example is how all shampoo says they’re the best or no.1 in the market. Because of this, people are no longer as responsive to these claims as expected.  

If you do use superlatives, make sure you can prove why your product is the best.  

Check out Amazon's product copy for Kindle Paperwhite:

Photo from Amazon

Amazon claims that Kindle Paperwhite is the world’s most advanced e-reader, and then backs it up with proof by saying that it’s patented, has better contrast even in bright sunlight, and it delivers crisp text and images with no glare.  

4. Stay away from bland, common product descriptions.

Using cliché phrases makes your product descriptions less powerful.

If you want to create product descriptions that sell, you gotta be specific. If you say your product is unique, you need to expound on what makes it different.  

For instance, instead of simply saying a bag is “hand-crafted”, add more details like “hand-crafted by the indigenous women of the Tagbanwa tribe.”  

This gives your product more story and this helps increase its value in the minds of your buyers.  

When writing your product descriptions, you can never add too many product details. The more product details there are, the more credible your product becomes.  

5. Play with your ideal buyers’ desires and senses.

woman doing some online shopping.

According to research, if people hold a product in their hands, their desire to own it increases.  

Since people can't hold your products when shopping online, you must play with their senses using words and pictures.  

The right image, backed up with effective copywriting, can help your intended audience imagine what it would be like to own your product. This stokes their desire to buy.

6. Make online shoppers forget they’re being sold to.

One way of making your product description less salesy and more authentic is by including mini stories.  

When telling a story about your products, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is making the product?
  • What’s the inspiration behind it?
  • What hurdles did you have to overcome to develop your product?
  • How was your product tested?

Sharing the heart and soul behind your product is a subtle yet effective way of appealing to the emotions of your buyers.  

7. Use bullets to make your product descriptions easy to read.

For a product description to be effective and appealing to potential customers, it should be easy to read.  

Here’s how you can make your product copy design more scannable:

  • Use headlines.
  • Use bullet points.  
  • Increase the size of your font for better readability.  
  • Use white space wisely to increase focus.  
  • Avoid long paragraphs. Keep your sentences short and sweet.  

When your product descriptions are scannable, it makes it easy for people to understand and consider buying your product.  

8. Sway with social proof.

When shoppers are indecisive about which products to buy, they rely on product suggestions to help them decide.  

Usually, they opt for the product with the highest rating or number of positive reviews.  

To make sure your target audience chooses you, incorporate social proof into your product descriptions. You can do this through the following:

  • Real-time stats of the total number of people who have purchased that specific product.  
  • Quoting customer testimonials and adding their images.
  • Expert’s stamp of approval.
  • Product recommendations from celebrities or influencers.  
  • Earned media.  
  • Customer favorites.  

Consumers are more compelled to buy a product when a lot of people are raving about it. Social proof is how you show your ideal buyers that your products are loved.  

9. Use sensory words to deliver a positive experience to your ideal buyers.

Sensory words are important when writing product descriptions because they allow you to more thoroughly illustrate your products.  

This enables your ideal buyers to experience your words as if you're talking to them one-on-one. What's more, sensory words add personality and zing to your content, which helps make your product copy unique and impactful.  

Some examples of sensory words are: gloomy, dazzling, bright, teeny-tiny, fluffy, crunchy, zesty.  

10. Optimize for SEO in Miami

Marketer optimizing client's  product description in website for SEO in Miami.

A good product description is SEO-friendly. It is optimized to maximize the visibility of your product listings in Miami.  

It effectively describes the core features and benefits along with the practical use of your product. It also uses keywords naturally to boost its visibility, avoids stuffing them to prevent getting penalized, and includes calls to action that encourage consumers to buy.  

Are Your Product Descriptions Helping You Make More Sales?

A well-written product description that’s optimized for SEO in Miami can get you the sales you need to start propelling your business forward. Use it to your advantage!

At Digital Resource, our team of digital marketing specialists will create custom content and SEO plan that will optimize your e-commerce website for the best results. Contact us today to start generating more traffic and revenue!

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