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Instagram Reels: 3 Easy Steps to Advertise Your Products

Social Media Marketing

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to market their products online. That is why apps are constantly updating their features to meet these demands.

When Instagram introduced Reels, a feature serving up content similar to the trending short-form videos on TikTok, many influencers and business owners were pleased. This is because studies have shown that using short videos can improve brand awareness and customer education.

As 90% of marketers plan to increase their use of short-form videos in the coming year, now is the perfect time for entrepreneurs and content creators to adopt this strategy.

To help you promote your product on Instagram Reels, your trusted digital marketing agency in Miami has come up with three suggestions.

There's no time to waste, so let's dive right in!

Step #1: Outline how your reel videos will be organized.

Instagram Reels interface
Photo from Instagram

As an expert digital marketing agency in Miami, we can assure you that the lack of a well-defined plan is one of the most common pitfalls in the field of video advertising.

With IG Reels, the length of the video you want to use as a guide will determine the structure of the video you create.

A. 15-second Video Format

Step 1: It can be helpful to give your listeners a preview of the content they can expect to see. So, once you've finished your video, we strongly advise you to use on-screen text and stickers. This section could last up to three seconds.

Step 2: After you've finished your introduction, it's time to show off your product. What is your product? Where can they use it? This section could last up to five seconds.

Step 3: For the next five seconds, it should all be about adding value to your product. What can customers expect if they buy it? How will your product make their lives easier?

Step 4: Finally, the final two seconds are reserved for your call to action (CTA). Where can they purchase your product?

B. 30-second Video Format

Step 1: For this video length, you can begin by repeating the first four steps from the 15-second video format.

Step 2: However, instead of including a CTA, you might want to include a cliffhanger. You can either ask, "Do you know what this is for?" or introduce a new product that complements the existing one.

Step 3: The next step is to add more details about the product, such as addressing frequently asked questions.

Step 4: After that, reveal the information needed to answer the cliffhanger.

Step 5: Don't forget to include a call to action at the end.

C. 60- and 90-second Video Format

Instagram's new Reels feature now supports videos up to 90 seconds in length. The goal is to get people's attention, so make the most of the time you have.

You might start with something like, "How about some new information? Hold on 'til the credits roll."

Alternatively, you can use this extended video format to incorporate music. You can keep the audience entertained in this way. This is also a fantastic opportunity for them to finish the video.

Pro Tip: When deciding on the length of the video, keep it simple and entertaining. The introduction, valuable product information, and your CTA are the most important aspects of a short-video format.

Step #2: Launch a promotional teaser campaign.

One of the things that gets people excited on social media is hype. And what better way to capitalize on this than to launch a video teaser campaign?

Uploading a video to Instagram Reels as part of your teaser campaign is one way to outsmart the Instagram algorithm like a boss. As a result, you should incorporate this into your Instagram marketing strategy.

One way to gauge interest in a new product launch is with a teaser campaign. This motivates your target market and current clients to spread the word about your new venture. Just take a loot at this sneak peak campaign from People's Revolt:

We recognize that you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of developing an Instagram-based marketing strategy.  

If you're not used to working on this kind of project, it's best to team up with marketing pros like the ones we have here at our digital marketing agency in Miami.

Pro Tip: Make sure you know what your marketing goal is before creating Instagram Reels for your teaser campaign. Your goal can be as broad as increasing brand engagement or as specific as converting viewers into actual purchasing customers.

Step #3: Optimize your reels for increased playback.

It is one thing to have your video viewed by others; it is quite another to have it repeated. This type of strategy is something that the social media team in our digital marketing agency in Miami consistently promotes to our clients.

IG Reels metrics
Photo from Instagram

Reel videos have a higher chance of being replayed. It may appear difficult to achieve because, as we all know, people's attention spans are becoming increasingly short. 

But what if we told you it's possible? It is certainly possible! Simply follow the steps below:

  • Provide a detailed procedure that readers can follow along with and learn from. This boosts the prospect of them watching it again.
  • Incorporate a hack that your audience should be aware of. This can also be useful content for an Instagram Reel.
  • Include something entertaining, such as a meme. This will undoubtedly encourage your viewers to share it with others.
Pro Tip:Before you post your Reel video, take one last look at it. This is to ensure that the video you're about to share is of high quality. You can preview the video by clicking the back arrow before sharing it.

Advertise Your Product Like a Pro with Instagram Reels

Nothing is permanent in this world, nor is it in the world of social media. As a result, various social media platforms are always looking for new ways to serve and entertain their loyal audiences.

One of the most effective ways to capitalize on this, as well as advertise your products, is to use short-form video, which Instagram now provides with the addition of Reels.

A social media marketing strategy that utilizes video content can help you stick to your spending limits, establish your brand's credibility, and reach your desired demographic.

Does that sound like the kind of product promotion objective you'd like to shoot for as well? With the help of Digital Resource, anything is possible!

Contact us today to set up a free initial consultation and learn more about the services we provide.

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